The online courses

do i need to register sign up or …
what is the first step.
now mind you… it took me 2 days to figure out how to open up the section to introduce myself.


You can (most likely) do them wtithout signing up.


The lessons require you to be logged in to be able to do them. The button near some says “Try 15 days for Free,” so I think you need to be signed up for some of them.

I think you can do some, like Wicca Self-Initiation: Video Course in 8 Ritual Nights, without a subscription, though.


Hello @angelica7,

Welcome! :blush:

Laurel and Starborn are both right- some courses are public (accessible without an account) while other courses require logging in to access all of their lessons.

The Wicca Self-Initiation that Starborn shared is one such public course, and it is a great place to begin! Another possible first (or second) step is the Spellcasting 101 Course- which is also geared towards those starting out and is free- there is no log in required to access the content.

Here is a link:

Good luck and blessed studies! :books: :sparkles:


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