The Sea Witch By Jennifer Heather

Definitely a book I’d recommend any witch add to their library. Especially if one has a strong affinity to water or the Ocean in general, it has lots of great rituals. Hope y’all enjoy!


It looks like an interesting book! I’ve never heard of it or the author.

What do you like about it?


Hello! Ive been exploring many different aspects of Witchcraft, but anything to do with a body of water; The Ocean, a lake or river, the rain, etc, I’m especially into. I was always drawn to the water. Won’t say I’ll go swimming in the ocean but it still holds alot of magic and mystery, in my humble opinion, haha. I’ve lived by the ocean most of my life. I enjoy collecting seashells, seaglass, stuff like that. The book has a lot of spells and even explains how to incorporate seashells into your craft! I love it! :heart:


I’m the same way with water & when I lived in a landlocked area, I really couldn’t handle not being able to get to the ocean whenever I wanted to just because I love it so much!

I will have to check this out, I’m intrigued! I have a lot of shells, coral, sea glass, beach sand, ocean water & items from our beaches here too. I love having them on my altars & using them when I can in my practice.


That sounds super interesting! I’ll definitely add it to my list of books to read. :open_book:

I’m also very drawn to the ocean and water - I grew up going to beaches in California and now I have the pleasure to live in Florida less than an hour from the Gulf coast! Granted that’s one of the only good things about living here :laughing: but the beaches are really nice!

Thank you for the recommendation!


This looks lovely! I’m adding it to my list!


Ohhh! We’ve got plenty of sea shells, rocks, and sea glass here- I’ve got a few spells and have been using sea glass as a chime candle holder, but I’m always happy for new ideas on how to use gifts from the sea :ocean::sparkles:

This sounds like an awesome book- thank you for the recommendation, @Svetlana1991! :heart::books:


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