Theme font & dark mode logo

I noticed two things when trying out the dark mode on the site.

When I tried changing the theme, I lost the use of the Poppins font across the site.

It seems there are two light modes available: one makes the font Arial and the other, Poppins.

With the former, everything looks like this, with the font changed to Arial:

Would it be possible to change the names of the two light modes to reflect which is which?

And maybe add a variant of the dark mode that had Poppins?

Just curious, because Poppins is closer to the ADHD-friendly font, Lexend, and it makes everything so much easier to read. Especially when we write a lot. :joy:

Of course, I can just personally use an extension like Stylebot to change it myself, but I figured, since it’s already half done, no harm in asking.

The other thing is, when I use the dark mode, the full-size logo keeps its white background.


Anyway, neither are breaking issues! I just thought I’d bring them up and see what you all think.

And if you want any assistance, I’m happy to help. Looks like Discourse is built with Ruby, but I could probably figure it out. :joy:


Hi @starborn,

Thank you very much for your observations and feedback (and also for your offer to help- you are very kind)! :pray: :grinning:

This is out of my area of expertise, so I’ll call in the site mastermind @Francisco- he will know best about any potential changes to site modes and fonts!

Blessed be :heart:


Oh! I never even realized the font piece to the different modes. Although I had switched to dark mode when I originally joined so probably didn’t even realize a change with the fonts. @Francisco will definitely be the one to have an answer for this one! :revolving_hearts: Wonderful observation & thank you for bringing it up! :hugs:


These are all great suggestions! :clap: Let me see if I can answer each question based on my own experience with Discourse (I can’t change the settings here, just @Francisco)

Yes, I believe the names of the themes can be changed! I think it might also be possible to remove one of the themes, the one with the Arial theme, because if the person’s browser or device doesn’t support Poppins, it will default to something else.

I do know this can also be changed in the settings pretty easily!

I know @BryWisteria has already tagged Francisco, so I’m sure we can work together and figure something out to make this more accessible, but also more streamlined.

Thanks for pointing this out, @starborn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the great suggestions @starborn!! I have now updated the dark theme so that the logo doesn’t have that white background.

And I’ve also changed the theme name to “Light Poppins” as you suggested. I’m looking into adding other variants too.

Thanks again for keeping an eye out. These were great observations!! :hugs:


Thank you @Francisco for the new and improved dark background logo :sparkling_heart:



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