This is for anyone in pain

LISTEN! For I tell you true.

Never again can anybody have you wonder why you weren’t good enough. Do you know why?
Each and everyone of you are the best of the best.
Why? You’re great, you’re funny, you’re beautiful and you have a heart that is limitless.
You’re a little crazy sometimes, but it’s out of love.
If somebody doesn’t appreciate you now, don’t worry.
Somebody will later, Flaws and all because they’ll recognize that, that’s the best part of you.
Blessed be


Thank you my most beautiful @Garnet. You have an amazing ability to say the words that we need to hear just at the right moment. I truly am blessed and so very lucky to have been welcomed and accepted by this group. I have met the most beautiful souls, just like you. Please know that every word you share is so cherished and appreciated. Love you so much xxx


Thank you @Garnet


Thank you for this - I struggle with this quite a bit. I usually will beat myself up for something silly I did or said at work. Maybe I was too friendly or let my walls down a little too much. I should remember as you say, it’s out of love … I felt comfortable to be me, I shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Very sweet words, I feel like a lot of us need this :hugs:


Beautiful words from a wise and wonderful lady. Thank you!


Thank you, @Garnet. That meant a lot to read- you are very good at these uplifting posts! I’ll have a smile on my face for the rest of the day :blush:

Sending a big hug to you- thanks again! :heart::people_hugging:


Such beautiful words can only come from a beautiful heart :heartpulse: :heart: :gift_heart:


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