Thoughts on sex magick?

Hi All,

Has any of you tried sex magick to attract love or manifest something you’ve always wanted? What are your thoughts about it?


I have wanted to try it!

I bought a book called Bewitching the Elements and it has a lot of information on sex magic.


I have books on sacred sex and how it works on my etsy site. Sex magic can be a powerful tool for going to the highest vibration to achieve your needs.


Hi @abbie,

If you haven’t already, you can watch this video on Spells8: Introduction to Sex Magick for a quick overview. It’s part of the Wicca Level 2 Course (make sure to be logged in to watch it)

Sex Magic can be practiced alone or with others who consent. It uses the energy contained and released before/during orgasm just like any other Magic technique where energy needs to be raised and directed.

Mantak Chia has a few books on the topic of working with Kundalini energy and orgasms, such as The Multi-Orgasmic Couple (I have read one of his books on the topic and I think the exercises are great in general).

However, you were asking about manifesting and attraction. In that case, I recommend you Sex Magic for Beginners by Skye Alexander which focuses on using the Law of Attraction during sex.

As I said, any type of Magic can be applied and used with this energy. For example, sigil work is commonly used in Sex Magic.

Alan Chapman in his book Advanced Magick for Beginners outlines how best to pull off sigil magic:

  1. Write down a desire
  2. Create a sigil by omitting repeated letters, and then arranging the remainder into a arbitrary, abstract glyph
  3. Masturbate
  4. Forget about it
  5. Record the result in your diary

What is your etsy shop name?


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I’ll totally check this out. Thank you!


I want to try it as well. However, some of the books I’ve read has this complicated process.

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