Three Methods Of Intuitive Practice ✨

As witches, our intuition is one of the most important tools we have. We try to use it regularly, but sometimes it ends up overlooked or bogged down by mundane life and decisions. Keeping in touch with our intuition gives us a built-in guide for making decisions, solving problems, and navigating the world around us as magical people.

But what is intuition? Well, it is often described as our inner voice or gut feeling. It is that natural sense of knowing that we all possess whether we realize it or not. Some people have a strong intuition while others are less connected. However, intuition is a skill that can be honed and developed with practice.

Here are three different ways you can help enhance your intuitive capabilities!

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and aware of the present moment. It is a period of observation without judgment, simply watching and feeling what is happening around and within you. By cultivating mindfulness through meditation, breathwork, or simply paying attention to your surroundings, you can quiet the mind and become more attuned to the world around you. It is this act of quieting the mind that helps with intuitive work because you have to be capable of listening to your intuition. Learning to quiet the mind is essential to this practice.

Listen to Your Body

Though intuition is considered by some a psychic skill or ability, it is heavily connected to our physical bodies. Our bodies give us subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) hints that can help inform our decisions and actions. Pay attention to the way something makes you physically feel. If you notice any tension, discomfort, or unease then that may be your intuition trying to warn you! On the contrary, if you notice a sense of warmth, joy, or comfort then your intuition may be trying to guide you in the right direction. Physical sensations can also include things such as tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, or sweaty palms. These may also be signs of medical issues so please use your best judgment when it comes to physical sensations.

Trust Your First Instinct

Sometimes our gut instincts are correct all along even though we second-guess ourselves later. Our initial reaction is often fueled by intuition. It is common, though, for people to embrace logic or societal expectations over intuition. Learning to trust your first instinct is key to strengthening your intuition. Practice following your gut feelings, even if they seem strange and unusual at first. As long as you are not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal, no harm should come from following your gut instinct. Over time, you’ll build confidence with your intuition and learn a thing or two!

Enhancing your intuition is not about getting new skills or knowledge. Instead, it is about reconnecting with the wisdom you hold in your heart and mind. Even if you feel lost, confused, or disconnected now, embracing your intuition and learning to utilize it will help bring the connection back to your day. Practice mindfulness, listen to your body, and trust your first instinct. By practicing listening to your inner wisdom, you rekindle the connection you have with your own heart and mind.

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I know I am personally learning to connect with my intuition better. My mental health makes it difficult sometimes, but the important part is that I keep going and keep trying! Eventually, my confidence will return to me.

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Funny that you should post about mindfulness right now. Longer story: I’ve had hot flashes for the past 8 days. I haven’t had them in a few years and it’s like a switch was turned on. I’m figuring it’s part age and partly because of the past 5-6 stressful weeks. My first impulse is not to see about HRT right now so I did an internet search and up popped an article from the National Library of Medicine ( mentioning Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs can have a benefit.

Off I go researching and learning. Mindfulness is such an important and useful component of life!

Thank you for the synchronicity of this post to encourage the connection.:pray:


This is perfect for me. Thankyou. :green_heart:


@Artemisia – gotta love a good synchronicity! :pray: I hope the mindfulness exercises work for you!

@tracyS – you’re welcome!


What a great post! These methods are all really helping for working on developing intuition :sparkles: :grinning:

I personally struggle between intuition and anxiety and telling which is which. When I’m out and about and get a sense of dread or forbidding, it’s hard for me to tell if that’s my intuition, or just the anxiety tugging on its leash :sweat_smile:

Agreed wholeheartedly! :sparkles: Meditation and cultivating mindfulness has helped me a lot. I’ve also found that focusing on magickal activities - especially divination - brings out the inner voice of intuition and gives it a spotlight.

This is an awesome post, thank you for sharing it @MeganB! :hugs: :heart:


I understand this, too, and struggle with the same thing. One thing that helps me is that, even though one of the methods of listening to your intuition is listening to your body, I find that my intuition stems more from my mind and my heart. If I start to feel the tightness in my gut and what feels like heart palpitations, I know that’s my anxiety. My anxiety is very physical whereas my intuition is very mental, if that makes sense :laughing:



I’m going to ask about this on Wednesdays lesson. This is a good question. They feel the same sometimes :thinking:


great post!thanks so much!
bookmarked for study!
thank you very much @MeganB :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


@BryWisteria @Artemisia I found some information amongst my notes on this that I found helpful. :grin:

Your body doesn’t lie, so we must learn to trust it. As children we trusted our feelings more and listened to those butterflies, but as adults we learned to override that system with logic, allowing our mind to dominate our body.
So, instead, next time you feel a tingling sensation in your tummy, stop, take a moment to tune into this gut feeling and understand what is your body saying. :thinking:

A cold, contracted churning or nauseous sensation - something isn’t right. This can be a warning against possible danger or an indication that the frequency of a person, place, ideas or activity is not in alignment with you.

A warm, expansive tingling or excited sensation - go ahead, move forwards or closer. It’s an affirmation that you are on a similar wavelength.

Also goosebumps, hairs on your body or back of your neck standing on end. What feeling goes with that? Excitement or fear. Notice the feelings that come with the physical reactions, are they cold and creepy? Or warm and welcoming.

Also notice changes in temperature and air pressure. You may be more aware of the breeze or the air might suddenly feel heavier and denser.

So when you experience a feeling that is similar to anxiety, stop and tune into any other awareness you’re also experiencing, when your mind is confused with this feeling, breathe, pause and listen to all the messages in your body, and you should be able to distinguish between anxiety and intuition.

I got this information from a combination of my notes and the oracle set:
Divine Intuition Oracle. It’s a set recommended to help fine tune your intuition.

If you like digital oracle, this app is fabulous for having an oracle in your pocket, and the digital versions are half the price.

@MeganB I love this post and have bookmarked it. Thankyou :heartpulse:


@MeganB and @Artemisia Solidarity :people_hugging: :heart:

Oh, that’s a great idea! Thank you, Tracy, I’m excited to hear what you learn :pray: :two_hearts:

This is a beautiful message and definitely one I need to practice more with, especially within the mind! Body messages are a bit hard as my anxiety manifests physically (and the terrible duo of GERD and IBS don’t help either lol), but the more I can analyze and sort out in my mind, the easier it should be to determine what is what.

Thank you for sharing the tips and guidance, Tracy - I’m taking notes! :pray: :heart: :blush:


This is all really great advice, Tracy. Thank you for sharing it! My struggle is with the mind/body connection. Without getting too deep into my trauma, this mind/body connection is missing for me in a lot of different aspects of my life. It’s something I’m trying to actively correct and work with, so this is great advice for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@MeganB @tracyS @BryWisteria @Artemisia
I notice that the voice of intuition is quieter, kinder and gentler. Anxiety feels urgent, loud and demanding… don’t know if you reasonate?


@celineelise That’s a good observation :grin:


Hmm… thinking on that, I’d say it’s true for me. My anxiety usually manifests in a feeling of overwhelm or a sense of impending doom. When that happens, it’s very hard for me to slow down and think or feel anything else. The anxiety is very loud :laughing: that’s a good way to describe it.


The voice of intuition is so much kinder than anxiety, and I agree about it being quieter too. That’s a great distinction that you’ve noted! Thank you, @celineelise! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: