Tips on casting a banishing spell on another witch?

Should I change wards, and do a protection spell before casting the banishing spell on her? It’s for a close friend.


The Magickal answer :woman_mage: :

You can anoint a black candle with a protective oil such as thieves oil or another protection oil recipe. That will keep you protected during the course of your spell. After that, cast a banishing spell. If possible do it along with your friend or have her do it since the work is mainly for her.

The Wiccan answer :pentagram: :

  • Make sure that you have exhausted every other possibility such as as sweetening spell.
  • Divine twice and cast once.
  • Aim to banish “all negativity from around you” first instead of targeting a specific person. Often times that is enough.

It’s not for me. It’s for a close friend who currently resides in Canada. And I have no black candles. Could I do a protection spell a day before the banishing spell?

Ps: Thank you


I always think if you’re going to do any banishing or baneful magick, your wards and protections should be up, active, and reinforced beforehand. This is especially true if you’re considering coasting on another witch because you don’t know what type of protections they have in place.


I’m in agreement with many of the persons here. ALWAYS remember the rule of 3; especially since you are not there to see the actual situation the friend is presenting. There are 3 sides to every story.
Theirs/them and the truth.
Better to be safe and cast a protection spell for the friend and perhaps send her a crystal (yep in time to participate in the crystal challenge) for negative protection such as Tourmaline, Jet/Obsidian. Remind her that none of these stones are to be stared into as it will make the mind sorrowful.


It’s a he. My friend. But thanks.

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I think the reason why you need to do the spell is important. Are you trying to banish him from your life? Is there something in his life that needs banishing? Did he ask you to do the spell, and does he know about it? All of these questions are significant to the question you’re asking about protection.

In my opinion, if your friend asked you to perform the spell, you should not need any additional protection. If he knows about your spell, depending on if he consents to it or not, it may either help or hinder your efforts. If he does not know about the spell, or does not agree to it, this could cause issues and you should do some strong protection rituals before and after the working. If this is the case, you may also want to do a banishing/cleansing on yourself after the casting as well.

Banishing is usually best done on a waning moon, at night and on a Saturday. If you are working on him without consent, it may help to do the spell while he is asleep. You could also weaken his shields while strengthening your own, although that would be a bit excessive in my opinion. I have always heard that cleansing should be done after all banishing work, followed by a protection ritual after the cleansing. There are a lot of good tips and ideas for various types of spiritual protection/shielding in this article if you need some inspiration.

To summarize my answer:
In my opinion, you should protect yourself as normal, and maybe ‘brush up’ your psychic shields prior to casting the banishing magick. Then, after the magick is performed, do a banishing/uncrossing spell on yourself (baths are great for this!) immediately after. When this is finished, cleanse yourself thoroughly (you can use any method you like) and then perform a major protection ritual on yourself. This is the order I would personally do any magick that involves potential ‘risk’ in, to ensure that I am protected and purified before and after the working.

My two cents!


Thank you. I canceled the spell though. But thanks in advance. :heart: