Today’s spell work (Hide a Journal entry or not?)

I did the daily spell today about journaling about a serious goal. I lit a frankencense stick and a white candle. I found it really hard to relax and write out my specific detailed goals. Almost like under pressure. My flame kept irritating me, flicking irradically and spitting flames up. As soon as I wrote my first couple words the flames went wild. I almost felt insecure about what I was writing even though I have vivid dreams about this all the time and I want it to be a long term goal.

There is always a next time.

Why do you have to hide your journal entry and forget about it? I was confused about that. If it was it was in a notebook can I not use that notebook for other spells like this one?

Thank you in advance.


Sorry to hear it was a bit of rough spellwork for you, @NoName. Perhaps the flames of the candle were reacting to your emotions? If you were feeling stressed, it’s possible that that tension may have carried over into your casting :candle::pray:

As for hiding your journal entry, I’ll tag @Francisco who will likely have more spell-specific reasoning for you, but if I can add in my two cents, I think you can still use the notebook. You could tear out that page to hide it, or cover it with another piece of paper, or just try not to flip to that page (you could secure it closed with a small piece of tape or something).

As for why some spells require hiding our written goals, I think it could be for the same reasons why we often hide away treasures and valuables. This is something very special, so to handle it with care and tuck it away somewhere safe may help to protect the idea. You could also think of it like a seed :seedling: Plant it away with care so that it can sprout and grow in safety :evergreen_tree: :sparkles:

Just my thoughts about it! Personally, I like to use manifestation spells with fire :fire:- I like the idea of burning the wish to set it free, sending it out into the universe to manifest. But witches who prefer to use fire magick for banishment may see this as banishing the wish, and prefer wish manifestation spells that preserve the written wish to keep it safe :open_hands:

I always recommend experimenting with different types and styles of spellwork to see what clicks best with you! :blush:

Blessed be!:sparkles:


I believe the spell said it was optional to hide the entry but recommended procedure was to paste it in your journal or B.o.S. if it was initially written in a meditation journal or a spell log I would assume it would be fine left in its place of origin. @Francisco may have a different opinion on that though.


I think I agree with this. From a law of attraction/manifestation point of view (and this is just my humble opinion), when you send your wish or desire out to the universe, you need to practice letting go and kind of detach from the outcome and let the universe work its magic. I know that the law of attraction practices and witchcraft are two different things, but I like to incorporate my LOA beliefs into my spells and kind of set and forget them and let the universe, or magic spell, do its work without stressing so much and thinking so much about it.

Just my thoughts, maybe other practitioners will disagree with my approach, but I think that’s what’s been working for me so far. I think, like @TheTravelWitch said, it’s a good idea to experiment with things and do what works best for you :slight_smile: Good luck :heart:


I’ve always thought it was because for the same reason you don’t watch a pot of water boil. It takes longer if you’re constantly thinking about it.


Idk, I was more curious. I’m definitely a “why” person. I’d probably forget all about it anyway lol. But I was hoping to have a journal for these specific things and I guess curious if I could continue writing journal style or if it needs to be locked away for that reason.

I almost burned it! I was sitting there thinking how lovely it would look to feed the flames. Like they were hungry lol.


Hey, if you want to feed it to the flames go right ahead. It’s what you feel comfortable with.


Yes, absolutely you should have a specific journal for certain spells. That’s how I do it, I keep a more “special” journal which I only use every once in a while, for important things. That’s why I prefer to keep it hidden away. Like Bryanna and Amethyst mentioned, as not to easily overthink about it, and keep it safe.

But that step is entirely optional. Burning it is a good idea if that’s what you feel called to do.


I have done both. I burn things to finalize or send it to the Universe. I also have a section of my BOS where I keep pages from spells or Rituals journal entries. I burn them when the spell has run its course or I no longer need to refer to it. I keep it there if it’s an unlimited time type of thing.


@NoName As going through my studies, there is a candle section. If for some reason our Candle is flickering, irritating you, should we not take a step back and read the flame of the candle, maybe the candle is trying to tell us something.
Personally for me my Book of Shadows, Journaling Book, and a book for spells or manifestations or whatever, and afterwards I would transfer my spells to my Book of Shadows and then tear out that page and burn it. Well, this is what I would do. Everyone has different ideas on what they would do.

Blessed Be :dizzy: