Today's Devotional to Selene

Hey all! I simply wanted to state how much today’s devotional spoke to me. Selene! I don’t think this is the Star Goddess that I’ve been looking for but I definitely have taken note of Selene now. I woke up today feeling quite a bit of inspiration to involve myself in Craft related things and this video really paved the way. I’m going to try and make more of a routine of watching these each day, they are kind of like a dose of meditation for me and I feel I need to tap into my spirituality more. I really love the spiritual side of the Craft and recently I’ve been having a lot of very interesting half waking experiences where things seem so real. These experiences are definitely more than dreams and I keep encountering the same characters. I was thinking I could get a dream pillow to help tap into these little adventures more. I’m sure my Star Goddess will tell me her name in time.


Maybe it’s mother of Hekate who’s calling out to you? She’s a Titan Goddess, just like Selene is


It’s possible, thanks for the link. :slight_smile: That name does give me joy to think of it.


@colin A dream pillow is a good idea! I also like to write down an intention, or repeating it in my mind, before going to sleep.

Also, do you keep a dream journal?

There was a beautiful post about Selene by Mrs Abs earlier this year Selene- My Favourite Goddess. Try to incorporate her into your rituals and meditations. And read as much as you can about Her!


So wonderful to hear you enjoyed the devotional and are delving even deeper into your craft, @colin! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like some wonderful and meaningful experiences. Wishing you all the best of luck as you become closer to your Star Goddess :star2: Go for the dream pillow- it’s a great idea! :+1:


Thanks. :slight_smile: I don’t keep a dream journal yet but I write about the characters in my dreams sometimes in another book, well, it’s more like little notes to them. Sometimes I set the notes on my Ouija board just for added effect. I’ll keep my eyes open for a nice dream pillow that suits me. Also I’ll take a look at that post by Mrs Abs in a few minutes, thanks for the heads up. They say the veil is thinnest in November, I would have to agree, it’s usually around this time that I get more looks at the other side, at least it was similar last year anyway. I think there is something that specifically ties the season of Winter to the dead and the other side. Something I’d like to try sometime too is this flying ointment I’ve read about, sounds like a pretty good time. I would mind trying to “tread the mill” as they say either, but I guess I’ll wait until Spring for something like that.

Overall I’m happy with being involved in the Craft. I always wanted to be involved in things like this I just never took the step before. It fills me with so much pride to be doing these kind of things.


Have you thought of making up a dream sachet for your lucid dreaming? They can help too. Put moonstone, amethyst, lavender, chamomile, and smoky quartz in a sachet in your pillowcase. It smells lovely too.


I’ve never thought of it. I’ve read a little bit about them. Maybe I’ll see if I can get a piece of quartz for my pillow. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Yes I’ve definitely been feeling it a lot, especially this year, I’m not sure why.

The veil is supposed to be thinner around the equinoxes and solstices, and the points in between such as Samhain.

And through the winter too :snowflake: because darkness is overtaking the day, the natural world begins to go into hibernation and even die. That’s why we always look forward with such enthusiasm to Yule/Christmas/the Winter Solstice, it’s objectively the best time of the year to celebrate life and rebirth! :christmas_tree:


I hope I can commit to something serious for Yule, it’s high time I started taking the 8 major celebrations more seriously. I was hoping for some great ritual for Halloween but I ended up going to small gathering instead. I did meet a fellow Wiccan so I’m grateful, I think I got him back on course with the Craft a little too. I want something big for Yule. Like, something you would read about in one of Gardener’s books. I have joined my local community for Witchcraft on Facebook. Maybe they have a plan for a get together.


Here’s some inspiration! :christmas_tree:

Yule Ritual.pdf (58.7 KB)

It is credited to “She Wolf” from the old Internet Book of Shadows Newsletter. It’s meant to be done as a group (in-person) but obviously you can adapt it to be a solitary ritual or something else.


Thanks, I read through that. Sounds like a good time. I haven’t heard of a crown of candles before. I’d like to see that some day. I’d also like to interact with a high priestess during ritual. :slight_smile:


The crown of candles has an interesting story! :candle:


It’s from the Swedish tradition of Saint Lucy’s Day (December 13th), where St Lucy (known as Lucia) is represented by a lady in a white dress symbolizing a baptismal robe and a red sash symbolizing the blood of her martyrdom, with a crown or wreath of candles on her head.


That’s really interesting. Good video. I must say I’m a fan of this Saint Lucy.


What a wonderful YouTube presentation. I needed a giggle this morning. Feeling a bit sad and depressed. This video, a nice hot shower and the promise of a cup of tea later should do the trick…