Top U.S. Cities for Witches

The article has much more information from This is fascinating.


Very interesting! :eyes: I was shocked that Salem, MA isn’t listed in the top 200 witchiest cities, but then I saw that the table is only listing the “200 biggest cities”, smaller cities aren’t included in the table data.

Salem is listed by name in the “Final Thoughts” section below, though- I’m glad they included it! Touristy areas aside, it’s definitely the witchiest city I’ve ever been to :woman_mage: :sparkles:

Thank you for this, @mary25- I enjoyed checking it out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If some day I have the chance to visit the USA, I will follow this list!! Thank you so much @mary25 !!!

If you allow me, I’m gonna do the same with some cities here in Spain! I think It could be interesting!


I can see how a place like New York is at the top. In the Netherlands the bigger the city, the more anonymous you are and people care less about what you do with your life. Moving to a bigger city, here about 30 years ago, showed that difference clearly to me.


Thanks for sharing! I’d not heard of The Green Man in Los Angeles, looks like they have a lot of classes. Good information all around.



Thank you for sharing this @mary25! I have to agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry that at first I was surprised that it wasn’t there & then realized it was biggest cities. I feel the same way, despite the touristy parts, you can just feel something in the air there that is magical on it’s own & just sort of just calls to you when you are there. :heart_eyes:


That’s really interesting, thank you for sharing!

We actually have a decent pagan community here in Alaska, but Alaska is out of the way and has a small population for how huge the state is lol. :laughing: I also don’t think there’s a dedicated coven. But there’s a few Heathen groups and definitely witches.


Ha! The Detroit-area is the second-worst for a lot… but I know where to go to find the goods. :slight_smile: You just have to be willing to shop around a bit to find all the candle, crystal and magic shops, fortune-tellers and the like. And there used to be a larger pagan presence here, but the pandemic kind of wiped it out. Michigan Pagan Fest is supposed to come back next year though, so we’ll see. :blush:


The Pagan Fest sounds amazing- if ever there was an event to stock up on wonderful witchy goods and meet some new magickal friends, a pagan festival would be it! :star_struck: :magic_wand:

I hope they’re able to have the festival next year and that, if they do, you’re able to go enjoy it @Harmony! :blush:


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