Total Solar Eclipse anyone?

Hi just wondering has anyone hot anything planned for the total splar eclipse coming up?
I heard it eas in America and Canada but i am intrigued to see what everyone else is doing…


My area will be at 73%. I’ll be out front with a camp chair, watching. I’ll have to pull out the glasses, but I usually watch the shadows from the trees, anyway.

I haven’t told Albus about it, yet. He will get excited, like last fall, wanting to tell me all about his side of the story when I get back. I’m hoping the chill of the weekend will ease up so he can have the window open to talk to the neighbor birds. Since it is not total in our area, the wild birds might not go silent, this time.

I am hoping to spend some time with the stray cat I met at the last eclipse.

Now, what music shall I play for Albus while I’m out? We have been listening to a variety of themes, lately, from self esteem to hopeful sun to Disney to the meditative Quarters CD I use every morning with candles and incense. Hmm. I should probably clean the CD lens, too.


Wow sounds like you got it all planned out :blush: Although there is a total lunar eclipse, it will not be visible from Australia unfortunately :weary: I hope others will be able to capture it a little and share pics i am so excited to see what others experience from their side of the world :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in the path of 99% totality for this one! :partying_face: :tada: I don’t have glasses for it yet, but we might get some. I don’t have any witchy stuff planned (yet) either lol


Would this help? I took pics from the eclipse last fall, when we saw totality.


I’m not in the path of totality in North Carolina. USA and won’t likely notice anything this time around. :woman_shrugging:


I think we’re about 97% don’t have glasses or witchy plans. I think you can record it. I’ll try it. My kids are getting out of school early for it.


I was thinking about seeing if I could livestream it with my webcam :laughing: I’m not sure it would work without some sort of shade thing to go over it (and I don’t have one) but I might mess around with it and try.


There will be several livestreams happening. Here is the address for NASA’s.
2024 Total Solar Eclipse Broadcast

We go back to school on the 8th and I have some activities for my kids planned, including eating moon pies and capri suns for snacks. The eclipse starts 15 minutes before we dismiss and won’t reach the 80-85% coverage until nearly 3… so I won’t be able to view it with my kids.

I have glasses for my own kids and we will watch it together.

Be sure to check out shadows during the eclipse, especially if you have totality. All the shadows will look like cresent moons!