Trapping dark entities

I have a friend who contacted me this morning asking if I knew anything about trapping dark entities. Personally, I wouldn’t wish you trap one I’d just banish it because I have no desire to have them around. However, since I had no advice or information for her I told her I would check around. I’ve noticed that some of you work with the “darker” areas of the craft and obviously there are some members who are much more experienced than I am so if anyone has any information or advice that I could pass along to her about this I’m sure she would be very appreciative. Blessed be :pray:


I don’t understand the reason of why she want to trap the Spirit. What’s the end of it? The reasons.
Gods, Goddesses and Daemons can’t be trapped.
There’s people making allegations on trapping for some art, but that’s something that on my personal perspective and experience, I do not agree. Even though the paintings looks awesome.


*My aunt put a curse on me. I think there is something bigger at play and depending on the entity, banishing doesn’t always work. At least with trapping, I can keep the negative energy in one spot and ensure it stays there

@pedros10 This was her response when I asked why she would want to trap it as well because like I said I wouldn’t wish to keep a dark entities myself. But I told her that I would check with some of y’all because there’s always someone with an answer for just about anything. (And so to keep my word I’ve asked.) I have also told her that there are a plethora of other type of solutions for curses so I’m nose deep down the rabbit hole of information on anything related to removing curses and such. I almost feel like if she knows that there is a dark entity involved in the curse maybe some trpe of exorcism? She said she did a freezer spell on her aunt and that it’s working but I guess since I have never done one I’m not sure that it could fix what she’s already done. I don’t really like the idea of binding spells because I don’t believe that you should manipulate people’s minds or actions (at least not without consent) our minds and actions is a completely different things as we consciously make a decision to work magic to change something about ourselves. We weren’t meant to have control over other people. At least that’s how I feel.

She seemed to be accepting of my offer to help with information on removing and lifting curses though so that being said if you aren’t quite comfortable with sharing information on trapping said entity any information or ideas you have on exorcisms (if you think that’s more relevant) or curse removal etc would be helpful. The only spell work I have really attempted in my 6 months of practice are things such as legal blessings, fertility spells (and that one my intention backfired on me because the spell was for someone else who asked for help and I am the one that got pregnant :woman_facepalming:t3:) and honey jars and spells to help with finances and my marriage and such. I don’t feel like I’m experienced enough to attempt anything this advanced because with all the information that is available to research I haven’t reached that type of thing in my studies. I know enough to know to research everything thoroughly (which I do anyway because I worry about pretty much everything) as something of this magnitude intimidates me and I know that any doubt or fear that I have when casting could a very different result than I want so I’m not even about to start that journey yet lol


@phoenix_dawn, I think banishing is the safest.
I think it’s probably possible to trap one, but that means it could escape… then what? Too many risks, I would not attempt this.


@marsha I agree. That is exactly the reason I wouldn’t want to trap it. But when I suggested banishing it she expressed some concern that she felt it may be to strong to just banish it (which again to me seems like another reason why I would not wish to keep it trapped anywhere near me). But to each their own. I realize this is a very deep subject and I’m sure you all have concerns with it just as I do but to each their own. Her path is not my path so :woman_shrugging:t3: I mostly just asked because I told her I would check around to see if I knew anyone who might have some information to help her and I didn’t want to break my word so in asking the question here I’ve done what I said I’d do. :grin: Gotta love loopholes and technicalities right. That’s why I said if anyone is uncomfortable with sharing any knowledge about it with her via me that any other type of curse removal or even maybe exorcism related material if you feel it’s relevant. I’m not really knowledgeable about anything exorcism based because as I mentioned I’m still a very young witch and that type of work seems like it’s much more advanced than what I have done and researched and because I don’t feel skilled enough and I’m intimidated by the thought of them I refuse to mess with them yet because those are the type of workings that I really don’t need any type of mishaps because I doubted myself or misdirected my intention. Just my stance on my craft I suppose


Your friend allegations is that her aunt hexes her.
This is something that she’ll have to confirm about, she can ask from a trusted source using any type of divination, in which can confirm that her aunt cursed her. Now if she does have the knowledge, because her aunt said so, that’s another take that it has to be taken as a grain of salt. In other words, that there isn’t any kind of dispute in between the two of them.
She said; “my aunt put a curse on me”, she mention the “spirit” that can’t be banished because she "THINK THERE’S SOMETHING BIGGER AT PLAY ".
Like you wisely said on your comments @phoenix_dawn , there’s a plethora of information on the internet, in which can give insights to any person of things to do.
My question here is, how she learned that she can TRAP a Spirit? She asked about it, making me to understand that she did something. I could be wrong here, but what she states on what I quoted, it doesn’t said to me anything, but at the same time something.
I can ping on spells and of banishing bad spirits, but not to solve the core of the situation. I’m not asking to know, but to point out that of any allegations made, the person needs to be sure of it.
This is one reason that us; as a spellcaster, we can be backdraft by a work. It isn’t because the law of three, but by acting quickly on a situation in which the information isn’t clear enough.
Is your friend @phoenix_dawn , you may love her a lot, but there’s situations that sometimes is better to not to touch. That doesn’t makes you less a witch, but a lot wiser.
Blessings my friend!


@pedros10 I was not at all fond of her insisting on trapping it. And honestly I still can’t not think of any good reason to do so. I tried all day to convince her to do a cleanse on her, banish it, cleanse the home, and then put up wards and even suggested carrying a protection amulet for when she leaves her home. She seemed to like the idea but came back with something like trapping it in a jar and dispersing its energy over time or burying it somewhere with nails. I tried really hard not to grasp the details because I just don’t want any part of it. I told her that dispersing it even in small amounts probably wouldn’t make it less dangerous because it seems to me that the “pieces” would have to find something else to inhabit. But it would be weaker. And that if she’s dispersing them little by little then it seems like it would still be as powerful once everything was dispersed. She seemed like she was not going to accept any other suggestions so I just told her good luck. I have my own issues to tend to here at home with shadow figures and hearing voices that don’t belong to anyone in the house and feeling like I’m under some sort of psychic attack. It’s making me mean and out of no where I’ve got a head cold and stomach issues that aren’t pregnancy related but my ability to read my cards intuitively and my “gut feelings” are very limited since these figures appeared and began “watching” me. They’ve gotten through my warding and appear to just be standing in my yard lining up to come in at night. One in particular scares me to my core because my husband is currently an hour away and I’m pregnant and now my intuition is a little bit unreliable and he kinda resembles what I imagine the devil to look like. And then there’s the waist high brown hairy thing that ran to my front door while I watched the shadow party through the window but when I went to the door… Poof
I told my husband about it but he told me to go to sleep. Ha! Not gonna happen now (it is not fatigue doing this) but now some of them are floating through today too but seem much gentler. But I don’t even wanna tell him that after his last reaction.
So yep… Not helping anyone trap anything that could get out and bother my peace not now and not ever. I need to desperately do a cleanse and etc etc like I suggested for her but I’m under the weather and my guests and my fetus have got my feelings and emotions shooting in every direction like fireworks so I’m not sure if I can do any of it effectively and that scares me. The devil look alike is the only one that gives me a sense of malicious intent but again I don’t trust my intuition right now. I’m kinda at a loss and can’t find the information I need and I’m zapped of motivation and energy… Bleh. I appreciate the information @pedros10 but I assure you I took no part in it. I was just trying to keep my word by asking like I told her I would.


here is a spell that I learned from a website called learning about Witchcraft:

Energies to be captured by A spell. This will improve the power without ideas that are negative.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A small glass jar with a lid 7 rough stones of similar size 1 Candle (any colour but white)

Casting Directions for ‘Trapping Negative Energies’

After the sun has set, light the candle and place it on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. One by one, place the stones in a circle around the base of the candle. Set the jar on the table, between you and the candle.

With your left hand, have a stone and set it in the jar. Next, with your right hand hold the candle over the jar and speak aloud the following words:

Candle’s fire burning bright,
By your fire on this night,
Trap all evil, seal it well,
In each stone, make it stay,
Never to be loosed again.

Still using your right hand, drip at least three drops of wax from the burning candle to the bottom of the jar, more is fine, but no less. Return the candle to its original position on the table. Allow the wax to cool and harden, this should only have a moment or two.

Repeat the above steps, including speaking the words aloud, until all seven rocks are in the jar.

When all seven stones are in the jar, place the lid onto the jar and then extinguish the candle. Place the jar in a dark and secret place and leave it undisturbed. Never open the jar rather than remove the stones. It is possible to repeat the spell as needed to capture negative energies, but new materials should be used each time.
(I hope this helps) -much love and many blessings


Being a newbie I have a question. If you know that someone has negative energies or entities in their home do you avoid going there? Is there a chance you could bring something bad home with you? It just seems like strong things should be left for those stronger and more experienced with Magick. Kind of like for medical problems. I would rather see a Doctor than a med student.


@SharonD yes ma’am no doubt about it Absolutely I avoid going there. I am an empath as well which leaves me vulnerable to attachments ive never been to her home because her craft is on a “darker” side than mine. She prefers occultish magic I think but that isn’t the only type she practices either. I on the other hand work more towards healing and helping to bring things to mine and others lives. Being an empath makes it difficult to do something other than healing and bringing good things to the world. But I respect her practice and talent none the less. I can sense energies from a good distance and I can usually tell the nature of their intentions so when people ask me to come and tell them if there is any entities around it’s like an electric fence if I feel evilish energy I do not approach it any further because as easily as I can sense them they can sense me. It helps too that my husband can see them whereas I only can feel them by and apparently I can hear them a little now too because he can kinda put a face to it for me if I’m unsure of the nature of entities that get too close… that’s the hard part of my situation here is not being able to visualize them. Except briefly while trying to see what was moving in my peripheral I’d get frustrated and turn my head and in my mind I would get flashes of a snake coming through the door and windows. The devilish creature remained perched in the hall way just inside my front door and was seated to where he could keep me in sight but he was still trying to stay in a dimmer part of the house as well. He tapped his fingers as if he were impatient. He is literally the only one I’ve been able to see myself and that didn’t disappear when I tried to meet it head on. it’s as if he’s letting me know he isn’t intimidated by me and taunting me because he got through the multiple wards I put up. The only thing I think that kept him at bay was the fact that I was holding my protection amulet in my hand the entire time. I’m not so much afraid of him I think as he just spikes my anxiety through the roof because I’m thinking he could be doing little things to cause me to be an uglier type person, make me sick and secretly inconvenience me but so far nothing that is fatal so I’m not sure if he means to harm me or if he is just a mischievous butthead. I’m pretty sure he can sense that their party is making me agitated though because as soon as I decided that I needed to get them outta my house I woke up feeling like a zombie with the flu which means I can’t do much to make the party animals leave and telling them is useless. I did manage to make progress reversing some of the damage that showed up with them though so he may be a little braver when he wakes up tonight. But I’m not sure where these guys came from honestly because I haven’t been working on anything except self reflection and meditation and I’m pretty much reclusive I don’t leave my home unless I absolutely have to so unless they followed me home on the very few trips I did make out then he is a guest sent by my ever so hateful monster in law. She’s pretty much only happy if she can bring me misfortune and pain. I’ve already broken too many hexes to count on me and my husband. So maybe she kicked it up a notch this time as her grand finale since she’s terminal with liver cancer either way it’s inside the electric fence and in my bubble and it’s too close for me. Unfortunately my husband won’t even help me look into this further he just says I need to go to sleep and that’s it’s just me losing my mind. Also a sign that my mother in law is the culprit but I’ll never be able to prove it 100% so I just won’t. She’s already suffering enough And I refuse to stoop to the level of doing any kind of harmful things to people cause I don’t wanna feel the effects with them. I do believe I’m going to lay down for a bit before my horned house guests wakes up so I can be on a somewhat of a level ground in case he gets kinda froggy tonight talk to you later


Greetings @phoenix_dawn!

Others have given some wonderful advice as well as spellwork suggestions to help your friend. I agree with what several others have said (as well as the advice you yourself gave to your friend) that banishing negative energy/entities is probably the best and safest way forward.

If it is indeed a curse, why not try a Return to Sender Spell? This type of spell sends the bad energy back to the caster and protects your friend in the process.

Hex Reversal Spell

Return to Sender Spell

If your friend still insists on trying to trap the negative energy, I really like the spell that @moonshadow shared :+1: There is also the possibility of trying to harness it somehow- perhaps by making a contract with it (like a Familiar Spirit). It goes without saying that handling dark forces is risky business- I’d recommend trying something like this only as a last resort.

Sending good thoughts to you and to your friend- she is lucky to have you on her side helping her out! :blush:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you for the suggestions and very sweet compliment @TheTravelWitch I really need to hear that last part today and you just made my day. Like they saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Her insistence on trapping this thing makes me uncomfortable. Especially with whatever is going on at my residence and the fact that I’m pregnant. So I’ve decided to wash my hands of that particular area. It most definitely was not improving the situation with the new “guests” that have decided to break through my warding and party like rockstar here at my mother’s. My energies are better focused towards getting myself well and back on the path to finding a home of my own because with this general type sickness I’ve got going on and the depression and anxiety spike the last week or so I’m doubting my abilities and intuition and until I’m in the right mind set I’m a little limited on eviction options for my guests. A lady I know gifted me a smudging kit of white sage Palo Santo as well as an abalone shell and an amethyst and I got an email saying it will be here today so I may just go ahead and cleanse the house and myself and attempt to put my wards up again anyway. Because these party animals have gotta go. They are definitely not helping me at all.
My friend is just going to have to do a lot more homework unless she decides to go a different route. I’m not taking on the risk lol


You are always welcome, @phoenix_dawn :heart:

You are a strong witch and I think that it is a great idea- I often hear the advice (especially for Empaths)- how can you take care of others when you need help yourself? While it is very kind to help friends, at the end of the day it is most important to take care of yourself :hugs: .

If you think some of the bad energy is affecting you, your decision to take a step back and do some cleansing is a great choice :+1: And, if you consider yourself to be an Empath (sensitive to the emotions/states of others and possibly absorbing their energy), perhaps consider doing some Empath Shielding Exercsises too :shield:

Wishing you the best with your part animals- hopefully you can find some peace and respite! :pray:

Blessed be :sparkles: