Treated & Man-Made Crystals 🌀

What are your thoughts on treated/man-made crystals & stones? Are you a fan of them or not? Do you think they are just as effective for you as natural crystals? Do you own any treated or man-made crystals?

Heres a few I can think of just on the top of my head… Orgonite, Aura Quartz, Opalite, Goldstone, Some Citrine, Blue Howlite. Im sure there are lots more out there!

Heres an article I found talking about them!


Very interesting topic! :diamonds:

As far as I know, lab synthesized gemstones are essentially the same as their naturally-grown counter parts, all the same elements went into creating them, minus the human suffering.

Natural sources are not always sustainable or ethical.

Regarding how they work, I feel it’s more about personal preference than anything else. You should try them and compare to see if they work for you!


One of my favourite crystals is my opalite. I’m so drawn to it and I genuinely feel a connection with it. I sleep with it under my pillow most nights and carry it around with me with I’m feeling fragile.

So I have no problem with man made stones :blush:


Man made stones are out of natural made elements, The elements are still existing in the materials used. So in essence, even though man made, they are just the same…


I don’t mind man-made stones until someone tries to tell me that the beautiful geode I went to buy at a market last year was just naturally that deep of a shade of purple and I knew they were full of crap. They were dyed, and it was obvious.

Anyway, that being said, I agree with @roxanne here. The stones use natural elements - like heat - to change their physical or chemical properties. That doesn’t make them any less magickal.


I was wondering about this. Great topic!


When given the choice between natural versus man-made, I’ve always tended to get the natural stones. It’s always just been a personal preference of mine.

But I agree that the same elements go into both types- and in most cases, I would never be able to tell the difference! :laughing: The most important thing is connecting with the stone. And trying to avoid stones that were collected in unethical ways, like Franscisco mentioned. Or stones that are mislabeled and sold as something they aren’t- like @MeganB mentioned here, or in the dicusccion Is Selenite Really Selenite?

A very interesting topic- thanks for brining it up, @marissa! :heart: