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Hello my blessed friends

I am very much still finding my path but have to say, finding this coven has been a massive blessing. It is fully of so many beautiful people who show patience and willingness to help those like me who are at the start of their path.

As you may know, I am very much drawn the the deities of Ancient Egypt and have been since I was a child. Collecting models of them and having them on display on topof my bookshelf was first altar without even knowing it! They have always been a fascination for me. I have even just completed a unit of work on Ancient Egypt in my job as a Primary School Teacher (the children’s choice, which delighted me). Take a look at the amazing 3D models the children created…

I should say that this was all covered from a purely historical point of view and i was in no way trying to influence the childrens beleifs.

Anyway apologies as I am digressing. Its because i feel so comfortable speaking socially within this community, especially when my practices are very much my own secret within my family and social circle. Although the Egyptian deities are who I’m drawn to, I do not necessarily want to go down the path of Kemetism, I’m much more drawn to the Wiccan wheel of the year but working with these deities, therefore taking a somewhat eclectic path.

However, I am having trouble with the concept of the triple goddess within the Egyptian Pantheon. I know there is no “like for like” alternative but I have saw triads of Celtic or Greek deities who act as the triple goddess. Aset (Isis) is one who i am particualry drawn to and have worked with. However, I am aware that that Greeks took on worship of Isis and made her a lunar deity but she was traditionally a solar deitiy, also associated with the star Sirius. It was infact the male triad of Osiris, Thoth and Khonsu who were the Egyptian luner deities. This makes it all the more confusing for me

I am really unsure about how i can incorporate this idea into my practice when the deities don’tquite match up.

Does anyone have any adivce or even suggestions as to suitable deities who embody the triple goddess?

Many thanks for your time and assistance and i apologise for my long winded post and lack of clarity.

Blessed be



No need to apologize! I love their artwork.

But to your question, I too am an eclectic pagan. I work with Hades and Hel, and Persephone during the winter months. I recognize a Lady and a Lord, with all deities (no matter the pantheon) being an aspect of these. I recognize that the Lady goes through the three stages (Maiden, Mother, Crone) but don’t necessarily identify specific deities to those stages. Hel is considered an aspect of the Dark Goddess, which in turn is one side of the Lady.

Some triple goddess that I know of are the following:

  • Greek: Hekate (Hecate), Selene, and Persephone. I have worked with Selene and still work with Persephone. I worship Hekate but have not worked with her personally. Additional possible triads are Artemis, Selene, and Hecate or Persephone, Demeter, and Hekate.
  • Roman (original Greek goddess): Luna (Selene), Diana (Artemis), and Trivia (Hecate)
  • Irish Celtic: Brigid is considered a triple goddess, sometimes being seen as three sisters all named Brigid. I believe the Morrigan is also a triple goddess in the same manner (@Susurrus would know best here).
  • Norse: Freya, Frigga, and Hel

There are no rules of having to stick to a single pantheon for deities, especially if you identify as eclectic. If you are inclined to work with the triple goddess, perhaps research the various triads within the different pantheons and see if any call to you. You can also worship the triple goddess as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone without connecting a specific deity.

Another way to look at the triple goddess is connecting it with the lunar cycle. The Maiden is associated with the waxing moon, the Mother with the full moon, and the crone with the waning moon. The new moon is associated with the Dark Goddess (here is a great blog post on her if you want to learn more).


I don’t have a good answer to your question, I don’t know enough about Egyptian deities, but I loved the kid’s artwork! Thank you for sharing!


These brought a big smile to my face- you have some talented crafters in your class! They did a really great job with the models. Hahaha I think if I tried to make a model I don’t think it would come out even half as nicely as theirs! :grinning:

If I can add in my two cents, I’d say that just being drawn to Egyptian deities wouldn’t exclude you from Wiccan or other non-Kemetic paths of witchcraft (I am not a Wiccan and very Eclectic, however, so take this with a grain of salt!)

Additionally, deities can be defined in numerous different ways. There are those who worship each deity as their own entity, those who see overlap between certain deities, and those who see all deities as faces of the same underlying entity (be it the God/Goddess, the Universe, or something else entirely).

@MeganB had a really great video about this- I’ll leave a link here just in case you are interested: Hard and Soft Polytheism Video

I can see @Amaris_Bane shared a great list of possible diety correpondences- the only other one I have to add to the list is Zorya- the three-faced/three-goddess deity of dusk, dawn, and light in Rodnovery (Slavic Paganism) :sun_with_face:

Good luck with your studies- I hope you are able to find what you are looking for!

Blessed be :sparkles:


They certainly are a great bunch of kids although it took us a long time to get this project completed. They are proportioned based on a grown adult (so are quite big) and made with nothing more than cardboard, a balloon and papier Mache - very messy but worth it!

Thank you also for your advice and for the link to the video. I will certainly have a look at it - looks like I have a lot more learning to do (I like that though!).

Is it the case then that I can work with the deities I am drawn to in lunar work regardless of their associations? I am really drawn to Aset (Isis) and have felt a connection through meditation and spellwork and this is something I want to continue to pursue.

Thank you for this. It helps me to try and make sense. So therefore, I could recognise that the goddess has 3 stages but could continue to work with Aset, who is considered the Mother?

I really appreciate the time and effort you have both take to try and help me figure this out.

blessed be


Whoa! :astonished: I couldn’t guess at the size from the picture- that brings it to a whole new level! They really are creative and talented, but from my days working as teacher too, I can guess at the amount of mess that was involved! :joy: (You’re right, though- absolutely worth it! :heart:)

I would say a strong yes- if you feel drawn towards Aset (Isis) for lunar magick, I would personally urge you to pursue it.

This is because there are many benefits (and not many downsides) to pursuing something that calls to you (be it a deity, area of magick, etc)- if it turns out to be exactly what you are looking for, then that’s wonderful! If not, well, at least you will know for sure thanks to giving it an honest try. And in this case, even if it doesn’t work out how you hoped, it may reveal more answers about the nature of these deities and your own practice that can lead you to where you do want to be and who you do want to work with.

That being said, I should clarify that this answer is heavily rooted in the fact that I am Eclectic and that I strongly believe in the value of learning, exploring, and experiencing for oneself. Others on other paths may disagree, which is fine! I’d recommend listening to what everyone says here in the discussion, meditating on it, and then pursuing whatever path forward feels best to you :blush:

Whatever you choose, I’m wishing you all the best! Blessed be :heart:


These are so amazing! Your students did a wonderful job bringing these deities to life – and to know that they’re just made with a few supplies and based on an adult-size?! Go class! :clap:

I’m not Wiccan and I’m very much an eclectic witch and polytheist here so my point of view may differ from others. So, if this doesn’t resonate then that’s okay – feel free to ignore it :laughing: if you aren’t Wiccan then there’s honestly no need to try and fit a deity or group of deities into the Triple Goddess mold. The reason that the Triple Goddess is prevalent in Wicca is because Wicca is heavily based on ancient European and Celtic beliefs. There are many triple deities within Celtic belief but they don’t fit into the Maiden, Mother, and Crone paradigm.

Long story short – if your Egyptian deities don’t fit into that mold, there’s no need to force them to just to have the Triple Goddess aspect in your practice :blush:


@MeganB Thank you so much for that. I am starting see that i should go with what feels best for me rather than trying to squeeze my circular beleifs through a square hole…and thats OK

Blessed be


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