Triskelion - Celtic Symbol of Threes 🌟

Also called a Triskele, the Triskelion is a triple spiral design that exhibits rotational symmetry. The symbol has been found in many different cultures around the world, but it is most notably associated with the Celtic peoples.

For example…

  • a triskelion is a traditional symbol of Sicily where it is called trinacria.
  • a triskelion is a symbol on the Isle of Man where it is known in Manx as Tree Cassyn Vannin
  • Ingushetia has a triskelion on its flag

One of the earliest records of the triskelion is at the entrance of Newgrange, Ireland. This particular symbol dates back to the neolithic era. Although it is attributed to the Celts at Newgrange, it is much older than that. According to, the triskelion at Newgrange was carved at least 2500 years before the Celts even arrived in Ireland.

The Celtic symbol of three conjoined spirals has a debated meaning as it is hard to determine what it meant so long ago. Some of the debated meanings include…

  • the Celtic belief of the three realms: land, sea, and sky
  • the belief in the three planes of existence: physical, spiritual, and celestial
  • a representation of motion, moving forward, and progressing
  • the life cycle - life, death, and rebirth
  • any other trinity association

How can you use it in your practice?

If you feel connected to this symbol, try and figure out why. What does it mean for you? Are you connected to a particular deity that calls out to this symbol? Do you like that it can stand for multiple things? Or that is is related to the number three, which is sacred in many cultures and religions?

Once you figure out what the symbol means to you, then you can determine how to use it in your practice.

  • Use it as decoration.
  • Use it as an altar symbol.
  • Use it as body art.
  • Use it as an invokation.
  • Use it as a symbol.

There are many different ways you can use this ancient symbol in your practice!

Do you use any symbols in your practice? Have you ever seen a triskele in the modern world?

Having things in sets of three like artwork, sculptures, anything displayed is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

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