Trouble visualizing

I was curious if anyone here has troubles trying to visualize or focus at times? I have been in the habit of meditating for years, and can generally focus and center my energy, but I struggle to “imagine” or visualize (for example, visualizing a white light, or visualizing my energy, etc) and was wondering if others struggle with this? If so… Any suggestions? It can become somewhat frustrating when trying to get prepared for a ritual or any kind of spell work. Any thoughts or ideas welcomed! Thank you all and blessed be :heart::sun_with_face:


Yes, when I first joined Spells8 & attempted any type of meditation… I was awful. Visualization took me a while to be able to do & sometimes even now I can hold it only for moments at a time before it seems to go back to black. However, we have had discussions regarding this issue & our own @MeganB & @Francisco has offered some advice about it & @SilverBear may have some other suggestions also. I will add the links to previous discussions for you:

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I have a hard time staying in the “meditative state” my brain tends to wonder off quite frequently. I have found that the guided meditations work best for me and have helped me not only reducing my mind going off somewhere else but also they help me visualize. It’s taken a lot of practice, I was really frustrated with myself at first, as @MeganB talks about in the linked topic above, I thought I was a bad witch because my brain never shuts down. With practice and finding what works for you I will imagine that you can learn to visualize.


@rachel21 & of course @carrie4, when I first started back on my path (July 2020) I had never meditated before in my life! I always stayed away from it, & came up with some excuse (usually my anxiety/panic) why I didn’t or couldn’t even try it. Then I started the courses on Spells8 & knew I had to work on getting my brain to shut off, at least try to focus for ANY length of time. My personal best at that time was 3 minutes of guided meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

However, I continued to practice sometimes more than once a day. But I went slow & started with 1 guided meditation until I made it through the whole thing (it was 10 minutes long). Now I can sit through up to a 25-minute guided meditation & my visualization; compared to what it was; is so much better. As of right now, guided meditations that are focused on grounding & centering are what I have been working with & a guided meditation to connect with my crystals on an energy level in a much better way than the small one I have now.

I agree with this, practice & using different techniques to help quiet the intruding thoughts so you can tap into visualization without forcing it; will come. I actually addressed my anxiety & stressors through a meditation using the app HeadSpace for a time. They had “courses” for beginners to meditation & for anxiety, financial stress, stress, sleep… they would start out easy & as you went through them without even realizing it, you have gone through the first set of the course & are moving onto the advance courses.

Now I use the app/website Insight Timer & it has so many free meditations & other mindfulness practices to help with whatever you may be working on at the time. Even though you have been meditating for years, maybe starting with a beginner’s course or meditation through an app for anxiety or mindfulness or spirituality may assist you?

I have also started using the YouTube video for a 1-minute meditation practice, the entire video is 5 minutes long, but you could use the same practice to lengthen the time that you quiet your mind for visualization with the technique they are using.


This is all great information. I’m definitely on the “it takes practice” train with this one. And don’t forget, practice is part of the process. No one is going to sit down and be able to meditate for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes on their first try. Even now, as someone who has meditated for a few years now, I have trouble sitting through more than 10 minutes of meditation because my ADHD kicks in and I just can’t do it anymore.