Ugh one thing after another and kicking it

My son came home today with a head infested lice extravaganza. We shaved his head and put the first dose on. Couldn’t find tea tree oil :woman_shrugging: I used the spray for the bed and washing his rooms stuff.

Any advice would be well taken. I have gone 14 years without lice lol. I do not want it to spread further.
I am going to comb my dogs as well and cats.


Our town had lice in the schools when my boys were younger. They didn’t get due to lack of sufficient hair, but close friends did.

Wash everything on the highest setting & dry it the same way. Pillows & stuffed animals that can’t be washed, you can put in sealed black trash bags for two weeks. Blankets too!

Wear shirts & coats once before washing on the highest setting. Hats & anything with hoods & towels. Either buy new combs & brushes or treat those too before using them.

This is the comb recommended by our school nurse & a place that all they do is treat lice. It’s the nest one they said.


Luckily he’s a gamer and sports fanatic so he doesn’t have a lot of crap in his room. Most of which is either plastic or washable.
Thank you @Susurrus for alway helping. It really helps.

We’re still wondering how he got it. He doesn’t touch people. We were thinking possibly his cat or our dogs. But I hope not!


Oh no, @NoName! Sorry to your son- that sounds awful :worried: I had to deal with a bedbug fiasco when I was working at a hostel, but I’ve luckily never had to deal with lice before (knock on wood!)

It looks like Siofra has some awesome advice for you, so I’m just popping in to say that I’m sending good thoughts your way! Good luck- hopefully the problem will subside quickly :pray:


Oh no! I’m so sorry!!! Lice are a nightmare for me. My brother and I always got them from school. We had to use a prescription or Nix I think it was…

I’m hoping the link works. Of course now the packaging looks different but it works!!! Tea tree is good for animals. I used it on my cat for fleas. It helped with a bit. I hope they all go away!!!


Definitely keep combing. I don’t think the lice will stay on the animals because they’re like human fleas. Just wash the brushes, anything that goes from one person’s head to another, the sheets, etc. It should be okay :blush:


Thank you! We don’t share sheets or anything so that’s good. Definitely on a cleaning spree in his room. I did end up getting the Nix brand. His head was saturated and bed was sprayed. All bedding and pillows are washed lol.