Uncrossing spell question

Hi! Is it possible / safe to do a uncrossing spell for someone else if they have been hexed? Is it possible to do it for someone else? Is it dangerous / putting yourself at risk getting involved, can it be transferred to you for getting involved?

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Yes, just make sure that they’re aware of your working and they are okay with it. Casting spells on someone else without their permission is not a good idea (personal opinion).

If you are using this Uncrossing spell, while you are burning the incense, send your intention (thoughts, energy) their way. :raised_hands:

You can write a few words or improvise something to direct the energy from the spell to go to them to help with whatever they need help with.

Another way to cast a protection spell on someone would be to create a protection talisman or charge a stone with your intention, and give it to that person.

Good luck!


When dealing with hexing or curses, make sure to cast a protection circle around you and make it tight…the elements or items used to hex or curse someone will argue with you, be firm


Agree with noth @Francisco and @roxanne

I would personally make sure I had a protection circle around me and I’d probably call on the elements to aid me as well.


Yes, when doing anything that has to do with a darker side for sure, cast cast cast and get your protection, they get angry when they are dissolved.


I would also make sure that the person has actually been affected by baneful magick. About 80% of the time, it isn’t actually baneful magick that is affecting the person and it’s actually the person’s own energy doing it to themselves (not saying this is the case here, just saying that it’s good to check)

As far as doing an uncrossing for someone else, I don’t see an issue with it. I’m of a different opinion than @Francisco in asking for permission, but this is obviously a personal decision. As everyone else mentioned here, make sure that you are protected if working with baneful magick in any way. I believe that if it isn’t diffused, it can try to find another host or target. Again, this is just my opinion of how baneful magick works.


I ask permission for certain things…obviously if I am doing a freezer spell…I don’t ask permission for that LOL… Can you imagine that conversation?

So, yeah…you’re a jerk and I am going to place you in a freezer for a bit… OK with you? LOL


Let me get my coat first! :laughing: :coat:


@saige If you suspect the person really has been cursed, I recommend that you take an egg, roll it around their body collecting the curse and then dispose of it. This is called an egg cleansing or limpia con huevo.

Good luck!