Understanding astrological counterparts?

I am a Capricorn. As far as personal relationships are concerned, I just can’t seem to find anyone I can be myself with. Should I be looking to find astrological signs opposite myself, in the astrology circle chart? My brother is a cancer, my astrological opposite, we get along great, he’s my best friend, but I just can’t see myself ever being “involved” with someone like my brother :flushed::nauseated_face: please help.


It is my understanding that a Taurus or Scorpio would be the best match for a Capricorn. I am speaking in terms of your sun sign. So maybe see what you can find out regarding those partnerships?

I found this article that explains compatibility with other signs & a Capricorn. I hope it helps!


Greetings @annette4!

That’s a great question, and Siofra shared a wonderful resource for you to explore! I know of another site that offers some pretty in-depth readings on relationships between signs (looking at love, life, enemies, etc), so I’ll add that in here too:

However, I do want to point out that while many sites examine our sun sign compatibility, it may be helpful to remember that we are all much more complex than just our sun signs alone. Every person has a star chart/natal chart full of different astrological influences that affect their life and relationships.

So when you are working on making fulfilling relationships and considering how compatilite you may be with someone else, it may help if you take a wider look and consider other things that may also be influencing your bonds. You might consider your Moon Sign for emotional and internal matters, or your signs in each of the 12 Houses exploring key aspects of your life, for example.

Astrology is vast and there’s a lot to explore! :milky_way: Looking at your different signs and how they provide insight to various aspects of your life is a great way to learn about yourself and explore any strengths/weaknesses you may have. That goes for both building relationships and also for taking steps towards living a fulfilling and rewarding life :pray::blush:

Good luck and blessed be, Annette! :sparkles:


I agree with @TheTravelWitch & I was going to suggest running your birth chart, but that may be too much information all at once. You can do compatibility readings with the natal or birth charts though.


You can add a person after yours is done, this will tell you the Moon & Rising, Planet placements & Houses for each person & how they interact. There is also an app on Google Play called Co-Star that will do your natal chart & you can add friends to it for a compatibility reading too.


This is all great advice but I would really like to point out that Co-Star is extremely problematic and doesn’t even employ actual astrologers. I recommend TimePassages instead.

Note: I can find links to articles, etc. regarding Co-Star if anyone would like to read them. If you just Google “Co-Star Astrology Controversy” you should be able to find plenty.


I just recently installed it, so I only have myself & my friend on it. I had no idea about the controversy over it or that it’s not astrologers. I will find out more about it, I’m curious now.

I don’t usually use the astrology, moon, or tarot types of apps. It doesn’t resonate with me. I liked that you could see how your signs lined up with friends though. It was especially fun because my husband & friend have 2 of the same aspects in their charts. I believe they have the same sun & moon. Or maybe sun & rising… I can’t remember. So those were fun to read because I have already done updated charts for my husband & I so I did have something to compare it to. I updated them with Chiron in our charts after your post.

I’m sorry that I recommended the app without knowing about the controversy with it. :frowning_face:


No worries! It isn’t your fault. Most people have no idea but since I’m in a lot of other witchy communities (plus having my own presence) I kind of have to know things like this lol


Gee…who ever is this friend that syncs with your hubby??? :rofl: :rofl:
Apologies for recommending Co-Star to you @Siofra. I was unaware of the controversy as well. May have to look into Time passages too.


She’s a whackadoo, you wouldn’t like her @Rowan:rofl:

It’s okay, we learn as we go! Time Passages here we come!

@MeganB thank you.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: You crack me up!


You’re welcome :heart: