Unfinished / Paused Rituals

Hi everybody! I don’t have a lot of resources in my own life to ask this question so I’ve decided to come to the community for your thoughts.

I conducted the Farewell Ritual this past Samhain, as a tribute to my father who passed away a year ago (he passed on Oct 4 2019 so it was almost exactly a year when I did the ritual). The entire ritual was very beautiful and moving. If you’re not aware of the details (I did find it on Spells8), one of the key actions is to write a letter to the loved one who has passed, and finally bury it in a place special to the two of you.

Well, that place is my parent’s backyard, my childhood home. While the house is within 10 minutes of where I currently live, it was raining atrociously, so, naturally, I was not able to bury the letter.

I figured I would wait until the next full moon to do so (as the letter was written during the Full Moon), but for whatever reason, I was also not able to bury the letter then either.

I was just wondering how to handle these types of situations. Can the completion of the ritual be done any time? Should I wait for the next Full Moon? Sprinkle some Full Moon Water on it and bury it any time?

The letter has been sitting on my altar since then, so it has, at least, remained in a sacred space. I would really like to finish the ritual, but I personally feel since it was so meaningful to me as I was doing it, it could not have all gone to waste just because I didn’t complete the last step. Obviously the memories and love for my dad are ALWAYS with me, so as long as I am in that space and carry that energy when I bury the letter, I think it should be fine, right?

What do you all think? Appreciate your time in reading & offering your insight :slight_smile: Thank you!


I would wait for the next Full Moon and make sure to bury it then. I think then you will start seeing the results much clearer. Maybe add the Full Moon Water to it before you bury it. I could be way off base, maybe @Francisco or someone else (I wish I could tag all of the great resources here, I will add a few at the end) could give you an idea. I would definitely go with what resonates with you. I know for me it would be the next Full Moon when I would bury it with a sprinkle of Full Moon Water.
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Hi @Cellophaneflowr! Welcome to the Forum!

I’m happy that the Samhain Farewell Ritual moved you! That’s a good question, I agree with Krissie above, and also with this part of your post:

You can bury the letter whenever it feels right to do so. Sometimes it’s better to wait until the conditions are right. Perhaps there was a bigger reason why you weren’t able to do it back then, so don’t feel rushed to do it.

May your father rest in peace :pray:


Thank you so very much for getting back to me! And for your condolences. Very good insight, I will plan for the next full moon with the added moon water. Fingers crossed we don’t get snow! (I’m in New Jersey)


I suggest you contact him by pendulum skrying and read the letter to him. It can be done any time and you don’t have to wait on a Moon phase. The message getting through is after all the point of it.
It also opens up a line of communication and you can learn about his current situation and what to expect when your body and the bodies of loved ones die. It’s not a bad thing or scary.

Good luck.


I think @Francisco is right and you can bury it whenever it feels right to you. Or at a place that you and he held special.

Me, I’m more of a fire type. I’d burn the letter and let the flames carry my words to him. But that’s just me.

Good luck!


Hi My name is Jeannie and I know that you are suppose to burry the dirt right away but just as long as the energy is still there you have not released it I think it should be fine. You can always watch it go down a river to as well or any moving water.
You can burn it like kasie said and keep the ash as sacred ash!
blessed be


I really like this idea! I don’t currently have a pendulum but I’m definitely not opposed to getting one - do you have any resources you’d suggest for research?


Thanks again to all of you, this has been extremely helpful and made me feel less guilty about not finishing the ritual right away. Much gratitude the community here! :pray:


If you have a necklace or a pendant; you have an excellent pendulum.
On a sheet of paper draw a cross. At the top and bottom of the vertical line write yes. At both ends of the horizontal line write no.
Hold your pendant like the picture over the center of the cross. Think of him, remember how he sounded and mannerisms; then call to him. Tell him to bat the pendulum around, he’ll love it. In his condition he isn’t able to react to the pgysical world much.
Explain the cross for yes and no questions. Ask questions only the two of you know to be sure it’s him. Then, communicate.


A very warm welcome to you, @Cellophaneflowr!

That is a great question and you’ve got some helpful answers. Adding to what others have contributed, I agree that there are no worries about waiting to bury the letter :+1:

Follow your heart and the signs (such as the full moon, clear weather, finding yourself drawn towards the grave, etc.) and bury it when it feels like it is the right time to do so- you are the most connected to this spellwork, so your instincts will be your best guide! :compass::two_hearts:

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father- may your beautiful spellwork help to keep your loving bond strong even across the veil between worlds.

Love, light, and blessed be! :candle::heart: