Unusual Tarot Spread

I love tarot, have several decks of various vintage. I do spreads or random groupings as the cards seem to align themselves. This spread is so beautiful and different, not the standard what do I need to let go, what am I missing, what is Spirit trying to tell me, etc.


@sara5 Wow, this is different! But it’s also great!! Thank you for sharing this I’m saving it to print.


That’s a gorgeous spread, @sara5! :deer: :heart_eyes: I can see why you like it- thanks so much for sharing!

If this spread is of your own design- wonderful! If not, could you please share a credit/source link to the original site? There are guidelines for how to do so in this post about Content Sharing.

Thanks again and Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


This is great :slight_smile: Ill try this tonight!


Well its in my Pinterest tarot board. However source is embedded in Deviant Art, no stand-alone site that I could easily determine. The Celtic-Druidess has some dreamlike images, some sort of knights-medieval tarot mockups, i dunno, ya know? I took a screenshot of the spread w source cuz the only hyperlink is to DA, which i must have joined in the misty past when i was working a lot more on graphic art. Thats all i got.


Just looked at the animal totem.

Deer among other qualities, highly sensitive and intuition.

Thanks from bringing it up😃


This looks very interesting. I’d have to do the spread on my bed to get enough room but I might need this someday. Thanks for sharing!


Hello @sara5!

Wonderful- thank you very much for adding a credit note to Deviant Art! :+1: I know it can be tricky to track down a source sometimes, especially with images found from various sites over time. Acknowledging someone’s ownership with a nod towards your source goes a long way! :blush:

It sounds like the Celtic-Druidess has a lot of wonderful tarot spreads :star_struck: You found something great- thanks again for sharing it!

Blessed be :sparkles: