Using Astrology with the Moon

Hello everyone,

With New Moon once again approaching, I thought I would post about how to manifest with the Moon using it’s house placement from your birth chart.

Traditionally, many people use the New Moon for new beginnings, making wishes and setting intentions. If we consider the house of our birth chart in which the Moon will occur, it can give an idea of areas where our manifesting may be most effective.

I have created a table below that will help you to find this easily. All you need to know is:
Your rising sign
The sign in which the new Moon will take place.

Please note that this table uses the Whole House system.

As an example, this week’s New Moon is occurring in Pisces. Find this along the top.

My rising sign is Gemini. Find this down the left side. Find where both intercept to identify your house. In this case, it is my 10th house.

This means that manifesting and setting intentions in matters of career, ambition and social status may be most effective for me in this case.

This can also be used to find the house in which the full moons will occur and could indicate areas where you need to release old habits, negative thoughts or practice forgiveness.

I hope you find this useful.

Blessed be



Thank you for this Alan!!! Awesome guide looking forward to using it.


@celineelise You are welcome. May it help you to manifest all of your desires! :pray::new_moon::full_moon:

Its easy to find the sign that new moon takes place in as it tends to correspond wirh the astrological season. Its pisces season so its a pisces new moon.


Hello, rising sign buddy :wave: :grin:

Seems like a beneficial thing to hone in on! I could set aside some time to get more organized with work things, and perhaps even plan some things in advance :thinking:

Always love your astrological insights and handy info-graphics, Alan! I didn’t have to use the chart thanks to sharing a rising sign (:laughing: ), but I’m taking a look now and it’s really neat! Everything is very clearly laid out, it’s a beautiful chart.

Quick question, if I may :raising_hand_woman: Will we be able to use this handy moon chart for all future new moons, or was it created with specifically the March 2024 New Moon in mind?

Thank you so much for crafting and sharing this- it’s awesome! :new_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


More rising sign buddies! :clap: I’m also a Gemini Rising :laughing:

I wonder if this is why I’m feeling a pull toward career-focused things… :thinking: something to think about, I suppose.

Thank you for putting these together, @Cosmic_Curiosity! It’s always a wonderful thing when you post more astrology education. It’s because of you that I’ve been learning (and retaining!) the information so well!


This chart will work for all New and Full moons, as long as you know your rising sign and which sign the moon (new or full) will be in.

Theres a 6 sign difference between full moon and New Moon

The last full Moon was in Virgo so the New Moon will be in Pisces (6 signs away)
The next full Moon will be in Libra do the New Moon will follow in Aries etc.

Hope this helps.

You are.most welcome.and I am glad they are helping to decode astrology a bit for you.


Ok I’m not wimping out this time! I dug up my birth certificate so I could get my TOB and entered in the details to get my natal chart.

My rising sign is Aries (which surprises me somehow) so I get

Have I got this correct?


Spot on. 12th house Just for this new moon


Great thanks for the confirmation!

I am having trouble reconciling my rising sign traits with… well me! :laughing: I am most certainly not the fiery, my-way-or-the-highway, bossy, motivational speaker… so many of the core traits don’t fit that I’ve looked up my rising sign on three different website to confirm! :rofl:


@Artemisia Very often we do not see the traits of the rising sign in ourselves, but others see them. Or it may be a particular planet in Aries is causing issues. Saturn would certainly dampen these traits! There may be a tricky aspect too…something will be stopping them comong through fully.


@Artemisia Sorry, just to add…

Aries rising can also suggest motivation, determination and a drive to get things started. It also suggests real enthusiasm and Aries loves to support an underdog too. It is not just about hot headedness and bossiness - they are the more negative aspects.

A good way to test your rising sign is to ask other how they see you. Rising signs are often described as the mask we wear in public so it is easier for them to see that mask.


That’s wonderful - thank you for clarifying, and thank you again for the very helpful moon chart, Alan! :pray: :new_moon: :full_moon: :two_hearts:


@BryWisteria Next step is to introduce guides for planning your week or month using astrology. There is so much that could be covered…progressions, returns, synastry…im not experienced wirh all of these so a learning curve for me too…book number 2 :see_no_evil: :joy:


That sounds amazing! :star_struck:

And haha I know the feeling- although it seems like every area of magick has a lot to explore, astrology seems to be particularly vast :milky_way: :laughing: It’s both intimidating and exciting at the same time :grin:


Book 2 awwww yeah!!! :partying_face: :heart: :raised_hands: