Aries Season 2024 Forecast ♈

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Here is your forecast for Aries Season 2024.

On the 20th of March, the Sun enters Aries. This marks the beginning of a new astrological year as well as the Spring Equinox, signalling the beginning of Spring. what might this Aries season bring?

Aries is known for its pioneering spirit and its ability to initiate the process of bringing ideas to life. It brings passion, enthusiasm and determination to pursuits, as well as the skills required to lead and take risks. There is also a restless energy to this season and you may find that you start many things, but do not see them through. Aries also brings impulsive thinking and you should be careful not to be too hasty in your decision making. Finally, while Aries brings assertiveness, you must ensure that this does not descend into aggression or violence when things do not go your way.

Aries is ruled by Mars and therefore, the energies of the Red Planet may also be more prominent this season. It brings the physical energy and drive to get things done, the passion to pursue goals and the inner strength to stand up for yourself.

Mercury is already in Aries and will remain there for the season. This can bring direct and to the point communication. While it is good to be honest, be wary of a sharp tongue or lack of tact which gets your point across at the expense of others. Be especially wary of this during conversations or disputes with your siblings or neighbours. Be direct and honest and share your thoughts - just don’t lash out at them if they do not agree.

On March 25th, Full Moon occurs in Libra. This is generally called the Worm Moon. See the link below for a Worm Moon ritual:

On April 1st, Mercury will turn retrograde in Aries, remaining so for the rest of the season. Use this time for reviewing, redoing and reevaluating your goals and actions. There is no need to put your life on hold during the retrograde - just do not rush into making big decisions, double check communications, allow extra travel time and ensure that car maintenance is up to date.

On April 5th, Venus enters Aries, bringing eagerness and excitement to relationships. You may feel more impulsive with regards to matters of the heart and may even seek excitement and adventure in your relationships. You want new experiences in your love life. However, this transit can also bring some challenges. The assertiveness and individuality linked with Aries can sometimes lead to conflicts in relationships if not balanced with consideration for your partner’s feelings. Impulsive decision-making and a lack of patience can also create difficulties.

On April 6th, we see the peak of a sextile between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius. This brings further intensity and passion to partnerships. It can also create a fascination with the mysterious, the unconventional and the hidden aspects of life. If you are single, you may be attracted to people who possess depth, complexity, and a unique perspective in life. Relationships that involve shared interests in spirituality or social change may be appealing to you.

On April 8th, New Moon occurs in Aries. Use this time for setting new intentions. See the link below on how to set intentions using astrology:

Mars does not visit its home sign during Aries season. Instead, it spends the season in Pisces. This is a challenging placement for the planet of action and assertiveness against the sign of sensitivity and compassion. Energy levels may fluctuate and your motivation can be influenced by your emotions. This can put a dampener on the drive that Aries season brings (but only if you let it). Work with the energies of a Mars to get the most from the red planet. When you do have the motivation, this placement places emphasis on pursuing creative endeavours and connect with your spiritual side. There may be an imbalance of assertiveness and sensitivity. Do not become too passive to the point that you are taken advantage of. Similarly, do not react in away that means assertiveness becomes aggression.

On April 15th, the peak energy of a Conjunction between Retrograde Mercury and Venus will be felt. There may be more intense expression of your feelings, desires, and needs. This can lead to passionate and heated exchanges and a strong willingness to assert yourself in your relationships. However, you must be cautious in your communications and ensure that your partner does not misunderstand you or take things the wrong way. Use this time to reflect on your values, desires and what is truly important in your relationships and whether these are being met. If not, then carefully convey these to your partner. The effects of this aspect will be felt for three/four days.

On April 19th, the Sun moves from Aries, marking the end of the season. Next, comes the more grounded and steady paced Taurus Season.

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Mercury retrograde

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