Here comes Aries Season! ♈️🐏

Hello everyone

Aries season is upon us! After the dreaminess of Pisces season comes the high energy and drive of Aries. This is a time for trully driving towards goals and getting things done with confidence.

For those who follow astrology or perhaps just as something new to look at, I have added my “things to do during Aries season” cards that i made using Canva.

Have a go at some of them (or all) and see if they resonate. Let me know what you think as I have them for other signs too.

Blessed be



Ooo… I really like this! I think I can manage the first 4… but it’s actually finishing something I started & have made great progress & then my life was chaos & my practice in all of its forms came to a sort of standstill for the most part as I moved through it.

So, I can also start to find my flow through my days again & what’s going to work moving forward. Kind of feels right in line with the start of Spring & “Spring Cleaning” :hugs:

There were a few things that I still did when I could, but honestly the last 3 almost 4 weeks are sort of a blur in a way. :laughing:

I also just checked… from what I can see… the only place where Aries :aries: is in my chart, is my South Node due to my North Node being in Libra :libra:

However, I think these little tips will help me heading into the week with how to approach different things & possible starting points.

Thank you for sharing! :dizzy:


Im glad you like these and find them.somewhat useful. We will all experience some of this high energy and drive durong Aries season in some form and these will help to control it and make the best of it.

Blessed be


These are gorgeous, Alan! :heart_eyes: Not only the inspiring messages but the layout too- I love the design you made :sparkles:

I flew back to Europe over the weekend, so I guess I can check off “Time to Travel” :wink::+1: I really ought to do more exercise, so I’ll focus on “Time to Get Physical”. Wearing red should be easy too- that’s a great one! :heart:

Thank you so much for sharing these boosts of Aries inspiration- wishing you a blessed start to Aries Season! :aries: :two_hearts: :ram: :blush:


Thanks @Cosmic_Curiosity

These are great! As an Aries these really resonate with me. :grin:


Oh! I should be able to do this one too! :hugs: My husband is an Aries :aries: sun :sun: & my 2nd son is an Arles :aries: Rising :arrow_up:

I’ll have to see :eyes: what I have for red in my wardrobe… :thinking:


Ohh Aries season! I know this one well – my daughter’s birthday is coming up soon and she’s definitely full-on Aries :rofl:

Thank you for sharing these little graphics. They’re really helpful for someone like me that isn’t too knowledgeable about astrology! :clap: They’re very helpful!

You got me curious about where Aries is in my chart and the charts of my daughter and my fiance…

:aries: I have zero Aries in my chart :laughing:

:aries: My daughter has Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus in Aries…

:aries: My fiance has Mercury in Aries :sweat_smile:

So I don’t know what all of that means, but my kid sure does have lots of Aries energy in her chart!


First day of Aries here! Even before my birthday gloominess got lifted and I am for no reason hyped :partying_face: :partying_face:
Thanks for the cards, I think I have to follow all the advice given in the cards, especially wearing red, traveling and channel my anger :sweat_smile:

Apart from my sun I hane Venus in :aries: Ι hope my love area will get some action during the season :rofl: :rofl:


Lol @MeganB that is A LOT of Aries :aries: energy for her! I only have it in my South Node…

@stavroula this may help you too! :hugs:

  • Sun :sun:: represents the self, or way of being in the world :earth_americas:
  • Venus :astrology_venus:: is representative of like… beauty, romance, anesthetics :heart:
  • Mars :astrology_mars:: represents outward actions, animal passion… things like sexual drive, anger, aggression, how your personality will assert itself, activities that stimulate physical energies (Mars :astrology_mars: rules Aries :aries:)
  • Uranus :astrology_uranus:: it is like… a visionary, defying tradition & embracing change & originality, mental studies, & technology, ability to visualize new possibilities
  • Mercury :astrology_mercury:: represents the mind & intellect, all forms of communication, in flow & out flow with communication & intelligence, how your mental function will be expressed

Then those planets being in Aries which on the whole is… a lot of energy & excitable & well, can be stubborn… :laughing:

Aries :aries:: is a Cardinal (outgoing, & creative, self-starters), Masculine :male_sign: & Fire :fire: sign… honest & almost insist on their point of view, & freedom loving :heart:. Aries has a need for love & affection, but a strong will & can be… self-centered in pursuing it to where they try to dominate until they learn to be more subtle in getting their way & benefit greatly when using self-discipline to kind of channel all this abundance in energy :zap: in a more constructive way.

Enthusiastic, excitable, self-oriented, impatient, & usually very optimistic. :star_struck: Energetic, forceful, outgoing, good at getting things done… very good at starting things, headstrong, pioneering, sometimes unwilling to sit back & let things or events kind of mature on their own, can also rush into things before thinking about it or before thinking it through, a definite need to be physically active.


Hello yes, this describes my daughter exactly :laughing:


Lol… I am such an Aries!


Oh my! I’m sorry @Phoenix_Rose! Then yes, my last reply completely covers you too!

Now off to check my husband’s chart… he’s an Aries :aries: sun :sun:, but off hand I can’t remember if he has Aries anywhere else :thinking:


No need to apologize!!

I just read your description of an Aries and recognized myself.

I have an astrology chart with descriptions for me done years ago. I have Aries in Sun,Moon, Mercury, and 2nd cusp is Aries also.


Thank you so much…i tried to keep the design simple but alsowanted to make sure it was obviously aries inspired, hence the fire in the background as well as more obvious ram reference.

Time to get physicial is definitley my goal for this season too! I have slipped too far off my exercise path so now is the perfect time to get back on.

Im glad you found them useful. Hopefully they will inspire during this Aries season.

Im glad they are useful to you. I do love a bit of astrology. I have them for the other signs too so will share them at the appropriate times if that is OK with the site moderators?

I have venus in Aries in my chart meanining i can be prone to impulsive spending (yes!). I am sociable, confident and happy in my relationship but the trine venus makes with Uranus means that i need my own space too (very true!). I stand up for.myself too but the venus sextile with the moon calms the Aries energy and brings a softer, caring side who looks out for others.

Blessed be


That is absolutely okay! :heart: I love that you’re willing to share them with the rest of us here. Hooray for community! :partying_face:


I agree that it’s absolutely okay to share them! We all love to learn about different things & astrology :milky_way: is one of those subjects! :revolving_hearts:


Thanks for sharing this info!!! I have been saying I need a reset and I have felt great today. Better than I’ve felt to any start of the week in a very, very long time. I plan on being more adventurous and traveling to see new things and places. I really, really need to let go of some anger and have been journaling and working on ways to release it. I’m excited to work my energy into the Aries Season & see where it takes me!

Another thing I’m guilty of, is wearing a lot of black. BUT, RED is my color also! So, I’ll make sure that pops up in my wardrobe for a little while! :heart:

Blessed Be!


Aries season begins this week (March 21) - wishing every a happy, healthy, and energetic season of The Ram! :ram: :sparkles:


Its strange to see this again how they evolved into more intricate images as the year went on.


Out of curiosity (and ignorance) how long is Aries season or more accurately when does it end?