Vesta Powder (Ritual Powder)

How To Make Vesta Powder


Potassium nitrate is extremely flammable.

Potassium nitrate is toxic when handled wear gloves.


  • Dispels evil and negative vibrations (main use)
  • Strengthens/boosts spells
  • Speeds spells up
  • To invoke, honor or work with Vesta/Hestia
  • Stop gossip
  • Stops sexual tension
  • When used in a sachet it helps to present the illusion of the wear’s youthfulness, purity, and innocence.
  • Spiritual strength


  • Salt peter (potassium nitrate KNO3)
  • Cornmeal
  1. Combine 1 part potassium nitrate and 1 part cornmeal
  2. Mix until well blended

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Hello Carter,
My name is Jeannie in lab I always had to have a partner to buddy up with in class. where do you get the Potassium nitrate? Well just wondering where you get it cause I see you can use fertilizer or you can actually make it yourself.
How have you used Vesta Powder in Ritual?
How long does it burn for?
Thank you carter I have some really good recipes that might find interesting, I got this basic and magic chemistry manual its pretty cool! It has tannic acid, sodium carbonate, and cobalt chloride and Na.
Anyway is this going to be easy?
Thank you Carter this is interesting


Good morning. Great questions and I am loving this feedback. I will tell you all I know about it.

Potassium nitrate AKA saltpeter, the chemical formula is KNO3. It’s a white powder. It is a strong oxidizer that can be used to make gunpowder, fireworks, explosives, and fertilizers. and of course, it is used in witchcraft to make a ritual powder called Vesta powder. Vesta is a Roman goddess that is associated with the element of fire.

WARNING: Potassium Nitrate is highly flammable and is toxic to the skin.
So always wear gloves and a face mask when handling it. If you want to know more about the scientific side and safety hazards take a look at Potassium Nitrate SDS (safety data sheet). Link down below.

You can buy Potassium Nitrate online pretty much anywhere. Anyone can buy it, you do not need a license.

Here is one site I found

I typically use Vesta powder at the end of a fire ritual. I light a charcoal disk and place it in my cauldron. Then after the incense burns, I take a TINY pinch of Vesta powder and put it on the charcoal disk. You do not need much, a little goes a long way. It does not burn that long to burn when you put it on you will see an instant reaction of a flame that lasts about 3-4 seconds and a lot of smoke. This will add potency and make your spell work quicker.

The chemistry manual sounds cool, I would love to see some recipes.
Thanks - be safe!


On a side note: I suggest saving the SDS for Potassium Nitrate on hand. Just in case there is any kind of poisoning emergency because the SDS will give everything the ER doctor/poison control needs to assess and treat.


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Vestia/Hestia is a lovely Goddess to work with. A ritual powder in Her name will surely help to protect the hearth and the home (and all those within) :house:

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