(Visualization and spells) The more I learn, the more questions I have

I saw another post about the name for inability to visualize. And then I pick up my essential guide to wicca for beginners and lo and behold the chapter is about visualization. It says:
“The ability to create a realistic image in your mind and to retain that image while doing other things is imperative to properly set an intention and experience successful spell casting.”

I guess my question is how imperative is it really? I feel that of you believe it whole heartedly, that sets the intention. Thoughts please?
Thank you in advance :revolving_hearts:


I believe your intent and focus are what matters. If you can’t see it you could focus on the feeling or smell or touch. You could focus on a picture of what you want instead. Lots of ways around any issue. Just believe in yourself and you will get wherever you need to go.


Everybody is different! I learned that there are no two people alike, so what makes Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc any different?
If you believe that intention whole heartedly, then you already have that image.
The intention sets the setting or end goal of any spell, ritual, visualization, etc.
Personally, I go with my intuition and what feels right for me. Just like ingredients for a jar spell or any spell. If don’t have every single ingredient, that’s ok because you have that intention in place that holds it all together.
Hope you understand. I want to see what others saym


Not sure if I understood the question but I Honestly think Everyone has their own way of doing things - (there is no wrong way)
When it comes to intent and visualization For me,
personally, I feel like it is extremely important that I am clear on my intent with whatever I wish to achieve through my craft or want to manifest into my life. My reason is simply that I believe if I am not clear with my intention it leaves me open to some sort of negative or careless backfire. If my intention is not clear then the results I get maybe some sort of twisted version of relation.
*As far as visualization, I feel like this is a most important part of the process of manifesting something to develop into my life. I feel like if I don’t visualize myself already with what I want then it doesn’t materialize. I remember when I struggled to visualize at first and found that meditation works for me. Successful meditation takes time to achieve but I learned that the more I practice the better I get and the easier it is for me to visualize.
Not sure if this really helps but my intention is to share my wisdom.
-much love and many blessings


I think as long as you believe in yourself and your spellwork, it will work. Trying to visualize and walk at the same time is beyond me, that’s for sure! LOL!


Thank you everyone! I guess I just needed a little reassurance that intention is the most important part. And not everything I read is going to be…relevant (? Probably not the word I mean but can’t recall the one I need) :revolving_hearts:


This is a really good question and not something I see brought up. I know in your other post someone responded with “feeling” things instead of visualizing them. I would go with something like this, just adjust the phrase you’ve read, i.e. visualization, with what works for you. How you visualize if you have aphantasia is going to be different. That doesn’t mean that your visualization is going to be wrong, it just means you have to adapt to your personal situation.

If you need to visualize the spell working or the end goal, just go with what works for you. If your visualization adaptation means saying affirmations or drawing pictures of the end goal or even scripting, I feel like that would work just as well. I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:


Makes perfect sense! Thank you!


Oh Peaches, lovely girl. From the moment of birth, we are like a sponge, seeking knowledge. First mom and dad teach us, then grade, middle and high school. From there it’s trade school college, university or on the job training. But always our sponge seeks something. Here we welcome all that thirst and seek knowledge. If you find what you’re looking for, how fine for you, if not. Never stop seeking.


So true and one of the many keys to life itself I believe. I am very sure I’ll have more questions and I’m blessed to have everyone here with their wealth of knowledge
:pray: :revolving_hearts:


After 73 years, I’ve decided the key to life is to live it.
Live, laugh and love.