Vivid dream tea

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I am interested in your recipe, but with the use with caution warning, is this a tea you steep, or just wat it? I’m sorry, I don’t understand


@hattie08 mugwort is a very dangerous herb. It can cause hallucinations. Also prolonged use is not good.

As for steeping. Yes u steep it 10 min, as it is a tea. Or if u have a keurig k cup strainer then it steeps for u.

All of my recipes can have any sweetner, honey, and/or milk added and it wont diminish the potency. Also these herbs can be used twice.


thank you so much for your quick response. I’m enjoying the forem so much. i have to get my funds back in order then i’ll be back to to study


@hattie08 u are most welcome. I wish u all the best in your journey. If u need any further assistance please dont hesitate to reach out.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Is there a different herb I can use to substitute for peppermint? Seeing as I don’t have that right now. I’m trying to use what I do have. Thanks in advance! :green_heart:


Meaning I can make two servings? Just double checking.


The wonderful @Mistress_Of_Herbs will likely have some great spell-specific options for you, but if it’s okay for me to pop in on this, I know the Herbal Substitutions Guide offers spearmint as a general substitute for peppermint :herb:

Rosemary and lemongrass are also suggested as general substitutions for any missing herbal ingredients in spellwork, due to their magickal properties.

  • Rosemary and Lemongrass can replace any other herb in the spell.

From Spells8: Magical Substitutions

Blessed be! :green_heart:


Thank you! I forgot about the substitutions page. I thought about rosemary but I didn’t know lemon balm was an option too. Thanks @BryWisteria


Yes double serving. One tea ball will make 2 cups. After the 2nd cup then discard.


@BryWisteria awwwwww

@Assyla555 substitutions for peppermint

Spearmint, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon balm, marjoram, basil, cilantro, tarragon, and parsley


It’s my pleasure, @Assyla555! I hope you were able to find a good substitute ingredient for your tea. Happy crafting! :tea::sparkles::blush:


@Mistress_Of_Herbs @BryWisteria I did end up coming across some peppermint for a decent price. I made the vivid dream tea last night. However, I cut the recipe in half to make a smaller portion because I don’t have much mugwort and I was weary of using mugwort for the first time internally. I set an intention and meditated before I drank the tea. I only drank half and slowly. Unfortunately, I was unable to remember any dreams still. Maybe someday.


I certainly can’t blame you for being wary about consuming mugwort- it is one that is smart to be cautious of :+1:

Perhaps as an alternative to drinking it, you could make the tea the same way you did before and then just tuck the mugwort into a Dream Pouch under your pillow. That way the mugwort is there working its effect, just externally instead of internally :grinning:

I would urge you to keep trying with it! Dreams can be tricky, fickle things. I usually don’t remember my dreams in the morning because my mundane worries flood in and wash away any dreams long before I’m awake enough to remember them. But naps, on the other hand- I usually have very vivid dreams during an afternoon nap.

Keep experimenting with recipes, spellwork, and schedule- I’m sure you’ll find the right combo that works best for you, Assyla! :heart:

Wishing you all the best with it- sweet dreams! :blush:


What a get idea!

Yes, I’m definitely going to keep trying. I want to remember my dreams so bad. When I was pregnant I remembered them, but that was 3+ yrs ago. I wonder why I can’t seem to remember them anymore. I might look that up.

Thanks so much hun! :purple_heart:


That’s the spirit- you’ve got this, @Assyla555! :raised_hands: :heart: I’m sure that with some time and experimentation, you’ll find a method that helps you remember your dreams again. I’m wishing you all the best with it! :blush:

It’s my pleasure! Blessed be :hugs::sparkles: