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Hi everyone

I have probably what seems like a really silly question. My partner has putchased wall pictures for the living room. They are large A1 prints showing Zeus, Posiedon and Hades:

They are purely for decorative purposes and my parter has no affiliations with them i.e. doesnt work with them as they do not practice magick or Wicca like do. I work with the Osirian Triad in my pracitce (Osiris, Isis and Horus) and I am worried that this will offend them. Will they see rhese as an affront hanging on the wall near where my altar is located?

I’d be interested in your thoughts

Blessed be



I think (this is purely my opinion) that since you are not the one who purchased them for your home & because they are purely decorative in nature… the deities that you work with wouldn’t be offended in any way as you are not acknowledging them in your practice.

If you do have any doubts though, you could reach out to your deities respectfully & ask if you should move maybe your altar space or if they are fine with them there because they aren’t a part of your practice. So they really don’t interfere with you working with the Osirian Triad in your practice, daily or otherwise.

From an aesthetic point of view, I think they go well with your interior. Maybe your partner liked the images for that purpose & somehow they just clicked with them somehow for the room?


I don’t think it would be offensive, especially if they are purely decorative.

As @Susurrus said, the best way to see if it would be offensive to the deities you work with would be to ask them through divination or meditation. I hardly see it being an issue, though. I don’t think the Gods (most of them, anyway) are as petty as to let decorative prints be offensive.


These are tasteful prints. For decoration, they are well-used.
Unless you are offended or insulted, just let it go. The gesture was a nice one, just say, thanks honey to him and enjoy your new living room.


Hi @Cosmic_Curiosity,

I think you are very thoughtful for thinking it through and being so considerate of the wishes of the divine- while I can’t say for certain how They would feel about the decorative pictures, I am sure They are aware of your consideration and thoughtfulness! :heart:

These are just my thoughts, but since these decorative photos were chosen honestly (with no intent to insult the deities they depict nor any other deities), I’d think it would be fine. Your deities will recognize the boundary between the sacred space where you practice (your altar) and the living space where, well, life happens.

Seconding (thirding? :laughing:) what Siofra and Megan have suggested- when in doubt, you can always ask! Your current deities will let you know how they feel about it. You’ll have a better idea about how to proceed from there.

Whatever you choose to do, wishing you the best of luck! :grinning: :sparkles:


Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer and share your thoughts. I think it is a case of me overthinking things as usual :thinking::thought_balloon:

Blessed be



No worries, @Cosmic_Curiosity :blush:

They’re beautiful prints and I hope they look amazing in your home!


It’s no problem at all! Always happy to chime in in the hopes of helping- that’s what a coven is for, after all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you were able to work everything out okay- Blessed be @Cosmic_Curiosity! :sparkles:


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