Waning Moon! 🌘 Quick Incense Cleanse Ritual

Burning incense is one of the oldest ways to perform a spiritual cleanse. The smoke that arises when herbs are placed in a burner helps negative energies be removed just like it kills bacteria in the air.

In fact, many types of incense have antibacterial properties and can be used as a disinfectant to kill germs in the environment. For this reason, incense makes a great ingredient to represent the banishing and dissolving of stagnant energies and negativity from the home and body.

:herb: Easy way to Remove Negativity :herb:

1 . Hold an incense burner with one of the following herbs in your hands and spread the smoke around the room.
Some of the best herbs for ritual air cleansing are:

2 . Say the following affirmation with conviction:

“All negativity dissolves right now.”

3 . Visualize how every harmful agent is killed by the smoke. Open a door or window to let the smoke out.

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When do I carry out a Spiritual Cleanse?

One of the easiest ways to identify if you need a spiritual cleansing is by asking yourself if there is a blockage in any area of ​​your life. Usually, when a specific area of ​​your life is blocked, there is a spiritual problem there. Something that is not being released.

You may also need a spiritual cleansing ritual if you frequently surround yourself with toxic people. If you have experienced a serious discussion at work or had a dramatic exchange with another person, that energy is likely to remain in and around you. So it’s a good idea to cleanse it out.

Other reasons for doing a spiritual cleanse of any kind is if you’re feeling depressed or distressed for no apparent reason.

Does my Home need a Spiritual Cleanse?

It is always important to take care of ourselves and clean our regular living spaces, as they may be charged with negative energy.

How do you know if it’s necessary?

  • If you enter a room and suddenly feel very weak.

  • If you notice changes in your mood as soon as you enter the home or a specific area.

  • If electronic devices stop working or crash consistently.

  • If you feel someone else’s energy, smell, or memories come when in that room.

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