Wanting to work with Ra

So yesterday I went into an altered state of consciousness wishing to communicate with Ra, as I feel a connection to this divinity and wish to learn more about them.

I haven’t started my offerings yet or rituals, just did this on a whim during my reading.

Anyway, woke up this morning and checked my phone.
I know its an unlikely opportune coincidence, but hey, still unique and cool.

Now Ra is spamming me.



That had me giggling! Anyhoo, good luck working with Ra!


I don’t know much about Ra to be honest :thinking: I hope you have a good start to your relationship. Feel free to share any information you may come across, it’s always interesting to learn about different deities throughout the world :earth_americas:


Its interesting. I’ve searched my archive of emails including spam of more than 20,000+ emails and not once have I ever received one from anyone with that name. Although by the email address the spammers name is “rajmohit” the nickname he chose to show up as in “ra”.

For that chance to happen the day straight after wanting a sign tells me the universe works in fascinating ways hah.



It seems to me that you asked for a sign and you received one.

Coincidentally, today I was learning about Egyptian deities. One way to worship is by burning incense, especially myrrh. You can leave offerings of bread, flowers and fruit on an altar with his symbol (the falcon).

There’s an artist I like, Joseph Parker, who paints the sun and he has a painting called Portrait of Ra:


I think a suitable offering is channeling his power (light, warmth, energy) into a piece of work of your own, whatever it may be. :sun:


Others might read it differently, but I would definitely take that as a sign, @Temujin_Calidius! Guess it’s time for you to work with Ra :sun_with_face: :grin:

You may have already found it, but here’s a link to the Ra Devotional on Spells8 (in case anyone else is interested in working with Him as well):

Ra Devotional

Feel free to share your findings and experiences with Ra, Tem! I’m always interested in deity work and learning more about Them.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I love working with the Egyptian Pantheon!
I found a link on Ra’s correspondences.

I had a hard time reading it, so I decided to type it out for you:
Symbols: sun, scarab beetle, spheres and eggs
Tools: the wand, candle, sacred fires, incense
Magical Essence’s/herbs: sandalwood, myrhh and cinnamon
Direction: Ra is aligned with the East
He Rules: vitality, strength of mind and spirit, potency and immortality
Animal Symbols: (I couldn’t read the first animal lol), lion
Sacred Foods: Eggs, oranges, and red apples
Magical Stones: topaz and tigers eye


Thanks guys. Yeah I’ll surely post updates as I work with Ra in the future. I’m hoping to work with a few to learn about them and build a relationship.