We saw a pod of dolphins! 🐬 [new vlog on my channel]

Hey everyone! I just wanted to crosspost this before I go relax and forget (hopefully I feel better soon!)


We saw a pod of dolphins! || Weekend Vlog - Day in the Life [CC] - YouTube

We took a small trip one Saturday to go to Skyway Pier for a family fishing trip. I’m not a fishing person but I always come along. This time, we were graced with the presence of a pod of dolphins that played tug-of-war with the people fishing off the pier!

This is a realistic weekend in my life. Sprinkled between the trip, the gardening, the cooking, and the sunburn is a little bit of magic :sparkles:

If you like these types of videos let me know! I can always try and vlog more :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for sharing! Dolphins are one of my favorite water animals! So pretty!


Oh, that’s awesome! I remember visiting my brother & sister in law one year. She was adamant that we go kayaking. (I had never been, I tried my best though)

I very clearly remember the signs where we went saying to watch for Manatees & Dolphins! I was so excited & we did see a Manatee & I was in awe!

Dolphin pods are fun to watch also. We had a pod alongside the cruise ship :ship: we went on as a family for 8 nights & 7 days too!

Thank you for sharing your experience & bringing back some great memories! :heart_eyes:


That’s one thing I love about living here in Florida. The wildlife is just so abundant! I wish I had a go-pro on while I was swimming in the ocean that day I came literally face to face with a manatee :rofl: scared the crap out of me because the water wasn’t super clear and I didn’t know what I ran into lol both me and the manatee tucked tail and swam the other way!


“I don’t like the wind” - I said the same thing yesterday on our walk to the beach, it was so horribly windy! Blows right into your ears and chills you to the bone :confounded: Gorgeous shots though- of the water and the garden and everything! :heart:

The french onion casserole looks amazing, btw- you’re a champion for making such a gorgeous dish for everyone! PB&Js are good too and definitely good comfort food :yum::sandwich: :sparkles:

Sounds like you got a lot done- thanks for sharing some beautiful moments and lovely magick from your day! :grinning:


Yeah, I can handle a lot but the wind is just not one of them :laughing: I’m the only plant-based eater in my house so sometimes I go simple for my own food but everyone else has to eat :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for watching! I really enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my day and practice as a more realistic view into witchcraft and the fact that we’re all real people on YouTube :blush: I’d like to vlog more but I’m not sure if I will – I lost like 6 subscribers because of that video lol


I think this is a really important point of view and an essential thing to remember- there’s a screen between us, but we’re all people with our own lives and needs and happenings. The “down-to-Earth” content is something I personally would like more YouTubers to do!

It’s their loss for sure- you make great content, Megan! :heart::raised_hands:


I really appreciate that Bry, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s really important for me to remember. I just finished recording my December podcast and video and one of the things I’m working on doing next year is embracing myself and being more real and raw with myself and my audience. I even want to post some videos of me playing a game I enjoy :rofl: it has nothing to do with witchcraft or paganism but it’s me and I find it fun so who cares?! :woman_shrugging: (this is me trying to convince myself that it’s okay…lol)


As a viewer, I really appreciate this perspective :pray: Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but to me seeing the down-to-earth moments makes the content (be it witchcraft, games, writing- whatever the focus of someone’s channel might be) feel so much more real and tangible. It makes something that seems distant much more relatable- I honestly find it inspiring :sparkles:

You keep doing you, Megan- have fun with what you do, and keep on making it wonderfully your own! :heart::blush:


@MeganB omg family day trip soinds amazing. I cant even get my kids in one place for the holidays.

Such a blessing to see a pod of dolphins. May the Goddess bless u and your family my lovely.


That’s really good to know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope more people share your perspective, too. It’s hard not to get caught up in the analytics and statistics of videos and remember that the reason I started in the first place was to share my experiences but also to have fun while doing it!

Thank you so much :heart: I appreciate that! May the Gods bless you as well!


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