Weekly Challenge - Liminal Spaces

Liminal spaces weekly challenge

This has been a change right from the start for me. When I started to think :thinking: about this Challenge, Hekate came to mind. Also, Charmed had a episode about fairies and not to stand in doorways. I love a challenge so here it goes…

I needed to find out what to do first as I never heard of liminal spaces so I will start with a definition, so I thought. There are many different types of Liminal Spaces, according to Kitty at the, “OtherWordlyOracle” website. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Magical liminal Spaces are a type of spiritual liminal space that is unique to each practitioner as their ability to weave magick in multiple dimensions flows with more ease than other times. (OtherWordlyOracle.com)

Times of the day by the hour – 9AM, 5PM, 12 midnight
Times of the day by category – dawn, midday, dusk, night
Days of the week – Wednesday, Saturday
Months of the year – September, July, December
Seasons of the year – Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Cardinal directions you work in – South, West, North, East
Elements you work best with – Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Metal, Wood, etc.
Moon phases/Esbats – Full, New, Waning, Waxing, Dark
Astrological seasons – Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Taurus, etc.
Sabbats/Holy Days/Holidays – Mabon, Yule, Beltane, Midsommer (Otherworldly Oracle.com)

  1. Spiritual Liminal Spaces are:
    Spiritual liminal spaces, which can also be identified as experiential liminal spaces, are events or states of being in which we leave something behind but haven’t arrived at our destination when we part with them. Examples of spiritual liminal spaces can be: (OtherWordlyOracle.com)

relationship changes – marriage, separation, break-ups, divorce
job changes – promotion, demotion, quitting, getting fired, changing careers
changing residence – moving house, moving state, moving country
graduation – traditional school, trade school, alternative school
creative projects – the entire creative process until a product is produced
mid-life or identity crises – not having a definitive idea of who you are
dreaming – existing between the physical and in dream space
astral travel – existing between the physical and in the ethers
meditation and journey work – existing between the physical and other realms
dark nights of the soul – the culmination of a series of seemingly deconstructive events within your current life by the universe for the purposes of moving you to a new path
recovery from addiction – the space between addiction and sobriety which can last the rest of your life
life altering trauma – a car accident that leads to the loss of mobility
childbirth and pregnancy – being a vessel of life and experiencing pain that brings you to the brink of death
These are all events or states of mind where we leave one thing but aren’t necessarily into the next. (OtherWordlyOracle.com)

  1. Personal liminal spaces are personal characteristics which we embody that are in-between. Some examples of this would be: (OtherWordlyOracle.com)

Gender – hermaphroditic, trans, gender fluid
Sexuality – pan sexual, bi-sexual
Ethnicity – mixed ethnicity
Race – mixed race
Personality – chameleon who can blend in anywhere
Religion – Omnist, Gnostic
Neurologically – high functioning autism
Those who do not identify with the pre-defined categories society often fit in liminal spaces. Pansexuality, gender fluid, bisexual, mixed race, mixed culture, and high functioning autism are all personal liminal spaces we can occupy individually at any given time. (OtherWordlyOracle.com)

Witch’s work is done between worlds, for example, casting spells or divination. Hedge Witch’s only practice their magic in Liminal Spaces. So Witch’s or civilians all use Liminal Spaces. I must walk through these spaces a numerous amount of time a day.

Below is an example of Luminal Spaces I experienced but I didn’t know at the time that is what it was. I did not know how much time went by, why I was feeling when I was feeling and what exactly was happening or how it happened:

I have been living at my apartment complex for about 2 years. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was looking out my picture window. There was a building there where people were on top of it working. They were installing air conditioning units, satellite dishes… etc. I wanted to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing and it was not the sun reflecting in my eyes. I DO NOT have a building behind my complex… The first thing that came to mind was, I am looking at a different dimension. I can’t explain the weird, eerie, exciting feeling I had as I was looking out that window.

After researching and reading and reading others feedback, I have come to the conclusion, that Liminal Spaces is a way of life for all of us. I can remember this other dimension like it happened yesterday and that to me, is my personal experience in liminal spaces.


This is such a great point (and I love all the examples listed too!)- what one person experiences as liminal may feel completely normal to someone else. Liminal spaces can be very personal and special to the one experiencing them.

That sounds like a liminal experience to me! It’s tough to put into words- it’s such a mixed bag of emotions, thoughts, and feelings- but I think you did a good job of explaining it here :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing your findings about liminality and your own experience, @Medea- this was really interesting to read! :raised_hands: :heart:

Blessed be!


Thank you again! I’m glad that it is done! Now I can get back to spending my time with Spells 8. The Court’s over with so all is looking good. Talk to you soon.



It’s my pleasure, and congrats again on the successful court case, Medea! :raised_hands:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


I think you’ve got some great examples of liminal space here in your entry! I love it! :heart:

Experiencing that liminal space of another dimension or version of reality must have been an interesting experience :eyes: I don’t know what I would do if I came across that lol


Thank you Megan,

That was very eriee and weird, I’ll tell you that. On the next day same time, an article in the newspapers editorial blew my mind. I found it in the archives but I have to have a subscription to get it so as soon as I obtain it, I’ll post it… wait till you read that. that!

As always, thank you, have a wonderful, blessed and safe day,


Ohh fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that you find it! I can’t wait to see what it says.


I’m going to spend tomorrow at the library and I really hope that in the archives I can pull it up and print it out from there.


Thank you so much! I have one more court date and hopefully that will wrap everything up. This is really been one of the hardest journeys I’ve had to go on. I lost 58 years of my life; my kids baby feet pictures, my bachelor’s degree certificate, my clothes…etc. Just everything except for the clothes on my back and my purse.

At least I found this home so I can focus on more positive things and not dwell on what has happened if I were to stay there I would probably end up in prison for life no BS… Anyways

Thank you


It sounds like you have overcome a lot of hardship and darkness- I’m sorry for what you went through, and I am glad that things are moving forward well in court! May more positivity and light continue to shine your way, Medea :heart::candle:

Lots of love and many blessings to you! :sparkles:


Thank you Bry!

Yes, I believe it will be and I have a really good strong positive outlook in life now and Spells 8 all involved has contributed to that.

Blessed Be


I’m so glad you’ve found your bright positivity, and that is a real honor if Spells8 helped you get there! :heart::infinite_roots:

May your road continue to be ever brighter and bring you more happiness- many blessings! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Bry i know im late with my entry, as yall know i have alot going on. But i did take everyones, @MeganB @Ostara @Amaris_Bane @jan_TheGreenWitch and @Susurrus, advice. I went outside at midnight and talked to my Goddess and my fae that are on my land. I know this isnt as detailed or extravagant as some, but it was very meaningful, peaceful, and calming to me. And with all that i have going on i needed it. So everyone thank u again for your aid.


No worries, Christeena! I so know you’ve got a lot happening at the moment- I hope everything is okay and that you’re doing well! :heart:

That sounds like a lovely way to reach across barriers and connect with beings in other realms- especially at midnight, that’s a great liminal time! I’m glad you enjoyed the experience and that it brought you peace :blush:

Although the Liminal Challenge has closed, I really enjoyed hearing about your liminal work- thank you so much for taking the time to share it! :pray: I hope the peace and calm of that moment stays with you as you continue to move forward. Many blessings and much love to you! :sparkling_heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry i knew the challenge was closed but i felt compelled to tell u about my experience anyways. And to thank all of those who helped me.


It is always a delight to hear about your spell and ritual work, @Mistress_Of_Herbs, thank you again for sharing it! :heart::blush::sparkles:

Blessed be!