Weekly passage into the New year

I think I expired :unamused: but I wanted to add to the challenge post and I’m just trying to do better. As we all are on the second day of a new year with our motivation running wild.

I posted earlier about a cleansing shower. Which turns out to be amazing.

I just got done with Fire Flower Love Spell

I have struggled for years with trust, patience and the desire to be loved. Everyone one deserves this, not only towards other (which tends to be much easier) but also to ourselves. I also used three tiny jasmine flowers with a jasmine incense. As the candle was burning everything down I put on some heart chakra meditation music and tried my hardest to meditate. Afterwards, I blew the candle out (ADD kicked on and I had to go do something else :see_no_evil:) and I randomly decided to add a small piece of amethyst to the melted candle holding my burnt paper and flowers. The spell say to bury in a pot, but I can’t bury a tea cup candle, can I?
So I’m not sure what to do with it now, but I look at it and smile :smiley:


Greetings @NoName! :blush:

No worries at all- the challenge is still live and running, so thank you so much for sharing your entry! I apologize again for any technical issues with posting in the challenge thread, we are working to examine and fix it! :pray:

This is a really beautiful entry to the current New Year’s Challenge- thank you so much for taking the time to share your lovely spellwork, inspirational message, and a smile :blush: I hope that every time you look at the candle it sparks another bit of happiness in your heart :heart:

I love how you added additional ingredients that called to you while you were casting- sometimes those little touches are exactly what we need for the spell to come to life in the way that works best for us :+1:

Great job- wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed new year! :fireworks: :two_hearts:


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