WEEKLY TOPIC: What's holding you back?

What’s holding you back in general or in your practice? No motivation, fear, no time, anxiety?

How do you motivate and encourage yourself when you’re struggling?

Of couse I need to think about this!


Just normal busy day life


Some days work better than others, like anybody else, but keeping motivated is my biggest struggle lately. I have lists, motivational posters and sayings all over, and made simple attainable goals… but somehow I just have the problem of actually initiating the process!! LOL Patience is also something I’ve been struggling with , like forever. :roll_eyes: I guess it just depends on which way the ball is rolling that day. One big thing that has helped me when I get that “defeated” behavior is remembering that “small steps are still steps” and then I don’t feel as “lazy” for not doing everything on the list.

Sun shining, compared to the dreary winter, definitely boosts the mood too!! :sunglasses:


Fear! I know which direction Loki wants to take me, but my own fear holds me back. Working on it :rofl: before he drags me down that path anyway


I think the main thing holding me back is lack of time. I really get super worked up during my off days because I have to make sure the chores are done and animals are tended to. But I do try to make time every day to get some meditation in and a daily lunar spell.

I stay motivated by doing a little bit of coursework in my free time too! I love learning and am currently almost done with the Green Witch course. Once I’m a familiar with the herbs, I intend on starting some spells or preparing satchels to help my energy during the week.


My motivation has a life of its own… when it’s aligned with my practice I’m a force of nature. When it’s not… then we do something else, or just stay still and sink into apathy for a while until getting excited about something again. Sometimes I can tempt it with something, but it’s not something I can count on.


Most of the time it’s illness for me. I know when I have one of my migraines or sinus infections it is not good to be doing magick. My head is just not in the right space at that time.


Ok, I was going to wait until I have “more time” and respond tomorrow morning but let’s be real, I’ll find something that distracts me or I’ll forget and realize days later that I never made time.

That’s how a lot of my practice is as well. I have too many ideas, can’t decide what or when to start, distract myself with shiny things (or food), or convince myself that I can’t do XYZ anyway.

I’m trying to let that happen less. Since I only have so much time but more importantly only so much energy, I make small changes and stick with them. This year my “big” change is in addition to weekly challenges, I do the tea ritual and full/new moon spells. I will add a ritual if there’s a special day, a huge personal need, or sudden inspiration.

I’m also meditating and doing yoga daily. While neither are particularly witchy or practice-related, they have helped me feel more connected, grounded, and balanced, which carries over into my magick.

There. I did it! I answered while I was thinking about it and didn’t procrastinate. :silver_heart:


I’m actually doing a multi-day spell on this right now. Focused on “Letting Go” from Llewellyn’s Little Book Of Witchcraft. I’m struggling in particular with lots of tasks and items piling up on my to-dos for work, my side jobs, and my volunteer positions. It’s coming up on my very busy season and the plates which I’ve successfully been able to all keep spinning are starting to wobble as more are added. I’ve decided to immediately take a step to “say no” to anything else for the next month or so. Because I just don’t have the bandwith. Then I think doing this spell will help reduce some of the stress I feel and help move me from my usual position of feeling overwhelmed to ignoring tasks and making them worse, and getting depressed. Into a better position of acknowledging the stress and taking on small tasks as I can and working little by little to do what I can and asking for help from co-workers and friends when appropriate.


Mostly just time. It’s a finite resource, and I have to spend it wisely. :clock10:

I guess rather than “holding me back,” it just means that I can’t do everything all at once. But that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes, things need to rest for a while. I can’t always be going at 100%. I need those slow moments and breaks in between to really soak in the benefits of the work I’ve done. :smiling_face:

So even if I intend to do something and put it off for a while, it doesn’t really bother me. There’s so much of life in between, anyway. I can observe and be part of that life and during this time, I can figure out what needs to be done next in my practice, too. After all, how else will I know what my life needs if all I’m doing is patching things everywhere without taking a step back to look at the big picture? :smile:

Sow, reap, celebrate, rest. :black_heart:

However… If I ever need to motivate myself, it can be tricky because it really depends on the reason why I need motivation. :thinking:

If I need to motivate myself to work on my practice instead of doing something else, it helps to remind myself of the value of self-care, how fulfilling keeping up with my practice can be, and how I can help others by doing so. :black_heart:

If I need to motivate myself because I’m having a crappy day, I might try to turn any defeatism around on itself. Why bother doing anything? What’s the point? Well, if it’s all equally crap, I might as well work on my practice. :sweat_smile:

If there’s fear or anxiety… I’m not sure. Anxiety was a big part of the rest of my life. But I don’t think I’ve encountered that yet in my practice. But you’re talking to the girl who dives into things before it’s recommended to do so almost every time. I started with a search for Lilith and then, three months in, I was consorting with demons! Now the only thing I have to worry about is not seeming too crazy. :laughing:


I’m just so tired.
That, and I think I’m afraid - I’m afraid of failure, and I’m afraid of success.

I’m afraid that if I fail, my life will continue on as it has for years, or even get worse.
I’m afraid that if I succeed, I won’t know how to deal with the change.

Then because of the conflict within myself, my subconscious shuts me down and says, “Avoid it, go to sleep,” so that is why I’m so exhausted all the time.


So true for many of us! I feel like you’re doing a great job practicing! :clap: :blush:

I’m exactly the same, but it’s not keeping me motivated either! I’m going to take some time to think about why I want to practice and prioritize what’s most important to me, but starting with just a few simple things!

I think a lot of us have that negative self talk and we do end up feeling defeated. Remembering to give ourselves credit is sooo important! :blush::purple_heart:

I think that happens a lot. Making a list of our priorities is helpful! :hugs:

Give yourself credit for what you are doing! That’s a big part of self-love and self-care :blush::people_hugging:

It is often difficult to manage our own energies and motivation. Sometimes we need to take a step back for rest and reflection. I too feel apathetic at times in both my mundane and magickal life.:purple_heart::people_hugging:

I understand completely! Sometimes I plan for a ritual and then I feel sick. I drink these 2 teas for immunity. I wait til I’m not feeling well to drink it which defeats the purpose of building your immunity! :laughing::crazy_face:

Yes! I get excited and anxious and overwhelmed!

I certainly think meditation is important to your practice! Yoga is an added bonus! :blush::purple_heart:

Thank you all for sharing! I’ve definitely found some good tips!

I will respond to everyone elses posts soon! This post alone has drained some of my energy! :blush::purple_heart:


Thank you I might have another student soon to. @Sivonnah love ya :kissing_heart:


That’s awesome! :blush:


Oh boy! That’s a lot to juggle! My husband has used that analogy too except the plates are overflowing with food! :grin:

That’s excellent! Set those limits and boundaries and prioritize what’s left! That is excellent self-care :people_hugging::purple_heart:

That’s a great game plan! :clap: I love the Llewellyn’s little books! :books: I have a few and more on my wish list! :blush::purple_heart:

That is a great act of self-care! Sometimes we don’t realize what we do is actually self-care and that is so important to our magickal and mundane lives! :purple_heart::blush:
I wanted to quote another part but my fingers aren’t cooperating! Putting some tasks off and not feeling bad about is hard to do! I use my Google calendar on my phone religiously! I have my appointments and tasks and the Spells8 calendar on there too. You can color code things too. I can spread my tasks out over the week. I prioritize. You can put recurring events in there too! And once you complete a task you can check it off. That way I know when I’m short on time or energy I can reschedule tasks and not feel bad. AND I can access it on any device with internet! (Sorry that was a little long) :laughing::crazy_face:

Oh boy! Me too! Then there’s sooo many things I want to do and I get overwhelmed and don’t do anything! :laughing:

I think afraid of failing too! Then I think there’s really no wrong way to practice!

That is tough! Remember to give yourself credit for all that you do! :people_hugging::purple_heart::blush:

I see so problems I need to improve on! Yikes! :thinking::grimacing: But there a lot of helpful tips! :blush::purple_heart:

I appreciate you all participating in my weekly topic! :blush::hugs: I hope you’re enjoying them too! :grin: Don’t forget to message me if you have any ideas! :bulb:I probably have a list of 2 years of topics! :crazy_face::laughing: I love you all! :purple_heart::people_hugging::hugs:


It really is. But it sounds like you’re mastering it! It’s worth being proud of yourself, because you were able to make a clear assessment of what could and could not be achieved in the desired/most useful manner, and made the difficult decision to make a change. That’s some proper managerial skill! :black_heart:

This kind of makes me want to try creating some little pieces of wood with areas of practice on them and drawing one each day to see what that day’s focus is. :thinking:


That’s a great idea! I may try something like that with books! I never know what to read so I end up not reading anything!

I have made a list of my priorities. 3 in the am and 3 in the pm then build upon that! I mentioned that I need to reflect on why I want to do this and rediscover my motivation! This thread has given me some great tips and reminders!


I missed this when you posted it, but I have been thinking about doing something similar. I have creative energy and many projects started, bookmarked, saved that’s it’s overwhelming. I was just thinking I need to put them all in a “Pot” and pick one a month as my focus!


Trigger warning

I’ve been fighting for my life, here. Problem is I don’t always know my foe.

Sometimes it seems as though the counter energies are less. I feel like I’m making a bit of headway. But when that break is done, the confidence I once discovered goes with it.

In my youth, I recognized that seeing too much around me would scatter my energy, so I learned to pack things away. I’d allow myself only one project out at a time to create a center of focus. As I finished something, I’d feel empowered to move on to the next. None of this seems to be working as well anymore. Life encroaches to pile on more than I can wrap my mind around.

I’ve tried empowering, protection spells, cleansing rituals, escapism through either entertainment or sleep, increased calorie intake, changing my diet for the avoidance of allergies, and fighting for my right of dignity. Get one thing done, think I’m making a dent in the mess, feel good a few moments, and five more things pop up.

When I fight for my life, I become a monster. It doesn’t help. I’m backed in a corner like a wild animal, and I’m glad none of my coven is here to see it full force. I’m embarrassed by my uncontrollable acts and terrified that it won’t ever get better, no matter what I try.

Then I remember Mom saying that if it were Meant to happen, it would be easy. She didn’t mean I would be handed things on a silver platter, just that the work would flow smoothly. Such is something she called “good tired.”

Now, I’m attempting to find that flow within myself and get rid of everything else. Release everything, including my life? Yeah, easier said than done. The stories of how the Creator takes care of even the simplest things don’t make sense at this point.

When I have tried everything I know to do, and nothing else works, i do what I did in front of the clothes drier at the age of 7. My heart’s arms wrap around myself and fall to dust. The fire within cools to a hissing ember in the freezing cold. I reluctantly learn hate all over again and become unresponsive to any external stimuli. It’s not good, but at least some part of me survives to try again, later.


@georgia I don’t quite know what to say, only that from all you’ve written that I’ve read, you’re a beautiful soul, with a big heart, and it saddens me that you’ve been through so much. I love you and send love over to where you are :sparkling_heart: