Weekly Witch Challenge -Shadow Work

Greetings All - I have not figured out how to link this to the weekly challenge so if anyone can assist I would appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have probably been doing Shadow work for a long time without realizing it. For this challenge I will tell of one story that I think applies to this challenge. I thank everyone in advance for reading.

I have a photo from when I am three years old and I have always been mesmerized by the look on my face. It is a picture of my mom, older brothers and sister, and my youngest brother probably coming home from hospital. I am the one in the back by the fireplace.

I have studied it for a number of years and had it as the Lock Screen on my phone for I don’t know how long.

I could never quite think of why I would be so serious and deep in thought. Until the other night. It was then that after doing meditation I was looking at the photo and I realized it was at that moment I was no longer the baby of the family. My role as youngest child was over, I was now put into spot number 4, probably the worst spot to be in when it comes to child ranking. But my younger brother was my best friend and we remained that way until he passed away. We were close except for when my dad decided to move and take my brother with him. But even that did not break our friendship and I spent my junior year of high school in Oregon just to make sure he would be okay.

When you are doing shadow work you do have to be careful about what doors you open, as some faded memories are meant to remain faded. But if this ever becomes the case and you open a door you shouldn’t have, keep in mind the following and you’ll be fine. Don’t make choices out of fear. Whatever has been, has already been. Do not spend your days dwelling on or living in the past. Stay grounded and believe in yourself. Like energies attract like energies. Keep your energy level strong and trust in what you can do.
Thank you for reading.

Blessed be.


This was Beautifully written :cupid: it takes me back too’ I was the middle child of a Military Family. My older sister was born in Alaska (Amazing) and my younger sister in Frankfurt , and me Oklahoma. So you know not so exciting there’ lol.
We all have a path and some may get lost but they always come together if we all just keep walking. Also wonder and stay true ‘ Much Love :cupid:


Your tips were really helpful @Saulamay, moving forward despite fears. I think this type of introspective work is very rewarding and useful for shedding light and dissecting some demons.

It can be exhausting too. I’m proud of you! Thanks for sharing :+1:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: this was beautiful :heartpulse:


@steph, military “brat” here as well. Only made it out of the states once to live in Okinawa but was too young to remember any of it, which is sad. The rest of the bases were all in the states.
@Francisco thank you, and I agree. It is what makes us who we are and sometimes it helps us face and conquer that which holds us back.


Beautifully written @Saulamay! My condolences on your brother’s death. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing. Sorry about your brother!!!


Thank you for sharing @Saulamay


I think you summed up the core of Shadow Work really beautifully, Saulamay :pray: I am glad you were finally able to shed light on the meaning of that picture- it sounds like it had been haunting you for a long time.

Congrats to your on your successful Shadow Work, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice! This was a wonderful entry to the weekly challenge- thanks for joining in :raised_hands: :heart: