:raven: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch's Companions

I wasn’t sure how to approach this challenge, so I’m going to wing it like @Susurrus and go for a quiz. Before I take the quiz, I just want to go on record and say that I feel like my familiar or animal spirit would most likely be a snake or a horse. Or even a wolf… :thinking:

I’m very connected to snakes :snake: I mean… I have six ball pythons and they’re all my babies – even the snappy one named Firefly :fire: :laughing: they’ve always been a source of inspiration for me in one way or another. They go through transformation regularly. They are a source of fear for people. They are connected with the spiritual world, though I didn’t know that early on. They’re a source of growth and inspiration!

Okay, enough rambles. I’m gonna take the quiz now…

Okay, not what I was expecting at all :turtle: :laughing: I have to say that I don’t resonate with the message of the turtle at all – now I’m gonna find something else to take and see if I get different answers. I mean, I know these are all fun and games, but I’d like to at least resonate with one of the answers I get!

This quiz is from BuzzFeed and I got the Raven :raven:

I resonate more with this message. I like to learn a lot of different things, but I also don’t like to butt into situations that don’t involve me unless I have to. Hmm… I’m gonna have to think about this one a bit more.

Then I took another quiz and got the bat :bat: as my animal spirit!

Again, I really resonate with the message in this one, too. Maybe my animal spirits are more flying creatures rather than slithery ones!

Okay, one last quiz because I can’t help myself :rofl:

I don’t even know what to say to this one… :goat: :rofl:

Okay, that’s enough for now.

I honestly don’t have a familiar or spiritual companion - not yet, at least! One day I might, but that hasn’t seemed to be necessary yet.


These are my dogs and best friends Cleo and Bella. Cleo is the Australian shepherd and Bella is the pit bull. Bella isn’t too interested in the craft but Cleo is especially my bone magick can’t seem to stay away from my bone magick!:paw_prints::sparkles:




Magic came to me through my best friend. She said her sister-in-law had a black kitten but she was about to just put him outside because she found one she liked better and would I take him.

Of course I will. I couldn’t let that happen. I had about ten kitties at the time and I was trying to not take any more. Older males are a nightmare to re-home but a cute little kitten would be easy. Get him altered and vaccinated, let him get used to being loved and find him a good home. Easy.

First problem, she held him out the car window and he was anything but little. She said that he was some kind of special breed that is big and that both parents were very big and both over 20 pounds. Okay not what I expected but I’ll figure it out.

I’ve since confirmed the story but she has a few disabilities and I thought maybe she was confused. A friend of her parents breeds Bombays and he had a runt with a few imperfections and thought a kitten would be just what she needed.

Second problem, as soon as I held him I knew he was mine. He came with the name Midnight and I don’t rename cats but I kept accidently calling him Magic and he didn’t seem to mind so I went with it

Third problem, he was high need from the start. Pregnant, 5 kids, a bunch of cats and an abusive husband I was trying to keep under control and it took 2 days to notice that the kitten refused to eat. He got excited when I opened the cabinet and super excited when I opened the refrigerator.

I had my friend find out what kind of food and what was up with the refrigerator thing. The food was a different flavor of what I was trying to get him to eat and the refrigerator thing was because she would share cookies and milk with him. He absolutely refused to eat so I got him his own food. Sorry kitty, no more milk and cookies.

He was glued to me from the start. I would pick him up and he’d snuggle up on my shoulder and rest his butt on my arm. He thinks he still fits and it’s still one of his favorite places to be.

Fast forward a bit, my entire world was gone inside of a week and Magic never left my side. I remember standing in the middle of the street and all I had was the clothes on my back, no shoes on my feet and Magic. He stayed with me everywhere I went and wouldn’t let anyone near me.

I saw a sign that fits perfectly - In my darkest hour I reached for a hand and found a paw

Everyone thinks I’m joking or crazy when I say that he thinks he’s my Alpha until they see him. He sits in the doorway guarding me when I’m in the kitchen and is with me everywhere else. My husband recently said “The only one more protective of you than him is me. Magic MOVE”

Guarding against anything that might come through the bedroom door

He requires lots of attention. LOTS of attention.

When I describe the process of him letting anyone else pet him, I feel like I’m talking about the Hippogriff in Harry Potter.

He requires a lot of attention.

He gets bored easily. He needs something challenging, and his little fuzzy mice. He likes the tan one in the middle of the small package best. He won’t touch the ones from the big package. I keep several packages because he stashes them near his favorite places. I left my night table drawer open one night and he apparently put his mouse in the drawer because he reached in to grab it before we left the bedroom. He also likes to bat things that roll back and forth, particularly little toy cars.

He requires lots of attention.

He talks a lot and has three main sounds, one I would describe as chirping, one sounds like a dove purring and the other one I guess I would call a click. He puts them together in different order depending on what he wants and they are often accompanied by a leap turn combo.

His left ear is crumpled from a recent medical issue but he’s happy and healthy and I think he’s cute with his little crumply ear

He has the beginning stages of Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome and Cardiomyopathy. He is on a strict diet of very expensive food. He is an overeater and he will swear that he is starving.

He is a high maintenance kitty

He needs to drink water a few minutes before you give him his food or it will come back up.

He is a high maintenance kitty

His water dish needs to be cleaned every day, changed first thing in the morning, midday and at night and if even one speck of anything is in his dish it will need to be rinsed and refilled. He’ll watch to make sure you’re doing it right.

He’s a high maintenance kitty.

If he’s hungry he pushes his food dish in the middle of the floor, if he is displeased with his water he tips it over, if he wants to play he pushes his toy box to they middle of the floor

He is a high maintenance kitty

It’s mostly a Bombay thing but his nose is also a medical thing.

DAILY: Wipe his eyes, ears and nose with slightly warm, damp cotton balls.

TWICE WEEKLY: Flush his ears with his ear solution.

WEEKLY: Massage the pads of his feet with a warm,slightly damp cotton ball. He LOVES having his front feet done, his back feet not so much

He is a high maintenance kitty

Magic is a true Witch’s companion. He comes to me when I’m upset, he is where I keep my calm. The first few days after my concussion my husband had to pick him up from the bed and shut him out of the bedroom so he would eat and use the litter box.

Overview of Bombays
In the late 1950s a woman from Kentucky set out to create a breed of cat that would basically be a house sized big cat.

In her attempt to create a mini black panther, she bred Sable Burmese with British Shorthair and American Shorthair. By the mid 1960s she had succeeded and the Bombay was recognized by The Cat Fancier’s Association in 1970

Her inspiration was a Melanistic Indian Leopard, an all black Indian Leopard also known as a Black Panther. They are also referred to as “The Ghost of the Forest” as they are one of the rarest Big Cats to see in the wild. Photographing one in the wild is every wildlife photographer’s dream.

Characterizations of Bombays
Bombays are all black. Their nose, nails and pads of their feet. They have a shiny black coat, round copper eyes. Everything on a Bombay is round, the tip of their tail and ears, and their muzzle and paws. They have an extra toe that is positioned like a thumb making their front paws look like hands.

Their big swipe, stealth and speed despite their size make them excellent hunters even though they prefer to be inside. And I do mean excellent hunters, imagine a house cat taking down a rabbit.

Bombays are very affectionate and are often referred to as Velcro kitties. They’re playful, cuddly, smart, bossy and needy. When they want something they will tell you. They make a variety of sounds, none of which are the sound of a normal cat.

One of the coolest things about Bombays is that they have many Black Panther traits. The bridge of their nose, the sway in their walk, the body to tail proportion and the long question mark tail.


@MeganB wow alot of animals want to work with you. :joy: Maybe stick with the snakes, they’re very soft to hold, I held one in a park and it was cuddly. :sparkling_heart:
@crystal59 Cute dogs. I love them. So pretty.
@Nixi What a gorgeous cat. Such beautiful eyes. She’s definitely your soul mate. You’ve been through so much. Sorry. Thankyou for sharing your story my lovely. :hugs::sparkling_heart:


challenge entry
I finally decided what to do that could fit inyo my current situation and help but also fit the challenge of the theme. I dont have a specific phoenix spirit guide i know of but i do draw alot off the phoenix energy and cycle in my life especially now as i felt an end coming but then now a new beggining starting. So for this challenge i am focysing on the image and animal of the phoenix and imagining one inside me burning away with passion to rebuild this life esp during tge time of a waxing moon i noticed. I didnt realise significance till just now. But thoigh it seems like a small thing, its actually a lot of little things im working on to reclaim my life and health and rebuild tgat will turn into something bigger. So while maybe i dont have a phoenix pet or spirit guide persa that ive identified as connected to me or me to them, i do feel the energy of the phoenix and maybe thats why i connect so much to that animal. No matter how nany times my life seems to go down in flames i have always risen from the ashes and rebuilt my life. And right now i am in a rebyulding stage and i can feel that flame of the phoenix inside me building and that to me is cool.
I found the phoenix oracle card from the spirit animal oracle deck on my phone to share just to share a picture as well

It may not be a companion as in physical pet or spirit guide persa but more the spirit of the animal that i feel is always with me if that makes sense


Really wonderful. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you @tracyS for everything you said :heart: I could feel your words, if that makes sense :heart: :sparkles:

Trigger Warning - Reference to domestic violence

It’s hard but I know that I’m one of the lucky ones, we got out alive. My little ones are safe and happy and I have a good life and I’m safe for the the first time.


Thank you @tracyS :grin::heartpulse::paw_prints:


Oh sweety, so sorry. Just horrid. You deserve all the happiness the Universe can send. So glad you safe, blessed be. Much love :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I think I just might :laughing: so much easier, too!


Nixi, what a beautiful story and beautiful companion. Thank you for sharing. :people_hugging:


Awesome pictures… I love the pose and the side look :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I’m very happy with it! I can’t take credit for the vial and the pawprints. The emergency clinic that we went to on our vacation did the noseprint, got paw prints and clipped the hair, and put it in a vial for us. It was extremely thoughtful of them. All I added to the vial was the cat in the moon charm and hung it on a chain.


Challenge Entry

I do not have any familiars that I know of. I have signed no contracts to any spirits that I know of. I would consider them carefully if approached. I feel some energies should be approached with much care and more knowledge than I currently have. :purple_heart:.

Like most of you, I have and have had many pets/friends on both sides of the veil. Some have caused great pain/sorrow and greater Love. Too many to post pics of, but…

My 12 year old Americana Blue She will hopefully be the grandmother to my new batch of chicks

Our Pomie Moose I Loved this boy and pray he is happy the other side of the veil

And Romieo whom I shared many years with and grieve for still after many years. My chest still gets tight whenever I think of him or see his pictures.

I have many birds, fish, cats, Dogs and chickens I consider friends and Love


Oh these are beautiful, our beloved friends who remain in our hearts long after they’ve moved on. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much. Being here is helping me heal :heart:



I am going to share with you my beloved little kitty Luna and explain her importance in my life.

I have always been a dog person. NEVER a cat person. In fact i could honestly say i really disliked cats and was actually a bit scared of them. However, they seem to like me, always coming over to me for a clap, rubbing on my leg and Purring (which freaked me out).

Funny story that my friend had a Cat called Poppy and one called Mia. Mia became pregnant to my friend suprise because she was a house cat. Turned out Poppy was a male :rofl: and together they had 4 kittens.

I was visiting one day and saw the kittens. They were “cute” but me being a non cat lover didn’t show the same affection or excitement that others did. Then i saw the smallest one. Probably the runt. She hobbled across the floor to me and I fell in love. A little ball of silver fur with sparkiling eyes. I just knew then that I had to take her and when the time came, thats what I did. I called her Luna.

This was for two reasons: her silvery colour was like that of the moon in the sky and I had recently just begun working with the moon at the time. Also, i had just started learning Spanish and its the Spanish word for moon🤣.

Luna is now 4, gets on with my English Bulldogs, Vera and Ralph, and even had her own litter. Only 2 kittens that I named Jupiter and Nova. Unfortunately Jupiter passed away after a week of bottle feeding but Nova went from strength to strength. I couldnt bear to give her away on so kept her! Now I have gone full circle and just love cats.

Luna is my companion though. She knows when I need her and comforts me with her gently pawing and purring. She comes in to my bedroom during night and cuddles in by my side. She sits with me in front of my altar and even circles around my spell work as i am.carrying them out. She also sits on my table as i write in my book of shadows. During the day, she sits upon my altar and stands guard. This is particualrly interesting considering my altar contains Egyptian deities and artefacts…they were known to revere cats. Perhaps she feels or sees something around the altar that pleases her.

Anyway, I realise i have written a novel here but wanted to show how that little ball of silver changed my whole perception of cats and how now, i really couldnt be without her.

Blessed be



Thank you, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. One of my best creations to date :cat2: :heart: :paw_prints:


I am adoring everyone’s entries this week- there’s definitely a range of emotions, but every entry I’m seeing is heartfelt and expressive in its own way. I can tell there are some very beloved creatures, critters and guides in the hearts of the coven! :heart:

It’s my pleasure, Medea- blessed be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are so kind, Shadeweaver- this brought a big smile to my face! :blush::heart:

Thank you so much, and I’m looking forward to the same! May it be a long and happy road of learning ahead for all of us here in the coven together. So mote it be! :grinning:

Many blessings! :sparkles:

You are very sweet, Phoenix! :hugs: It’s always such a pleasure to be here with all of you wonderful people- I learn so much every day, and I’m happy if I’m able to reflect back a bit of wisdom to share with everyone :pray: :two_hearts:

Thank you for your very kind words- blessed be! :heartpulse:


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

Tuesday, May 30 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

I feel my heartstrings getting pulled this week- from very emotional stories of meeting and loss, to beautiful remembrance and farewell rituals, to adorable pets pics (I’ve been doing a lot of squealing! :laughing: :two_hearts: ), to fascinating spirit stories and more- what an amazing array of entries! Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in to share about witchy companions so far :paw_prints:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :raven::sparkles: