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Props and Presents: All About Runes Challenge

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Those are very nice runes! They look like hematite. I can’t decide which stone to purchase a set on because they are all so beautiful!

I made a set of Futhark runes too but I haven’t used them. I put them on wooden cubes so they roll like dice.

I have been studying tarot for about 2 years now and its a lot to remember.

I like the witches runes because there’s only 13 and I recognize the symbols a lot easier and its less to remember!

I love the Spells8 videos for learning. Maybe they will get a video set for the Witch runes too :wink: I’m still working on the Rune set of videos.

I wish you lots of luck in your studies :books:
Everyone is very helpful in the forum so feel free to ask questions :wink: I’m so happy you’re here :grinning:



Here are the meanings of the runes taken from the website dragon-runes.com.


You are correct. Thanks for the welcome and yes everyone is very helpful and willing to share their knowledge. I’m glad I came across this site.


I’m making some time right now to go through everyone’s entries and read them all! :heart: Apologies if I miss a comment but there’s a lot of great writing here!

Those are absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

I have family that is really drawn to the Norse pagan practices but I very much am not :sweat_smile: it’s cool to learn about though!

You’re in luck with the Runes then because it’s just a bunch of lines! :laughing:

I did not know there were Egyptian runes :thinking: they look really interesting! Almost like they’re just different hieroglyphic images on each rune stone.

That’s so cool! :star_struck: I’ve never really thought about Viking ships cruising the rivers of the United States but it seems like that’s a very real possibility!

That is such a pretty set of runestones :heart: I’m sure they’ll serve you well!

Bindrunes are interesting because they’re like a sigil made entirely out of runes. They can be made for any intention, too – you just have to combine the right runes together!

That’s a great rune spread! I’d argue that the last rune, Mannaz, isn’t just about your doctors but also about accepting help from the people close to you!

I really like that incantation you came up with. It’s beautiful and perfectly matches your runes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations! :clap: That sure is an amazing feat to complete a course that quickly. I think that’s great! :partying_face: I hope you enjoyed the course and that you learned what you needed to know about runes :blush:

Witch’s Runes seem like something I can easily get in line with doing :thinking: I may have to think about making some of my own!

Nice! That fits you quite well! :dragon:

Hooray!! :clap: :tada: :partying_face: Your runes are really pretty, too! And is that a crochet blanket I spot?! :eyes:

Interesting! I’ve never heard of Rune Chains before :thinking: So it’s kind of like a bindrune except in a chain rather than all put together?

There’s so many great entries this week and I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s but please know I read them all! :revolving_hearts: :pray: :sparkles:


Oh my, @Artemisia your runes are awesome! You are very talented! :sparkler: :heart:


That’s true! Without Sally here pushing me I might not have gone to the ER that last time and made myself worse. Thanks, love!


Of course! Sometimes our community is literally the people around us that give us help when we need it – even if we don’t ask for it! :heart: (I would have told you to go to the ER too lol)


Good point! And thank you, my dear! :hugs:


yay! thank you :heart:


Yes! My grandmother made it for me because she knows I hate the cold :rofl: And the white cloth I have in the table next to my bed (the first photo) is also made by her :heart:


Your runes look amazing @Sarafeena_Sage. What kind of marker did you use? Is it permanent? I might try this. Thanks so much!


It’s a gorgeous blanket :heart_eyes: I love it so, so much!


Thanks for the compliment @marsha. I used a silver permanent marker that I bought at the Dollar Tree :wink:
Also, the black rocks were bought there too but it was probably 2-3 years ago when I got those.
I think it would have helped me a little more if I would have practiced on paper first. I’m not good at drawing, or maybe use pencil on the rock first! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?? :thinking: LOL
I enjoyed making them anyhow and they are still a very good tool.



I couldn’t let go of the idea of making another set of witch runes in black… so I made them. Much happier with how they turned out and even charged them in the full moon.

(Before painting them with a color-shifting glaze)


Wow, they’re amazing!!!

Its looks better than gray!


Ohhhh so shiny and beautiful- your new runes are gorgeous, @Artemisia! :black_heart: :sparkles::blush:


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Thank you again for sharing it, and I hope you continue to enjoy your beautiful runes (and gorgeous rune plate too!)- much love and blessed be! :heart::sparkles:


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