🪦 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Ancestor Work

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read your comment about all things Scottish. LOL. I come from a long line of Scottish Witches, passed to me by my Father. This past Summer, my sister and I took our first trip to Scotland to explore and find places our Ancestors had tread… we had no idea before we arrived that the cottage we were staying in stood on what was once our Families Clan Lands.
I have worked with my Scottish Ancestors and call on them for protection as some had fought in some serious battles. The one Ancestor I would like to work with: I have yet to try to reach. I think it has mostly been just hesitation on my part. But I can say this, my connection with them has been so much stronger since we went to Scotland and came back. There have been several things that have been kind of surreal.


That’s great Soifra Strega thanks for your support I always appreciate your help!! Thank you :blush:
I wanted to share my ritual I did tonight for my my cousin son who passed.

First, I did a meditation. It was on Insight Timer, and it was for the full moon.
Opened a circle and called out to my Goddess Hekate Queen of Witches with many names, Demeter, Persephone, Salene, Artemis, lady Brigid
I had my intention my intention is to bring justice to my family and with the power of this moon so mote it be!
Offering a key :key: to the divine
A egg :egg: enchanted to be new and used thyme , rosemary, lavender, yarrow,
Third wrote a letter!
Forth I wrapped different colored candles dressed in oil for Ostara ritual oil! And so my spell will be more potent!
I did a chant and casted my spell!
Orange - Sun light
Ra Sun God
White Candle -Purity
Blue- Healing
Pink- Love
Purple- Wisdom
Green- Ground us
Black- Dispels negative forces
My crystals along with my salt :salt:
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Tigers Eye
Black Obsidian
Thank you for this challenge I pray :palms_up_together: that my family will get the healing they deserve! I pray he is in summer land!


Solasta Amore,
Your alter turned out so beautiful! You enchanted your salt too!


Thank you dear love :kissing_heart:…your entry just touched my heart soo deeply! :face_holding_back_tears: Yes! I made that pentacle with terracotta clay! :blush: :smiling_face: I am soo happy you like it my dear! :hugs: :people_hugging: :hearts:


Yess…I guess the little sea salt crystals really did feel magical! :wink: :dizzy: Thank youu hun!! :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart:


Thank you my sweet! :face_holding_back_tears: :kissing_heart: :hugs: Yes, now I am feeling a lot better because I am determined to walk away from the darker side of being an empath! :black_heart: :sparkles: I have downloaded the Insight Timer app too that, once @Susurrus suggested in a conversation for people with anxiety and stress issues. I am glad I came across it Siofra! :kissing_heart: Thank you for suggesting it as it really REALLY is a wonderful app! It has all sorts of guided meditations, calming music, breathwork guide and soo much more! :heart_eyes: And thank YOU Aurora, for being so caring and sweet! Love you…take care and be forever blessed!!
:hugs: :people_hugging: :sparkles:


God, @Jeannie1!! I am absolutely in awe of your entry!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Your knowledge always makes me feel so inspired! And your altar is just…gorgeous!! I can tell your family is blessed to have such a caring person among them! :innocent: :kissing_heart:


Wow, @Shine your ancestor altar :headstone: is very bright, warm and elemental! :wink: Your Granny and your father are lucky to have you by their side, sweetheart! Blessed be:sparkles:


Oh my goodness, @Artemisia! :heart_eyes: :heart: I guess, I am literally feeling happy that you went with the crafting for ancestors by Megan, as I too had picked this one but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time and energy…:roll_eyes: anyways, I LOOVE your little ancestor jar!! And oooh, I adore the black ribbon! :black_heart: :wink: I mean wow! All this is just sooo beautiful!! And I think by no means your altar looks simple! :joy: :heart_eyes: Instead, for my eyes, it looks magically classy! :wink: :relieved: :heart_eyes:


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Great job to everyone who explored ancestor and spirit work this week! There is such a heartfelt range of emotions in the entries- from sadness to excitement, gratitude to longing, loss, happiness, and everything in between. It was a difficult theme for many reasons, but you all rose to the challenge all the same- thank you so much to everyone who shared an entry this week! :raised_hands: :heart:

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Blessed be! :headstone::sparkles:


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@Jeannie1 you are very welcome & that’s a beautiful setup for your son. :people_hugging: Whenever you are ready, just send me a message & I will do what I can to get you started on your genealogy journey! Having your DNA will help with that also! It will come up with matches for you that you will be able to add to your tree! :revolving_hearts:


Your Jar :jar: turned out really nice and the wooden Quail your grandpa did a wonderful job. I like how you use your botanicals and your crystals on top of your letter to your grandparents.


I think that’s beautiful! What’s strange to me about Princess Diana is that I was only 6 when she died, so I really had no idea who she was besides that she was a Princess :sweat_smile: It definitely feels like we just know people sometimes, you’re right!


Such inspiration Amethyst your writing is really great! I am learning more and more about writing just reading your post!


Thank you, my dear! I just spoke from the heart on this one.


Thank you so much :heart: :two_hearts: :smiling_face:


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