🫂 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - As Above, So Below

Beautifully done @Garnet :heart:

It’s true, healing doesn’t always work! And there can be so many reasons why someone doesn’t heal, but the main reason is that they don’t want to be healed! I always send healing for the highest good with the best possible outcome! We live in a world where we have free choice, so everyone can make their own decisions… and it’s very sad when it doesn’t (seem) to work. Perhaps there’s an important lesson to be learned and healing cannot happen until the lesson is learned. At this point in my life, I only do distant healing, so I won’t be hanging out a shingle either! :smile:

I highly recommend Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

I love your In conclusion poem! Thanks so much for sharing.


My entree

It s a topic which appeals to me very much. I always felt there was a reason for my existence even as a child. As a child I was playing a game. When I was lying in my bed I could feel my heartbeat all over my body and the bloodstream going anywhere. In my imagination there were little tiny soldiers walking over and in my body. So I was feeling them and observing how I felt. And at some point I couldn’t feel my legs and arms anymore where they where supposed to be. It was like my legs were at the place of my arms and the other way around.
And then I felt like I was a tiny small point and everything around me very big. But also this point became very big and the surroundings small. So I felt big and small at the same time.
At that point a very fast and strong energy began to move and I got scared so the experience stopped. I believe I was about to go out of my body. I had this experience several times and always in the same order.
I believe it showed me that everything big is also very small and all small things are also big,
And what is inside me is also outside of me. Of course I didn’t think about it that way, it was a game for me a strange and exciting experience

When I got older I could recognize myself , see myself in everyone else, and I felt that I was different with everyone else. I was always tuning in. It became my second nature. So in my puberty and adolescence I had several identity crises. I didn’t know who I was. At the age of eighteen I realized that I was everything I experienced in others. And that my individuality was determined by my choice. That I was the center of my life by choosing my experiences and connections.

Those were important discoveries, And they still are. I couldn’t apply them in my day to day life at that time, but they gave me some peace and understanding and a goal to work on.

Again a few years later I had a very clear vision. I had a citrine with me a very bright one. And I asked a higher power , god, source, I didn’t have a real name for it , to see my own light.
And just after my Question my whole body began to glow immediately. It was like I was on fire.
And then I saw a door a bit open, with a very bright light behind it. I have tried to open it, but the image disappeared.
Before I could even think about it there was another image. An image of a Greek temple with pilars and also a very bright light. Also this image disappeared
The third image was a road. A white snowy road.

It took my a while to translate this experience. But I believe this is what it means.
There is light, but I can’t just grasp for it. In order to open the door I have to realize it inside of me ( the temple as the souls body) And in order to realize it inside of me I have to walk the road. They are connected, they cannot be seen apart from each other.

These were very important marking points at a young age and they determined my life and still are important to me.


Love your entry @martje
I am so glad you are here, thank you for sharing your journey with us! Your visions sound so beautiful.
With Love :heart: & Magick :dizzy:


Thank you Marsha :heart::pray:t2:


Well im not missing this challenge!!
I am an empath and more and more intuitive. I am claircognizant, meaning i just know when something will happen as i listen to my body and what im feeling. I’m clairaudient, i hear things. And most importantly, clairsentient because i feel what others feel, physically and emotionally.
You should just call me Clair!! :joy:
There have been times when i would dream about an event and it happened the nest day. I dont like them. Each time they were negative and didnt know how to prevent it from happening because i didnt know where that person was.


As Above, So Below - Challenge Entry

This was a harder one for me to decide what to do for the challenge.
I decided to answer the questions in the beginning of the challenge:

  • The bonds that are the most important to me and my magickal practice are the connections to my intuition, to nature, ti animals and to the people I care about.

  • I am indeed an empath. I am very intuitive about people’s feelings, motivations and intentions. Sometimes that is harmful as I can get wrapped up in other’s negativity. Being empathetic does make me a sympathetic listener and friend.

  • A community is more important to me than I’d have expected. I’d always been a solitary practitioner but finding support here in Infinite Roots has been amazing and has allowed me to grow.
    I have felt a connection to Artemis, nature and the moon since a child. While crows have always fascinated me, the connection to The Morrigan has been only very recent.

  • Healing is not part of my practice

While thinking about what I could do for this challenge, the phrase As above, so below stayed with me. Last night I was working on a tarot lesson on the Labyrinthos app, talking about “The Meaning of Magic” and there it was again - “As above, so below”.

I decided to look for a tarot spread for Artemis. I found an interesting one that listed various epitaphs of Artemis and the one that caught my eye was Agreia - woman of the wild or huntress. Using this epitaph I asked 4 questions and pulled 4 cards.

  1. Are you really a woman of the wild?
  2. How can I be more like you?
  3. What do you ask of me?
  4. How do I honor this aspect of you?

I do feel the cards I drew and the reading are a personal message that I’ll keep to myself for now, but I look forward to the challenges she has laid out for me!

I might still work on creating the Empath Shielding Spray as well.

Thank you for this opportunity to learn, grow and share!


:star: Weekly witchy challenge - As Above, So Below- Entry

:blush: Good evening everyone. I’m going to start with the Q&A

  • What bonds are most important to you and your magickal practice?

    • Since all things are connected It’s all really important. I spend a lot of time working with my higher power, inner child, spirit guides, and archangels. I also work on refreshing my energy from the universe and mother earth. Building relationships with my magickal practice has been a blessing.
  • Are you an Empath- one who feels the needs and emotions of others?

    • Most definitely. I feel I always have, but as I grow in my practice I’m becoming more sensitive. To the point, I struggle to not take on other energies. I’m practicing putting up protective shields. Especially in certain situations. But I need more practice. It’s not as easy as one would think. LOL!
  • Is a community or other relationships important in your Craft?

    • I think a mix of both is important. I love that I can share and learn from other like minded souls. There is also a time and place to explore ideas on your own. The magic really comes within, so it’s important to take the time to be quiet and listen to our higher selves… :slight_smile:
  • Do you feel a connection with a deity, element, zodiac sign, etc?

    • I do. I have been working with Freya for almost 3 years. She came to me during a meditation looking to meet my spirit guides. She came forward. I have been working with her ever since.
  • Is healing (yourself, others, the planet, etc) a key part of your practice?

    • Healing myself is a big part of my practice. I work on my shadow self and spend some time healing my inner child. I grew up in a very toxic abusive environment and that little girl inside needs to heal. I do not have a practice of healing others, but I do have the ability to help others feel a sense of calmness and safety in most situations.

:person_in_lotus_position:For this challenge I chose to do a self love meditation. I lit a a pink candle, put out some rose quartz, and called upon Freya for loving guidance. Freya is the goddess of love and war and fridays are a great day to call upon her and work on matters of love. During my meditation I felt like I was in a bubble of peace and total love. Warm and floaty. That might sound weird and a little corny, but that’s the best way I can describe it. LOL!

:heart: Self love has been a big part of my practice. It all begins within us, and having a healthy spirt is so important for sending out positive intentions into the universe. I try to do at least one small act of self love everyday. A little dose of self love each day goes a long way. This has been a part of my spiritual learning, as I didn’t use to put my selfcare first. Having a morning self love ritual is an amazing way to start the day. That and a good coffee spell. :coffee:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for this challenge and allowing me to share and learn from you all! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your challenge! :magic_wand:

:lotus: In Love and Light


I love that you incorporated tarot into your challenge. I love tarot. It’s such a powerful tool. I also think I need to make some of that empath shielding spray. :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing!


Hi everyone, I had a long entry so I posted it in A Sacred Space under:


I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. It’s a bit overcast, there may be some rain in the future. However, I feel that the last few days with pop-up showers or just rain has been a cleansing rain for my area & myself. A lot has happened & a lot of things resolved or realized. :smiling_face:


Talk about Alice in Wonderland adventures. My secret place is like a Greek Temple also, holding all knowledge, like the great library of Alexandria.
Are we soul sister or what
Bless you and much love


Words are magic.

Seriously, think about it. You learn to recognize these little shapes and they make words that form symbols in your head and you know what others are writing about.

Words can hurt. Everyone’s heard that sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. And just about everyone knows that’s horse hockey! Someone you care about calling you a name hurts just as much as a slap to the face. As the great philosopher Dr. Phil says, it takes a thousand atta boy’s to heal one you’re an idiot.

Words can heal. I’m sorry I hurt you. I care about you. I’m sending you love and light. All can put a smile on your face during tough times.

Words can take you to magical places. Read a Star Trek book and you’re on the bridge of the Enterprise. Read a Dragonrider book and you’re on your own Gold dragon, soaring over the skies of Pern.

Words teach, words comfort. Words connect us. There are certain words that give you an immediate reaction when you hear them. For good and for ill.

As witches our words hold power. Have you ever chanted and it feels like there is a resonance in your throat? That’s the magic coming out of you.

I’m going to wrap up this babble now, but I hope that I’ve found the right words to show just how special words themselves could be because they connect us in a world wide web and friendships that are magic.


@Amethyst beautifully said :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The bonds that are most important to me are home and hearth, helping others to feel better, and focusing on my mental health.
I am an empath and it is an energy-draining process for me. I try to say this affirmation for the energies I am feeling. May this person be happy, may this person be blessed, and may this person be safe.
My relationship with my husband is important to me. This community helps me understand things in my growth as a witch and not to feel so alone even though I prefer to be an eclectic solitary witch. I do feel connected with bast because she gives me protection and strength when I need it. Also, I love cats and sunflowers so does she. bast helped me banish a bad spell or hex that was put on me by someone I do not know.
Healing and self-love are important to me, as well as, healing others and the earth and animals, they are a key part of my practice.


I have to give creds to my cousin Tammy who first introduces me to the world of magick and my grandmother who was a witch and with my aunties formed a coven, this has been passed down to me. Also, my son is pagan and is not afraid to let you know about a god or goddess. I can not leave out spells 8 because you have helped me to become stronger in the practice. I am proud of myself because I have practiced daily magic since I became a part of the spells8 community.


Thank you!


Oh, amen sister :heart:


@Amethyst as always, your words are as beautifully said as you are my friend. I always enjoy reading your writings whether they are just an introduction, general conversation, something you’ve done for a challenge or on your own, or something small & thoughtful that you say in any kind of message! Beautifully done one of my favorite Word Witches. :revolving_hearts:

@crystal35 welcome to the forum & thank you for your entry. Home, hearth, family… those are my most important, even though right now I am working on straightening myself out :rofl: I am also an Empath, & certain people, events, etc… can be very draining for me or exhausting. My most recent adventure with exhaustion had to do with family from out of state “visiting” for the first time in about 30 years… so the last couple of days I have to fight exhaustion. I get it. :smiling_face:

You are not alone in any part of this sentence. Most or a lot of us are eclectic solitary practitioners that use the site/forum to connect with others with knowledge, ideas, research, or any assistance we can offer to another person starting or continuing on their path. I’m happy that you are here & I hope you continue to learn & grow.


I’m sitting this challenge out, but I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and challenge entry’s on this and something came up yesterday and I thought about the challenge. I went to visit my daughter who lives about an hour away from me in a town called Huntsville, Texas. My daughter always works weekend’s so we go and see her at her job and visit with her there. A few weeks ago I was reading something about the most haunted places in Texas (I have been to a few), and I saw that one of the most haunted roads in Texas is in Huntsville. How could I have not known that being the ghost hunter that I am? Lol! Anyway, my daughter in law met up with us at my daughter’s job and I was telling them about it. They already knew the story and they had been out there. The road is called Bowden Road, (aka demon road). My husband isn’t into the supernatural stuff, but he’s a good sport and always let’s me do my exploring. So, my husband, Renea, and I went to Demon Road. It was a country road out in the middle of no where, and there is a haunted cemetery on the road called Martha’s Cemetery. Legend has it that sometimes the spirits will follow you home. It was the middle of the day and when we drove up to the cemetery the drive through gate was locked, so my husband said it’s locked and we can’t go in. It was a short gate, so I was just going to crawl over it and then we saw the walk through gate was open. It was a beautiful peaceful cemetery and there was nothing about it that seemed cursed. Someone had mowed it recently and there was grass covering some of the grave markers and I was going around brushing the grass off the markers. To me it seemed disrespectful to cover grave markers with blown grass. There were even graves in the woods that we couldn’t get to because it was so grown up with vines. There was one grave that was above ground with a cement vault. There was a big broken off piece in the corner of it and you could see the coffin inside. When I walked up to it I noticed candle drippings on the top of it. That gave me a bad feeling. Someone was doing a ritual with this grave and to me, that was disrespectful also. So, when we were leaving my husband said something like I hope no one goes home with us and my daughter in law and I said that as long as you are respectful you have nothing to worry about. That’s when the challenge entered my mind. “As Above, So Below”. It’s all about karma and depending on what you do, karma can be a real bitch.




Aww, thank you hon! That means a lot to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: