🌌 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Astrology: Reading the Skies

Hmmm this week’s challenge will be just that for me… a challenge. I wanted to take part in the last one with Magic and light but was out for a week for health issues.

My challenge now is this is a topic that I don’t know much about really and have not been drawn particularly. I’ll have to see what I can figure out after reading through the wealth of information provided!

Let’s see what I can do!



It is definitely one of those things that I am terrible at :laughing: I know my Sun, Moon, and Rising but after that? It’s just a bunch of lines on a circle, honestly :woman_shrugging: I’m trying to figure out how I can best use this challenge to learn more lol


My son, sister in law and ex BF were all Scorpios. I think sometimes, yes, moody, but what struck me about them are their passion about their interests and intense loyalty, also sometimes a little jealousy. But overall, strong and admirable people, very lovable. I love all water signs and it is so interesting you have water in your moon, ascendant and sun sign!


As a Scorpio Sun, I can concur with everything here :laughing:


I’m a Libran sun which I’ve always understood for me to accurately describe me as balanced but somewhat indecisive :sweat_smile:


My ex husband was a Libra and so was my longest relationship boyfriend. They did not like arguments. It was easy for them to see both sides of a situation. I remember my ex had the hardest time deciding what to eat at a restaurant :slight_smile: The bf just ordered everything.


I first got into astrology around 28 or so years ago. At that time in my life I was living as a nomad, only owning what I could fit into my backpack, and of course there was no access to the internet at that time for normal people (or even for not so normal people). I had just one astrology book, no computer, and no digital devices. I calculated my chart by hand, according to the instructions in the book. I spent most my time in the days at that time hanging out in a bookstore (Borders Books) reading books on astrology, and other metaphysical topics. There was plenty of time just to read all day for me. I would get up at some point in the day, waking in my tent, and pack it up into my backpack. Then I would walk out of the small dense woods spot, to the road, and walk down to Borders. I would stay there reading metaphysical books till they closed at night. Then I would hike back to the little woods and set up my tent again and sleep. It was a great life!

I have my chart well memorized in my head. My Sun is in Virgo in the 12th house, conjunct my Mars, which is also in the same house and sign. My rising is 1 degree 1 minute of Libra. Pluto is exactly conjunct my rising, with zero orb. In my first house I also have Uranus, which is also in Libra. My Mercury is in Leo in the 10th house. It is in mutual reception with my Sun. My Moon is in Gemini in the 9th house, and Saturn is conjunct it, also in the same house and sign. My Venus is in the 10th house in Cancer, but my South Node is conjunct it, in the same house and sign. My Jupiter and my Neptune are both in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. I have Chiron in Aries, and unfortunately in the 7th house.


I found this wonderful blog post over Crystal Astrology :milky_way:
that includes…

  • Daily Birthstone
  • Zodiac Birthstone
  • Planet - Metal Connection
  • Crystal Astrology Chart


Megan shared a great post about finding where Chiron is in your star chart- that could be a good thing to explore if you’re still not sure, Christina! :blush: Good luck!

Beautifully done with your poem and chant, @Anne2! thanks again for sharing them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Exploring your children’s birth charts sounds exciting, @Siofra! :star_struck: Maybe it’s something you could do together- it might be a fun family activity :sparkles:

You are very welcome, @fabian! Thanks for sharing your experience :pray: I think it is good to remember that everyone is wonderfully unique- it would be rare that just our sun sign perfectly embodies all of our traits! I think everyone is a collective of qualities from signs across their charts. A bit of our sun sign, moon sign, ascendant, and more. I’m glad you were able to dig deeper and really connect with your ascendant in Cancer! :cancer: :blush: Great job!

Sorry to hear you were having some health issues last week, @katnabis! How are you feeling now- hopefully doing better? :pray: Astrology can definitely seem overwhelming at first- I recommend starting with just your sun sign to begin! You can stick with that, or continue learning other parts of astrology if they call to you :sparkles: Enjoy!

I know the feeling, @MeganB! Astrology is so huge- there are so many elements to look at- stars, planets, houses, so much that it can easily be overwhelming! I’m always learning new things myself, so it’s wonderful to see the things everyone explores for this challenge :blush: Your post on Chiron was very helpful- thanks again for sharing! :heartpulse:

An abundance of Scorpio energy, @mary25! Also a Scorpio sun sign here, so I know we can be an intense sign :scorpius: :laughing:

Nice, @IrisW! :raised_hands: :libra: :balance_scale:

That sounds amazing, @Volmarr! :star_struck: A backpacking adventure while studying astrology- that sounds like it would make a wonderful book! :open_book: :two_hearts: Thanks for sharing your signs- it sounds like your chart has a special place in your heart to be memorized so well! Good for you! :raised_hands:

Awesome resources, thanks so much for sharing @Missa! :milky_way: :heartpulse:


Once again, you’re all welcome too, researching the mythology about Abba and Balatik was a fun experience. Thank you to all the readers and supporters too,

Have a wonderful day/night and Blessed Be,
Margaret and


astro.cafeastrology.com-Natal Chart Report[501].pdf (251.4 KB)
Ok, so I found out all of my signs, houses?, and well I’m confused :joy: I can’t work out the chart at all, astrology has never been my strong point. Iv written down what I do understand though and I’m going to keep doing a bit of research to see if it starts to click :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For my entry, I found my Chinese Astrology Sign and horoscope.

I’m an Ox because I was born in the year 1985. My horoscope says, according to Astrology.com :

May 21, 2021
This is a favorable day for your health. Fatigue and stress should be distant memories. Your children might give you some hard times, but everything will be smoothed out. The stars are on your side. Whatever you do, you have a good chance to win. Sure of your capabilities, you know how to show the best side of yourself at work.


I’ve always felt a connection to the Moon and Stars. First got my Birth Chart when I was 16; didn’t get too much into tho just reading it and feeling the connections. Until I also got the birth chart for my BF. That’s when I started seeing the parts of people that no one really sees unless you know that person. Realized that you can even understand them better by knowing the Astrology.
My favorite apps are The Moon Calendar

And Time Nomad

You can learn so much!


I definitely understand you @MeganB :joy::joy: I am somewhat the same… haven’t found anything as yet but as you said!


My Chiron is in my 7th house Aries also.
Still learning astrology so I need to read up on what that means. :grin:
Blessed Be


I’ve been checking my horoscope for Virgo for a couple of days.

May 19, 2021 - Sometimes you have to go back to square one if you want a situation to get better, Virgo. This can be frustrating or even humiliating, but if the goal is to have a solid foundation on which to rebuild, it’s well worth it! Don’t get too attached to your professional past. You have to advance and you’re too weighed down now. Let go!

Oh yes, this was the day I chose to hand in my two-weeks notice! The Tarot cards I’ve been drawing have been implying that I’ll find relief from work soon. Well, since nothing has gotten better at work, I decided that I have to be the one to bring myself relief by moving on.

May 20, 2021 - You can look forward to a day full of satisfaction, Virgo. You may have made a strong impression on the people around you as you learned to moderate your outspokenness. Supportive friends surround you today. Everyone seems willing to listen, and they trust you implicitly. It looks as though you’re finding a place for yourself!

Well, I did make my case on why I had to leave. Also, I had and have my friends’ support on finding another job.

May 21, 2021 - Virgo, you should try to be tolerant of other people’s social and political positions. You may have to deal with certain people whose personal plans are jeopardized by events beyond their control. Don’t judge them. Don’t immediately defend one viewpoint without thinking how the situation affects the other person’s life.

Good advice for today (and any day and any Sign)! I always try to see things from someone else’s perspective before making judgements, but that isn’t always the case.


I love to see today’s chart compared to my own; if I have something specific I will try and map it out to a specific day that’s coming up where a corresponding planet or transit is important to my workings. I Love Love Pluto’ been my favorite planet since the 2nd grade. (I wanted to Ice skate on Pluto when I was 8)
So I usually work with my Pluto in Scorpio and my Moon in Capricorn. I’m a Sagittarius w/ Scorpio Rising ‘ so I feel it has power especially if they are in the right houses and corresponding signs .


There are so many new posts to read on here since I last as a proper check so I won’t tag everyone but I loved reading them :hugs::heart: This challenge has mushed a my brain a teeny bit :rofl: which is ironic considering how much I love astronomy, astrology is a while different science though. You all help me grow and learn thank you so much :heart:


Sadly it means @Rowan that we tend to rush into relationships but that we tend to have relationship struggles. Often they don’t last well for us. Our lesson is to learn how how to have a relationship and make it work.


This is such a fascinating topic. When I delved into my human design I looked into all of this quite intensively!