Where is Your Chiron? - Weekly Witchy Challenge

It may be surprising, but I am such a newbie when it comes to Astrology and magick within the stars. I know my Sun, Moon, and Rising sign but I always see talk of Chiron. For this week’s challenge, I decided to dig into what Chiron is, what it affects in an astrological chart, and how it personally reflects in my own natal chart!

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What is Chiron?

Originally, Chiron is a Centaur in Greek mythology. He is the oldest and wisest of the Centaurs and, unlike the others of his tribe, he is the immortal son of the Titan Kronos.

When Kronos’ tryst with the nymphe Philyra was interrupted by Rhea, he transformed himself into a horse to escape notice and the result was this two-formed son. (1)

Chiron is a comet that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It was discovered in 1977 by a man named Charles Kowal and was first classified as a minor planet. It was the first identified member of a new class of objects now known as Centaurs, bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. It is interesting to see that the class of objects is called “Centaurs” and the comet itself is named after a centaur in Greek myth.

The orbit of Chiron is erratic and that is what eventually led it to be classified as a comet instead of a minor planet. According to Simulations of the Population of Centaurs II: Individual Objects by J. Horner (Bern), N.W. Evans (Cambridge), M.E. Bailey (Armagh), Chiron is most likely a refugee from the Kuiper belt and will probably become a short-period comet in about a million years.

Chiron in an Astrological Chart

This is kind of where I get lost. I recognize that Chiron is a comet, but I often struggle with what planetary bodies affect what parts of our lives. According to Cafe Astrology, Chiron is often seen as the wounded healer, representing our deepest wounds yet also our efforts to heal them. When I read this, it made me pause because of the mythology I read about Chiron the Centaur.

The old Kentauros was accidentally wounded by Herakles when the hero was battling other members of the tribe. The wound, poisoned with Hydra-venom, was incurable, and suffering unbearable pain Kheiron voluntarily relinquished his immortality. Zeus then placed him amongst the stars as the constellation Sagittarius or Centaurus. (1)

Cafe Astrology also notes that it is ironic that Chiron represents our wounds and efforts to heal them because Chiron the Centaur could not heal himself. The glyph that represents Chiron is symbolic of Chiron’s original name, “Object Kowal”, after the person who found Chiron in the sky.

In our natal chart, we look to Chiron to see the places where we have the ability to heal. It is a place of great knowledge, experience, talent, and wisdom. Its sign placement and house can show us our own wounds and how we express them.

Themes surrounding Chiron include how we might shoot ourselves in the foot, figuratively speaking, damage ourselves, or nurse a wound. We go our own way in Chiron-touched areas. (4)

In Chiron Explained (5), Alyssa Landers talks about Chiron involving the way we recognize our wounds and trauma, our earliest memories and painful encounters that we’re socially conditioned to repress because they’re deemed “unacceptable”. To me, this sounds a lot like shadow work, and it’s funny that I randomly picked Chiron to write about…

Chiron’s purpose is to make us realize that our weak spots are not feelings we can excise, if only because they cannot be denied. (5)

Chiron in My Chart

I had to go back and look at my chart to find where Chiron is. I feel like I may be revealing a bit of personal information here now that I know what Chiron deals with in my astrological chart. And now that I have read where my Chiron is and what it entails…I mean, my own natal chart just called me out. For reference, I am using the app Time Passages for my chart.

My Chiron is in Leo which represents issues regarding developing one’s intellect and communicating one’s ideas with others. This is an interesting placement for me because of issues I have with my brain and mouth not always cooperating. Without going into too much of my past information and trauma (I do not want to trauma dump on you), I think this quote from my Time Passages chart pretty much sums up how Leo in Chiron affects me in my chart.

If there is a psychological reason behind difficulties in communicating with others, it is likely to be found in early youth, when it was quite important to communicate with your peers. Perhaps there was some group that you felt cut off from in the causal cruelty of that era, or perhaps you felt that you were not fully accepted by important siblings. In your efforts to be accepted and to get through to others you may overcompensate by seeming very competitive or desiring to be recognized for the extent of your knowledge.

Whatever the childhood trauma that continues to give you difficulties in adult life, it is important to try to understand and relate well to your earlier self. If you can learn to love and accept who you were then, as well as who you are today, you will come a long way toward full participation in your communication with others. (Time Passages - My Natal Chart)

Like I said, without fully trauma dumping, I have a disconnect between the way my brains and thoughts work versus how I speak and communicate. It gets hard sometimes to make sure that what I say comes across in the way that I mean. It is also very telling that this would come from early childhood because, well, let’s just say the children were not nice to the white girl in poverty with a drug-addict dad in jail. Then, ya know, as I got older and came out as bisexual and then got into witchcraft? Yeah, I was easy picking for the bullies.

It just goes to show that there are definitely those shadows there that I need to heal from, especially when immediately reading about Chiron in my chart brought all of this to the forefront of my brain and I did not even have to think hard about it.

Where is your Chiron? Chiron is kind of a generational comet, too. According to a friend of mine, Chiron stays in one house for about four years or, during a retrograde, about nine!

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Mine is Aries in the 7th house.


I found out I had Chiron in Virgo :virgo:

CafeAstrology’s article about Chiron in the Signs says the following about having Chiron in Virgo:

“You are wonderful and skilled at helping others with interesting tidbits about improving their lives, particularly “life hacks”, and you can thoroughly enjoy assisting others to get organized, but you may not always pay the same attention to or apply your ideas to your own life”

It also says to watch out for having intense insecurities and overly high expectations- I can relate to that! :sweat_smile:

Luckily, it looks like Chiron is both a warning and a pointer in the right direction :blush:

Rather than pointing out our flaws and saying “well, that’s that!” Chiron seems to be to be a sign of hope- that yes, we have our challenges, we we are also capable of fixing them too :adhesive_bandage:

Thanks so much for exploring Chiron and sharing your wisdom, @MeganB! You helped me to learn a lot about this new aspect of astrology :milky_way: :two_hearts:


Ooooh Thank you for this :heartpulse: I have been bamboozled for this challenge lol, why do we have so many different signs?? lol :rofl: I think I have found out most of mine so far but ill add this one too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow - this is truly fascinating. My knowledge of astrology is very basic and am trying to read up on it as much as possible. But I have to echo @Liisa’s post :smiley: “why so many different signs”??. Just did a bit of research and found mine is Pisces in the 1st House (Retrograde??). As I read up on it, I was taken aback at some of the accuracies. Definitely food for thought.


Hello, I’m not sure if I read that correctly, so I went with both closest to my birth date from the link @TheTravelWitch sent

Chiron in Cancer :

"You are warm and concerned for others, and you express this kindness quite readily, but you don’t always apply it to yourself. "

Chiron in Capricorn:

“You feel incredibly responsible, often to your detriment. Do consider that you expect far too much from yourself.”

Both of this actually described me in a personal manner too in this life :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


It looks like I have Chiron in Taurus but that it’s Retrograde? I’m not sure. I have read my birth chart several times & find no mention of Chiron, but I went through the link provided & it says that Chiron is in Taurus but a couple of months before my birthday, it went Retrograde. So I’m completely lost. However, it did lead me to doing my challenge on Black Moon Lilith. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have Chiron in Aries


It’s so nice to see that I’m not the only one who identifies with the Chiron placement and who also didn’t know anything about Chiron beforehand :sweat_smile:

Astrology is definitely one of those things that I want to learn more about but it’s further down on my list, mainly because there’s just so much to learn


I just found my Chiron! Taurus in House 4…& also Retrograde. Now to find some information about what that means for me! Took me a little bit, but I found it! Thank you!

Chiron in the 4th house would have to do with family & a tough childhood. Which without going into too much detail, I definitely relate to what it is saying.

  • Chiron in the Fourth House indicates extreme vulnerability related to the relation of the native with parents , particularly one of them, either mother or the father. In most cases, the native has a problematic relationship with one of the parents, while the other parent becomes the ultimate support, the safe haven, the protective and deeply influential one.

Actually, in Taurus, Chiron doesn’t just heal, but it rebuilds and improves.

For you to experience the Chiron energy in your life, Chiron must be placed strongly in your birth chart. Chiron is strong in one of the angular houses, or in aspect with a personal planet. The House in your birth chart that Chiron is in will be the place where you’ll experience the Chiron energy the most.

When Chiron is retrograde, expressing this energy is more difficult. Those with a retrograde Chiron in their natal chart hold onto their hurts more readily than those who do not. They are wounded more deeply and forgiving and forgetting represents a major challenge. These folks will have to make a special effort to understand that many times the hurts others inflict upon us are unintentional, much as Hercules’ wounding of Chiron, in which case they should give special effort to internalizing the thought, “It’s foolish to take offense when none is intended.” If it was deliberate, they still need to work at getting past it or it will affect their own progression. It’s more important than ever that those in this situation put concerted effort into the healing part of Chiron’s energy. In helping others with similar wounds they can help heal their own.

Chiron in Taurus
Chiron in the 4th House