🌌 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Astrology: Reading the Skies

@Volmarr great job! I would love to know that much about my chart off the top of my head. I am having trouble with my Chiron. I know the sign, but not the house & can’t figure out how to find it. There is no mention of it in my chart. I have looked forward, backward, & sideways.

Maybe Chiron skipped me, I mean I do have Lilith showing up in 6 places instead of 4. :rofl:


I ran another Birth Chart on a different site than I usually use. I found Chiron in Taurus in the 4th house & an explanation. I do really relate to what was explained to me though!

I also realized that my chart wheel is shaped like an upside down bowl. :rofl:


Thank you for sharing this :+1: I am printing the chart and adding to my Book of Shadows!


These are my zodiac signs that I managed to understand from the chart I posted above,sorry for the handwriting lol, IV had a look at each and what side of my personality or inner being they represent and how that shapes who I am and I do feel like a have a somewhat deeper understanding of what has influenced and shaped me into who I am today or who I may become. I’m not going to lie though I am still ending this challenge slightly bamboozled by all of the new info :joy: thank
you all for all the helpful links and info :heart:


Apparently my Moon Sign in is Virgo.

I’ve never been much into astrology because they tend to focus on relationships and I’m not into the romance part of astrology so I was surprised at how much I agree with my Moon sign.

According to my Moon sign, I should be happiest running errands and paying bills, keeping busy. I don’t feel that way. I do agree with the fact that - “Some people with Virgo Moons are accused of being underachievers. While it may be true that Lunar Virgos can lack self-confidence, many are–quite simply–content with living “regular”, unassuming lives“ I mean, I like living in my little apartment and reading. I don’t feel the urge to go out and explore the world or what have you. I like my little corner of the world.

I also agree with Lunar Virgos being shy of new people and then being anything but shy once they get to know them. That’s me in a nutshell.

It says that Lunar Virgo people are happiest when their lives follow a plan and are in control. I’ve got to agree to that too. I hate it when my plans go awry. So yeah, I can see this for me.

It’s been interesting to learn, thank you so much @TheTravelWitch for a challenge that stretched me out some!


Finally got round to looking at this properly this afternoon, and I’ve posted a separate thread:


@Amethyst I am a Lunar Virgo too! I just found out today that my daughter & I are both Capricorn Rising!

I’m happy that you enjoyed diving deeper into your signs, it’s always interesting to me what they mean & how I relate or lack there of… to them.

Finding my Chiron & Black Moon Lilith were really interesting too. I had no idea about either of them in my chart until this week. I’ve learned a lot from this challenge too.

@TheTravelWitch I added my entry for this week’s challenge in the forum under Black Moon Lilith in Your Natal Chart - Weekly Witchy Challenge


Whoo! We share the Lunar Virgo! How neat.


For this challenge, I looked over my natal chart and made some stones in regards to all the planets and the Zodiac Wheel.

I am also working on making my cloth that has all the sabbats like Samhain, Brigantia, Beltane, and Lammas. It corresponds to winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

My stones have the elements so that way when I use my tarot so I can also implement my astrology. This is starting to become more natural to me now that I have practiced using all my tools on infinite roots and my book by Casandra Eason “ Moon Divination for today’s Women”. I learned more about the symbolism and the meanings now that I drew out all the symbols. It helps me with remembering all of them.

I am so excited about using them after I consecrate and purify all my stones! I am going to bless them and then write :memo: everything down in my bos!

I really enjoyed my craft and getting closer to my inner child and discovering More hidden meanings.
Here is a pic of my stones I just made. I am really happy with them. I have a drawstring and pouch for them. I am going to gather them under the moon and charge them for the next full moon!

All of you help me so much!
Thank you for this challenge!
Blessed be!


Well done, @Liisa! :raised_hands: It is a lot to explore all at once- the first time you see your star chart it’s just an explosion of information :laughing: You did a wonderful job exploring each of your signs. No rush about learning- there is plenty of time to digest all this overload of info! Focus on the areas that call out to you most and you will work your way through your chart with time. Enjoy the journey through your stars! :star2::heart:

Nicely done, @Christina! :ox: My partner is an Ox too- a sign with many good qualities! :blush:

Well said, @steph- there were (and still are!) aspects of my star chart I don’t agree with, but whenever I talk about them with someone who knows me well they say they can see those things in me that I cannot :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Sometimes the best mirror is in the eyes of those we love! Thanks for sharing your charts- great job exploring! :milky_way: :sparkles:

Well done, @Rowan! :clap: Congrats on finding where Chiron is in your chart :grin: @Volmarr gave a quality definition. Always fun to connect with someone who shares your star qualities :star2:

It sounds like your horoscopes aligned well with what was happening in your life, @Kasandra. I hope you enjoyed exploring your Virgo side! :virgo: :two_hearts:

That’s wonderful @AliceInWonderdab! It sounds like you enjoy delving into astrology :milky_way: If you find anything new, please feel free to share it- there is so much to learn about this vast and fascinating aspect! :blush:

Good for you, @Amethyst! :heart: I know you’ve mentioned before that Astrology isn’t your calling, but I’m very proud of you for jumping in none-the-less! :grin: Congrats on your discoveries about your Virgo Moon, I hope finding this information helped you to connect with yourself! :clap: You are very welcome- thanks so much for joining in!

Thanks again for your wonderful thread, @IrisW! :raised_hands:

Once again, lovely job on your Chiron thread @MeganB! :clap:

And to @Siofra for your wonderful work on the Black Moon Lilith post- beautifully done! :sparkles:

Your stones are beautiful, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: I hope you enjoyed the exploration of your natal chart- it looks like you found a lot of creativity along the way! Thanks so much for joining in and for sharing your beautiful new stones. May they guide you with the light of the stars and the blessings of the seasons! :sparkling_heart:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: May 25th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :milky_way: :hearts::sparkles:


Lisa, I liked how you laid everything out as far as all the houses! I am a visual person as well. I think that would help me to see what’s happening! Thank you!


@TheTravelWitch I did Black Moon Lilith & @MeganB did Chiron. It was really fun to dive into both aspects though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry greet all!

I am a bit late for this challenge but nevertheless I still manage to make it :hugs: I do not know much about astrology, however it was still worth the challenge. While doing my research I managed to source a bit of info from a link that @christina4 shared earlier from www.moonreading.com.
I have discovered that my Lunar🌙sign is in Leo, which was very interesting to me, below is a screen shot of my findings.

I must say I find this to be very accurate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At the last paragraph speaks to me within :heartbeat: as I read it, and because of this I found it a bit serious and true. As browsing through this challenge and all the different options to help I assisting us with this challenge I came across this chant :dizzy:on spells8. I would be performing this spell for 3 days ( tonight, full moon night and the night after the full moon) for my new amulet as a source of protection, grounding and self control towards my craft. I believe in the power of 3…

I have learnt a bit doing this challenge but I do know that through planning and while being grounded that things will grow once I am also patient. I know everything will be alright :innocent: I am grateful for this challenge.

Blessed Be💫



For this week’s challenge, I didn’t do as much as I really wanted to do (again, for like the third week in a row >.< haha). I wanted to dive in feet-first and really explore how my personality relates to my natal chart.

TLDR: Life got in the way.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much down time with getting paperwork in order to start back to school, and I’ve been putting a lot of time into practicing what I’ve been learning in an intro course I’m currently taking so I can hopefully have a leg-up when I start my actual classes this fall.

I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, but – as blasphemous as this sounds :see_no_evil: – I’m not sure if I 100% believe in it, personally. A lot of the astrology-related stuff I’ve read does – to me, at least – sound like it’s written in such a way that anyone can read it and be like, “OMG that’s me!” But then again, I’ve always been skeptical of every single bit of information I encounter.

I’m still keeping an open mind about it – and I truly want to believe in it! – but for the time being, I see it in a slightly different way than I think most people do. I believe that everything happens in cycles, and that these cycles repeat throughout time.

TLDR: Blasphemy alert: I believe astrology demonstrates correlation to events, etc., and the alignments of the heavens don't directly cause any events to happen or people to have specific personality traits.

I think that the arrangements of the stars, planets, constellations, etc. themselves don’t impact people’s personalities/traits or the destiny of someone/something. I personally believe that the stars/planets/etc. happen to be in the same places every time a cycle repeats. I see it as more of a correlation, not causation. If any of that makes any sense? :thinking: I promise it makes sense in my head, but I’m half-asleep as I’m trying to write this (the stubborn Taurus in me not wanting to sleep yet!), so I’m not sure if my thoughts are translating well into actual English words. :sweat_smile: Although… not gonna lie… some of the descriptions of my traits/personality that I’m reading about on my natal chart report from Cafe Astrology are scarily accurate! :see_no_evil:

I definitely plan on doing more research and trying to learn more about myself through the lens of my natal chart and astrology in general! I just need to find a time when I’m not bogged down with paperwork and emails to be able to focus and not get overwhelmed by all the info in my natal chart :sweat_smile: I’m also planning on incorporating notes on astrological events into my mood journal to see if my mood fluctuates with the changing of the heavens :nerd_face:


Thank you :pray:t4: I really appreciate your stories! About the


I can’t believe that the pyramid is completely aligned with Orion’s Belt! So interesting :thinking: great!
My husband went to Egypt long time ago! Neat place to visit!
Blessed be!


Ahh, apologies @Siofra! I went back in and fixed it- sorry for getting the you of mixed up! You did a fantastic job on the Black Moon Lilith post. Thanks again! :pray::sparkles:

Congrats on your moon sign discovery, @NickWick! :blush: I can see the Leo in you- you are such a vibrant, bright, and creative soul! :lion: Beautiful spellwork- the chant is lovely choice. May your new amulet guide you well, keeping you safe and grounded in your magickal craft! :sparkles: Great job!

Thanks so much for sharing your honest and open thoughts, @wade! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That is a very valid view about Astrology- and I know you aren’t alone! The most important thing is that you took a good look at this aspect and decided that it wasn’t right for you. I’m proud of you for trying, and for choosing your own way forward in your personal practice- well done! :clap::heart: I know you are super busy with school and everything, take good care of yourself and be well!


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Such a delight to hear about everyone’s experiences and feelings about Astrology! Whether this is your favorite aspect, something that isn’t quite right for you, or anything in between- thanks so much for joining in the challenge! :star2:

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Blessed be! :milky_way: :star2::heart:


That’s great that it was accurate!! I’m a lunar Leo, too!!! :new_moon::lion::leo:!!! And a Taurus sun.
You know what, that’s crazy bc I was looking to bless an amulet too!! :exploding_head:


No way…:upside_down_face: I think you should still do the amulet thingy… after all amulets can be of such benefits to us all! I bet you would be using one of those sexy crystal :heart_eyes: of yours for this cute amulet!