⏲ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

When you get caught up you can have a week off too! Good luck with your knots!


Thank you! I believe after these 2 I only have 1 or 2 that I need to do. I was doing 2 at a time for the other catch ups, but I don’t remember having that many that I missed. It’s nice to go through the badges that I do have to see what I have to choose from though. I have a bunch! Some multiple times! I still can’t seem to choose one other than the “Empathetic” for myself. I still feel really connected to this badge.


I get what you mean, I love the Word Witch myself. Too bad we can’t cycle through them or something. LOL.


Oh, that would be great too! I know with some of the badges you can get them more than once. I have some that I received multiples of them. I wish we could see the other badges that we can earn! The ones that aren’t related to a challenge but that you get for doing different things within the coven/forum.


Go into your notifications and click on the latest badge you received. If you click on “badges” in blue at the top of the page it will bring up the whole list of standard badges and show which ones you’ve already earned and which you haven’t.


Given that it’s the full moon tonight, I’m definitely going to do :full_moon_with_face: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Strength of the Full Moon or :full_moon: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Moon Magick!.

I’m also thinking about doing :skull: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Veil Between Worlds


Thank you @IrisW, I know how to find them. I just have a lot so I have to open 2 windows when I am going through the list of Challenges & the list of which badges I have.

Those are great challenges to catch up on this week! I remember the Veil Between Worlds, that was a good one to do & with the full moon & eclipse tonight, the Veil will be thinner than it usually is, Great Choice!

I hope you have a great day!


Ooooh, my first challenge! I’m so excited! But… WOW, there are so many intriguing options.


Oh yes! The full moon one is a good one because we have the full moon tonight. I would choose based on what you may interested learning more about or that goes with your practice. They are all really fun to do & you can learn a lot from them. Click on the challenge & peek at what others have already done for it if you need some inspiration or ideas! I hope you enjoy them!


I wish I could do them all, but one week isn’t enough (and I don’t need to overwhelm myself and @TheTravelWitch). :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I’ve decided to do the Dream Magick and Potion Making challenge.
I tend to have some…interesting dreams. Some can be explained (i.e., something from a movie, a TV show I watched or book I read that day), some can’t. I’d like to explore what these unexplainable dreams could mean.
For the Potion Making Challenge, I’m gonna for a walk in the woods and see if I can find enough dandelions to make some flower tea. I found a recipe online for making your own. It’s supposed to cool down briefly this weekend, so this would be a great time for some hot tea again.


Of Spells & Strings Challenge Entry

I used @SilverBear’s Knot Spell for this challenge.
I started by doing some mindful breathing & meditation on the issue I am having. I then took about 12 inches of twine & held one side in each hand. I focused on the issue & tied knots to bind & hold the issue & its facets in place while I tied each knot.

I brought the knotted twine to my fire pit & let it burn there sending my issues into the wind to be taken care of by the Universe.

I feel a lot better about the issue & now I can say that I have done everything I can towards resolving it. Now it’s just waiting for a phone call at the beginning of the week & following through. I can do both! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll be starting tonight with the
:full_moon_with_face: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Strength of the Full Moon.

I’ve prepped my altar for the for the Flower Moon Spell. I don’t have two red candles in my collection (really need to get some more candles), so I’ve got crafty and cut one down into two. which I’m hoping will be ok.

As part of the spell I’ll be thinking about what I want to do differently this month, what makes me healthy and strong, how I’m treating my body and how much I believe in myself and why.

I’m also planning to do tonight’s moon spell for the moon in Sagittarius, with some sage incense and charging my Agate and Aventurine crystals.

I’d love to do something for the lunar eclipse but it’s not visible here, and we’re pretty clouded over anyway. I’ll be using my Sky Map app to locate the moon :full_moon:


Trying Something New Challenge Entry

Tonight I set up a Crystal Grid. I had never done one for a specific intention. Actually, I don’t remember doing any, but I did download templates that have been posted. I used @Francisco’s for wealth printable. Since mine has to do with finances (new water heater bill) I thought it was a good fit.

I used Clear Quartz in the center to amplify the surrounding stones of Malachite for protection, positive energy, & abundance. Green Aventurine for Wealth & Abundance. Amazonite for good fortune & prosperity. And a green labradorite tower. I placed my athame at the bottom because it’s made of Selenite. I lit an orange candle for abundance & a black candle for protection. I’m using Palo Santo incense to cleanse my space & to keep the good energy in it.

I did a small meditation with visualization of the bill being paid & my accounts having the appropriate funds.

I will leave it set up overnight on my altar.


So part one of my catch up is complete and I’ve posted a separate thread:


Hi I am here in California so I was supposed to be able to see the moon for a minute, but I think I missed it! I am at work! I believe I would have been able to see it! For a second that it came out of the shadow!
Here is a video I found
Super Blood Moon in Sagittarius :sagittarius:
Blessed be!


I picked one of my two already! Dealing in the Divine!

For this one I am donating to Spell8 my list of Norse deity invocations that myself and a couple friends created years back, and over time some more were added to them as well. I use these invocations anytime I am doing a quick offering to that particular deity. Here is the list!

Asatru (Norse-Pagan) God, Goddess and Wight Invocations

The following are invocations for Norse gods, goddesses, and wights. Many are based on kennings from the Skaldskaparmal in the Prose Edda. Please feel free to copy and use any of these invocations on your own website or in your own rituals!


Hail Odin! Husband of Frigg. All-father. Father of battle. One-eyed god. Many-shaped. Wanderer. Hanged god. Raven god. Spear-thruster. Wish-bringer. Galdr-father. Graybeard. Deep hood. Thief of Odhroerir. Kinsman of Mimir. Lord of the Wild Hunt. Yule rider. Finder of the Runes. God of the Gautar. Ruler of Valhalla!


Hail Frigg! Wife of Odin. Mother of Balder. Silent seeress. Ruler of Fensalir. Distaff goddess. Loyal wife and mother. Weaver of Mists!


Hail Thor! Son of Odin and Jord. Father of Magni, Modi, and Thrud. Husband of Sif. Stepfather of Ullr. Ruler and owner of Mjollnir, the Girdle of Might, and Bilskirnir. Defender of Asgard and Midgard. Enemy and slayer of giants and troll-wives!


Hail Sif! Wife of Thor. Golden-haired. Mother of Ullr. Grain goddess!


Hail Balder! Son of Odin and Frigg. Husband of Nanna. Father of Forseti. Owner of Hringhorni and Draupnir. Enemy of Hodr. Hel’s companion. Most fair of gods!


Hail Njord! Husband of Skadi. Dweller in Noatun. Seafarers god. Descendant of the Vanir. Father of Freyr and Freyja. Lover of boats. Fairest of feet!


Hail Skadi! Unhappy bride of Njord. Ski-goddess and snowshoe-goddess. Daughter and avenger of Thjazi. Bow-goddess. Loki’s cold-hearted foe. Inheritor of Thrymheim!


Hail Freyr! Son of Njord. Brother of Freyja. Husband of Gerd. Trusted friend of Skirnir. Descendant of the Vanir. Harvest god and wealth-giver. King of Alfheim. Blot-god of the Swedes. Possessor of Skidbladnir, and the boar known as Gullinbursti. Beli’s slayer. Enemy of Surtr. Wielder of the stag-horn. Fruitful one. Sure giver. Father of the Yngling line. Lord of the Volsi!


Hail Gerd! Daughter of Gymir. Shining-armed bride of Freyr. Bearer of the icy mead-goblet!


Hail Freyja! Daughter of Njord. Sister of Freyr. Descendant of the Vanir. Possessor of Brisingamen. Od’s wife. Vanir-bride. Teacher of seidh. Love goddess. Gold-thirsty one. Queen of witches!


Hail Heimdall. Son of nine mothers. Guardian of the gods. Enemy of Loki, and recoverer of Freyja’s Brisingamen. Owner of the horse Gulltopp. Bifrost’s watchman. All-hearing one. Father of the three kindreds!


Hail Tyr! One-handed god. Feeder of the wolf. Battle god. Sword god. Oathbinder. Lawkeeper. Leader of the Thing. Truest and most steadfast of gods!


Hail Mimir! Keeper of the wisdom-spring. Odin’s kinsman!


Hail Bragi! Idunn’s husband. Inventor of poetry. The long-bearded god. Son of Odin!


Hail Idunn! Wife of Bragi. Keeper of the apples of youth. Captive of Thjazi. Vitality goddess.


Hail Vidar! Silent god. Possessor of iron shoes. Enemy and slayer of Fenriswolf. Avenger of gods. Son of Odin!


Hail Vali! Son of Odin and Rind. Stepson of Frigg. Balder’s avenger. Enemy and slayer of Hodr!


Hail Hodr! Blind god. Balder’s slayer. Shooter of mistletoe. Son of Odin. Hel’s companion. Vali’s enemy!


Hail Forseti! Fair-minded. Baldr’s son. Settler of strife. Even-handed lawgiver. Warder of the holy spring. God of the golden axe. Dweller in Glitnir. Help of the Frisians!


Hail Ullr! Son of Sif. Stepson of Thor. Ski god. Bow god. Hunting god. Shield god!


Hail Loki! Odin’s blood-kin. Son of Farbauti and Laufey. Father of Fenriswolf, and Jormungand. Comrade and table-companion of Odin and the Aesir. Thief of Brisingamen, and Idunn’s Apples. Relative of Sleipnir. Husband of Sigyn. Enemy of gods. Sif’s hair-harmer. Maker of mischief. Cunning god. Accuser and tricker of the gods. Contriver of Balder’s death!


Hail Aegir! Husband of Ran. Ale-brewer. Gatherer of sea-gold. Father of the nine waves. Feast-friend of the Aesir and the drowned. Keeper of the great kettle!


Hail Hel! Keeper of the dead. Hostess of Baldr and Hodr. Half-living one. Garm’s mistress. Dweller in Eljudnir!


Hail Eir! Dweller on Lyfjaberg. Best of healers!


Hail Holda! Dweller in Venusberg. Guardian of unborn children. Maker of snow. Giver of flax. Keeper of the waters of fertility. White goddess. Lady of the wild hunt. Overseer of the distaff at Mothers’ Night!


Hail Lofn! Helper of lovers unable to wed!


Hail Var! Witness to all oaths. Foe to all who break them!


Hail Saga! Benchmate of Odin. Lady of Sokkvabekk. Seer of the times. Talespinner!


Hail Nerthus! Sister of Njord. Mother of Freyr and Freyja. Eldest Mother. Bearer of the Harvest. Hidden Goddess!

The Norns

Hail the Norns! Choosers of lives. Writers of Orlog’s runes. Lawspeakers at the Well!


Hail Jord! Mother of Thor. First Wife of Odin. Daughter of Nott. Goddess of earth!


Hail Sunna! Daughter of Glen. Bright rider in the heavens by day. Driver of Alsvin and Arvak. Wearer of Svalin. Day-star. Ever-glow. All-bright. Wolf-chased. Fair-wheel. Grace-shine. Ensnarer of Trolls!


Hail Mani! Son of Glen. Bright rider in the heavens by night. Fosterer of Hjuki and Bil. Waxer and waner. Year-counter. Wolf-chased. Gleamer. Marker of time. Whirling Wheel!


Hail the Disir! Ghosts of our kinswomen. Warders at birth and death!


Hail the Alfar! Ghosts of our kinsmen. Freyr’s bright followers. Friends of the Aesir!


Hail to the Ancestors, the ones that went before and established all previous knowledge, and culture. The ones who built the roots of the world we live in today.

Ancestors 2

Hail to my ancestors, both known and unknown. Those of my line going all the way back to the beginning, on up to most recent of times. Both men and women, alfar and disir, whom previously had a human form. Those whom I know, as well as those I do not. Those also whom are the ancestors of all humans living now. All humans that have made the journey of life before my time, and now reside in the realm beyond the living. Hail to the ancestors of all! Hail also to the ancestors of my family line! Hail to the ones that guide me. Hail also to the ones that protect me.

Dark Elves and Dwarves

Hail the Dark Elves! Dwellers in the hill and barrow. Dvalin’s kin. Brewers of Odhroerir. Upholders of Ymir’s skull. Shapers of the gods’ gifts!

House Wights

Hail the House Wights! Unseen keepers of home. The small ones. The goodfolk!


Hail the Einherjar! Chosen of Odin. Shield-brothers of Valhalla. Warriors at Ragnarok!


Hail the Valkyries! Shield-maidens. Choosers of the slain. Weavers of the battle-web. Riders of storm-wolves. Victory-givers. Wish-maidens of Odin!


Hail Nehalennia! Beautiful goddess of the hounds, trade, and sea! Lost lady of the Vanir! Ancestor of Njord, Freyja, and Freyr! Protector of travelers!


Hail Ostara! Beautiful shining goddess of the spring! Goddess of renewal! Young maiden goddess filled with sexual longing!

Written by Volmarr Wyrd, Ingeborg Nordén, and Amarina.


Wishing you the best of luck with the string challenge, @Christina4! :raised_hands:

Big congrats to @Amethyst! :partying_face: That’s an impressive feat, as even yours truly hasn’t managed to do all of them (I didn’t quite get to the Word Witch one- I’ll be doing it this week!) :clap: Enjoy your week off, or feel free to dip back into one of your favorite challenges- as yes, like @Siofra mentioned- all challenge badges can be earned multiple times if you’re up for it! :trophy::laughing:

Welcome, @sarah29! :heart: Lots of choices indeed- feel free to pursue any that jump out at you, or go for ones with a title you’d like to display next to your username :grin: Good luck and (most important) have fun! :sparkles:

Wonderful choices, @Kasandra! :clap: I wish you the best of luck delving into your dreams- I hope you can discover some hidden messages waiting for you. And tea potions are wonderful- enjoy! :blush:

Bravo, @Siofra- congrats on your beautiful knot magick! And the crystal grid as well, wow- you got so much done! :gem::thread::sparkles: With your worries and problems all tied up neatly and released in the flames, as well as having experiemented with some exciting crystal grid work, I hope you have a successful and joyful week ahead of you- great job! :clap:

Beautifully done moon magick, @IrisW! :full_moon: :sparkles: Thanks so much for sharing your experience and the lovely pictures as well. I’m glad you enjoyed a wonderful full flower moon! :hibiscus:

Thanks for sharing the video, @Jeannie1- I wasn’t able to see the full moon here either! But thanks to all of these videos and the pictures in the forum, I feel like even those of us who didn’t see it live can still appreciate the joy of the full moon :full_moon_with_face: :two_hearts:

Amazing invocations, @Volmarr! :heart_eyes: These are truly a treasure trove- you are very kind to share them. Beautifully written as well- they are perfect for anyone invoking these deities with a quick and powerful chant :pray: Bravo!


Here also is something else useful too for when working with Norse Goddesses and Gods!

Norse God and Goddess Mantras


Lord Freyr king of ancestors I hail you


Divine fire of Freyja I hail you


Divine Odin seeker and wanderer I hail you


Divine compassion and motherly love of Frigga I hail you


Divine thunder of Thor I hail you


Divine flaxen waves of Sif I hail you


Divine healing touch of Eir I hail you


Divine boats and nets of Njord I hail you


Mysterious web of the Wyrd sisters I hail you


Divine apples of Idunn I hail you


Divine quill and scroll of Saga I hail you


Divine silver tongue of Bragi I hail you


Divine fallen one of Asgard I hail you


Divine beloved of the fallen one of Asgard I hail you


Divine justice and honor of Tyr I hail you


Divine rooster and horn of Heimdall I hail you


Divine knowledge of silence of Hodr I hail you


Divine aim of Ullr I hail you


Divine primal chaos of Loki I hail you

These are Norse God and Goddess mantras in English! They are chanted to do mantra meditation! Best is to chant them in multiples of 108! Best way to keep count is to get a set of prayer beads which have 108 beads, plus one extra sticking up bead, which lets you know when you reached the end of that round of 108. You just put one bead between the fingers of your right hand (always use your right hand for this) and advance your fingers to the next bead each time you have chanted it once! It is a powerful form of meditation which allows you to absorb the energies of the deity into you, so you become bit by bit more divine in ways similar to them! Happy chanting!


Hello wonderful people! :kissing_heart:
Last night I followed the Full Flower Moon Spell with intentions to improve a relationship.
I added honey and a rose quartz to the water and placed the jar on a mirror as a last-minute addition (I found it whilst looking for a black marker and remembered something about mirrors amplifying spellwork!)

Though I’ve been practising little bits of magic all along, I’ve been feeling so OFF for the last few months :pensive: This spell and meditation just gave me such a wonderful boost of energy- it’s the first time I’ve felt such love and joy in ages! Thank you so so much @Francisco for putting this together! :heart:
I woke up around 4am after having a dream about waking up to see the moon shining on the Flower water :joy: dejavu moment?! And managed to sit in meditation in the moonlight until she disappeared from view. It was absolutely perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please sign me up for Lunar Witch! :full_moon:


Congratulations :clap::tada: on your first grid!!! I knew you could do it!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray: