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  1. Weekly Witch challenge – Catch up

027. Weekly Witch Challenge - Of the element of Air

first entry
Challenge entry - Garnet
I’m not sure if I correctly categorized this subject, if it’s in the wrong spot let me know and I’ll move it.

In the last few weeks, questions have been floating on the many rivers of my mind. And like

a leaf floating in the air, I felt compelled to float with it.

This challenge is delving into your senses and the curving rivers, of one’s mind.

I’ve often told young people that the secret to life is to live it to the fullest measure.

But, the fullest measure of life comes with unwritten rules.

#1. Be mindful and aware of everything going on around you.

I think that the human mind is like an early warning system. What I mean is that funny feeling when something is going to ‘happen’

#2. Develop and appreciate your 5 senses, to slow down and live for the moment… This helps to stop the thoughts racing around in your head until you want to dig your hands into your hair and scream.

STOP! Let me take a breath.

#4. Breath. It sounds so simple and for the most part, breathing is automatic. Think about the act of breathing. While pulling air into your lungs, do you know what else you’re doing? You’re oxygenating your blood. You are also unconsciously using your sense of smell. Do you smell the fabric softener on your clothes, your shampoo, or even a small whisp of smoke that can alert you to danger? Walking down the sidewalk, you can smell the freshly mowed lawn. Categorizing the smells becomes an automatic reflection. What does the smell mean to you, is it a good smell or something that should alert you to danger?

#5. Sight. Sitting in a comfortable chair on the porch, look around you. How lovely life is. Now close your eyes. All those lovely shapes and colors are gone, they are only a memory. All of the things you observed can be analyzed to help ground you and release anxiety or other negative emotions.

Don’t forget smell and breathing, it’s related.

#6. Taste This is such an important sense that if one should lose the ability to taste, it is possible to starve. Concentrate on your mouth and how it works, your tongue movement, your teeth, and the saliva produced to keep the mouth moist and help in early digestion.

#7. Touch We often think of touch. your hands & fingers. What about your feet? Your toes? in fact, the skin is the first line of defense against injury and infection.

This next little bit may seem a little unrelated to what I’ve said so far but bare with me here.

#8. Focus. Stand up and walk around the room, touching various things. When you are ready, pick something to be your focal point. Train yourself to continuously return your attention to that item. In time, even with distractions, you can gently return your attention to your focal point.

Don’t lose faith if you don’t succeed right away, it’s just another way to fine-tune your life and practice.

Anxiety is the enemy. It can make you feel out of control. You need to learn how to do grounding activities to instantly calm your mind and body.

If you remember nothing else, remember this.

This is your life, your body, your mind, and your emotions.

You ARE the master of your fate, so learn to sail the lovely sailing ship called YOU.

Blessed be and remember

You can be anything you want to be

Your only obstacle is yourself


  1. Weekly Witch challenge – Catch up

Challenge entry. Garnet

  1. All about altars. - reverent witch

It is my belief, that prehistorically, the “altar” came to be as a place to worship. I assume that they would find a special place to make their ‘altars’. A lovely glen or a special tree, where they would commune with their gods.

In ancient times temples became a building or shelters.

I want to bring attention to some historical temples. To name them all would be a long writing, so I’ll go by country and just the oldest known.

  • The oldest temple in the world so far is the Gbekli Tepe om S.E. Turkey. Built between 11,500-12,000 BCE

In Egypt, temples abounded, from the

  • Temple of Hatshepsut. 1479 BCE Immense and elaborate, this is a beautiful temple to Hathor

*In Mesopotamia, temples were in most houses, and administrative centers.

In modern-day Isreal, they had 'the Temple in Judaism, called Beit Hamikdash, and The first temple of Solomon 833 BCE

In Greece, temples were popular and frequent. To name a few,

The temples to Demeter at Eleusis,530 B.C, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and the famous Parthenon to Athena, 550 BC. All contained altars, statues, and pictographs

In China, Temples weren’t always to the divine, an example? The Confucian Temple in the city of Qufu. 478 BCE

India is famous for its Temples and buildings as is Indonesia.

Japan, Shinto temples honor spirits of the area

India has many temples that revere their gods.

Rome boasted the Pantheon (113-125 CE) a temple to their gods. It was only preserved by Christians because they made it a church

Each of these temples contained an ‘Altar’.

This was a very short list of ancient temples.

My thanks to: Temple - World History Encyclopedia

So, Temples aren’t new, nor are places of worship to include Altars.

But, what is an altar?

A structure or flat surface where prayers, sacrifices, or some religious purpose.

They can be as elaborate as The Ghent Altarpiece, (Almost burned by Calvinists, it has been censored & stollen by Napoleon and Hitler, and in 1931, 1 part of the 12 was stolen and never recovered.) as simple as a pentagram, a colored candle, incense & cup. Or a mini travel Altar It is your choice. It is essentially your place of worship.

My current temple is a little fussy but so am I. It contains a mini chalice, and an Aladdin-type lamp (cause’ it’s cute). A mini Candleabra holds birthday candles. A statue of Gaia and a Cobalt bell & Star. This is devoted to Goddess. Lots of small spheres…

My 2nd altar is dedicated to Bast. I have a lovely statue of the Bastet with wings on Her, Candles. A sphere stand, with some pretty spheres on it. It’s a work in progress.

Thanks, Garnet


This was FANTASTIC! Thank you for posting this, as it showed how temples, and, as you pointed out, their ‘mini me’ altars, vary among the cultures. This, inturn, freed each of us from any confines we may have about how we want to have our altars.
Very interesting info!


Another one for the making magickal offerings. One of offerings ive been doing and though it became a little intermittent in doing i had been doing fitness challenges for a cause. One was conquerer challenges which supports planting on new trees to combat deforestation ( Nematona) or also they started a project ( so you xan choose between them to which cause you supportfor your challenge that they remove plastic from the oceans ( which i thought would be good Njord who is god of oceans). I also was doing run motivator challenges which supports an animal shelter ( Rhiannon). Ive also support the zoo ( animal consevation) through membership (Cernunnos ) though tge last one is not so much fitness except if i ever manage to get to the zoo to explore to walk around the zoo which will be a way to also spend time with Cernunnos as well. I do hope during the leave i have coming up ill be able to go.

So this fitness thing was resparked, partly cause i know my health gas made exercise outside of work hard with exhaustion, health issues and too much much to do when not at work so been putting on a lil weight as a result. And i want to look after ny health and wellbeing. Freya is big on srlf love n care. I cant help anyone if i crash n burn. N todsy had nephew 1st bday. Im not a girly girl so i was looking for a t-shirt to wear and i realised that i had a tshirt from one of my run motivator challenges that i hadnt worn because i was waiting till id done 600miles. Id past 600miles but forgot to pull the stuff out. It was this phoenix i will rise above theme. I wore the tshirt n it reminded me of the fitness challenges n how the shirst from run motivators were encouragements which i liked. Positive affirnatuon type things so since im still working on a conquerer challenge for the tree planting ( Nematona) i thought id pick a new challenge for run notivators to support the animal shelter as well, plus its a good way to get new shirts ( which i need as most of clothes pretty old n fall apart) plus they have positive messages which helps me not only remember the reason i do challenges but supports positive mental health plus physical health in doing exercise too. Im not sure, i know Lugh is a warrior and so is Freya, but also Lugh god of sun and i cant help think of energy. Multiskilled etc so i think of him when i think of fitness and like martial art type training. . Im trying to think of both little things like incence or candles etc as offerings but also things that are important to each nember of my clan to honor them and support things that they are interestes in or think is imoortant. Things like supporting animal conservations, animal shelters and planting trees or cleaning up oceans. Ive also seen pacer does challenges related to supporting sea animals so maybe i can also check that out for offering to Njord. Theres lots more ideas but im trying to pick sonetjing i can do n ongoing, not just something would start but not finish. And looking at what would be specific to each deity in my clan. It may be a little thinking outside the normal box of ordinary offerings. But i try looking at what things are important to then n finding something that might fit into that.


Challenge Entry

Symbols and Sigilshttps://forum.spells8.com/t/weekly-witchy-challenge-symbols-sigils/19614

I read through the entries for this challenge and some of the articles that were linked.

I started by drawing my own symbol for a phoenix.

As suggested in a post for the original challenge, I went online to the sigil generator and I got this sigil. It represents the affirmation I had put into the sigil generator. Seemed a bit too much for me to recreate regularly.

Then I saw a post about using names converted to numbers. The numbers are put into a circle and then you draw the sigil. The post had a circle with numbers already assigned to a spot. But it states to put the numbers in the circle. So I created my own circle and put the numbers where I felt they should go. I used both circles to see what the difference would be. These are the symbols for phoenix that I generated. The one one the right is the one using my own placed numbers.

As some of you may know, I am getting a phoenix tattoo, hopefully on September 20. Personally, the phoenix represents a rebirth and renewal for me at this point in my life.

So, I started to think of what the phoenix represents for me even more. So I created a phrase, converted it to numbers and used the circle I numbered myself. Here is the sigil of empowerment for me and I love it! If it looks like other sigils that is coincidental. It also looks similar to doodles I have done in the past, not exactly, but there is a familiarity to it for me.

So happy we have opportunities to go back to previous challenges!


For my challenge I am going to do some potion making. Since tonight is the full harvest moon I am going to make full moon oil with the intent of gratitude. Every time I use this oil I will reflect on all the blessings in my life.Full Moon Anointing Oil


Challenge number 2-Salty Spellwork- Take a bottle of spring water and add salt to it. You have just made Witch’s Holy Water. I am going to put that out under the full moon tonight to give it some extra power.


Oh I am so excited for this! I’ll have to comb through the list! :mag_right:

Edit: holy cow :cow2: there are so many I want to try! Lol!


It’s absolutely beautiful! This is one topic I have never really looked into at all but after reading your post and seeing the altar, I might add this to my to do list.

Enjoy your weekend,


:corn: Inviting Abundance :corn:

For this challenge, I diffused cinnamon essential oil, made myself some cinnamon stick tea and meditated on all that I have in my life. I didn’t plan my affirmations, but here are a few that I said:
Laasi jahrii do Norgraz (My life is full of abundance) Zu’u jahrii do Unazom, Jiik, Faraan ahrk Drem (I am full of happiness, joy, wealth, and peace)
Laasi jahrii do Pruntaas (My life is full of success)
Oo sahrot Dovah, zu’u nox hi fah daar zodrem Haadridak voth Fuhilpiin ahrk Lovaas (Oh mighty dragons, I thank you for this peaceful meditation with tea and music)

It was hard to choose which choose fall ambient music to listen to, but I settled on
Haunted Village Halloween Ambience :bat: 3 Hours of Relaxing Spooky and Fall Nature Sounds, White Noise

Image that’s seen while the video is playing

After a while, I became lost in the image. It was like I was looking through a window.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Liminal Magick – Liminal Witch - Entry

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

A Liminal Path

About 3 weeks ago, I was using clippers in the yard trimming plants. Then I trimmed my hand… I was so angry with myself for being so careless. Of course, this was about 6:30 pm on a Sunday, which means my doctor’s office was closed and so were all the urgent care centers. So my only choice was an emergency room. From past experience, I knew that if I got a couple of stitches it would heal quicker.

And so begins my walk down a liminal path… The ER was crowded and understaffed. When I was finally put in a room it was the very last room at the end of a very long hallway with several turns along the way.

There was a strong presence of security officers at every turn. I also had to walk through a metal detector just to get into the ER. It seemed strange and I had an eerie feeling, especially in the room I was in!!! I didn’t think about it too much. I occupied my time playing games on my phone because I had no cell service. I finally got my stitches after about 4 hours thankfully.

For about the next 5 days, I was very depressed, one of the worst episodes I’ve ever had. I heard things, that I had never heard before… it was quite frightening, to say the least. I was even using “the hardcore oils” Rose, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Jasmine, etc. I used the oils with the highest energy vibrations and the most light, but it didn’t help. I even took extra anti-depressants, but nothing seemed to work. I would just cry for no reason. I felt crazy and very alone.

This also coincided with the time my Intuition cycle in my Biorhythm chart was at rock bottom. On day 5, I realized I had brought something home with me from the hospital… not a ‘bug’ or virus or bacteria but an evil entity! I have banished entities before, so I quickly did it again. And I immediately felt better!

I learned a lot from this experience, I had become careless and wasn’t doing as much protection, healing and cleansing as I usually do. Or maybe, I’m just getting old! Anyone who’s an empath knows that hospitals are filled with spirits that have not moved on! It’s a very sad place. No wonder security was so strong!

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Divining Differently


I believe that what you’ve experienced is considered an ‘oppression,’ which is where a negative energy tries to attach itself to a positive energy source. I also believe that the best tactic is to continue being as positive as possible to combat the negativity.
You should also consider letting your medical provider know about this as it is possible that any physiologic condition you may have may have been altered by this event.
Consider letting friends and family know so that they can comfort you and provide solace. Also, please keep us all here posted as well!
Wishing you continued strength!


As an add-on: I’m fascinated with entities such as Lilith, Hekate, Odinn (The Crazed One), and the true ancients such as those from pre-history. In searching for a sigil for Lilith, including the amazing information found on this website, it occurred to me that (for me only) I don’t like Lilith’s sigil!
Odd, huh?
Well, for me, the second, I believe the most common sigil, harkens too much to Saturn, Medieval Christianity, and the third imparts Luciferian and sacrificial overtones. Both of these seem to smother Lilith in masculinity (a punishment?). I am partial to the first sigil, however, even though it is the one I would use similar to her formal name if you will, I don’t believe it is thorough enough.
In reading, and re-reading the Book of Nod, and other sources, such as in this podcast, I’ve come to have a deep respect for her wisdom and perseverance. She was not one who devoured babies, nor a succubus, nor predisposed to evil intentions or acts. She has been maligned for centuries because she refused to be subjugated - and who can’t identify with that?
Given this challenge then, I have decided to develop a personal Lilith sigil - or try to!
Please wish me luck :wink:


Thanks so much for the reply @Wysteria_Norn As soon as I realized what had happened to me, I cleared it. I immediately felt better, no more evil voices speaking to me. I have shared as you suggested. Thank you for wishing me strength and for your concern. It really means a lot to me.

I did a quick search on “oppression by an entity” and found this :rofl: It made me smile :heart:

“There are many reasons why demonic oppression and possession happen. Most of the reasons are based on weak faith, disobedience to religion, and falling into sin.”
~ Difference Between Oppression and Possession

P.S. Wishing you the best of luck in creating your new personal Lilith sigil! :four_leaf_clover: I would love to see what you create, but if you feel it’s too personal, I understand.

With love always!


Oh, Marsha,
You’ve found an image of the hallway to forever. It may end with the brick wall, or it may turn left or right. What if it’s a liminal brick wall that you see but isn’t there? It’s like forever, it goes on and on…
Love you bunches.
:sparkling_heart: :gift_heart: :revolving_hearts:
PS, I think, since we did the challenge on liminality, I find myself looping like a skipping record.


@Phoenix_Fire – Aww I can’t see your first picture! It looks like something went wrong when you uploaded it. :cry: I love your altar, though! I think using wax melts as a candle alternative is a good idea. :candle:

@Wysteria_Norn – Hmm :thinking: I’ve never thought of Dark Matter as being something that our ancestors and other spirits are made of. That’s such an interesting perspective!

@Kasandra – I knew the books and the show were different but I didn’t know how different they were! I think I definitely want to read those books eventually. :dragon: I think your spell for alleviating fear is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us :heart:

@Garnet“You ARE the master of your fate, so learn to sail the lovely sailing ship called YOU.” That is so right Garnet. I love all of this. All of your points make perfect sense. I think one of the things I often forget to do myself is breath :wind_face: it’s so difficult for me, especially with so many things going on in my daily life. This is the reminder that I needed. :pray:

Modern altars are an interesting concept in the way many pagans and Wiccans use them. In many cultures there would be a community altar, generally one for the home or town. Altars to individual deities were rare, so our modern inclination to give each deity their own space has always fascinated me :thinking: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing!

@Phoenix_Rose – Congratulations on your sigils! :partying_face: I love the ones you created!

@Kasandra – It just occured to me recently that I don’t think I’ve done this challenge! :thinking: Maybe I’ll make a whole post about how I do my money altar… :money_with_wings: that should work for this one!

@marsha – I can tell you from working in hospitals that they are definitely a liminal space. If you think about it, so many spirits pass through there! :spirit_element: It’s where people go to die and it’s where people go to live and be born. It doesn’t surprise me that you brought something home with you but I’m glad you were able to get it banished! :no_good_woman:


For each of my challenge entries I decided to utilize the Full Moon this month - May I please submit an entry for:

:bride_with_veil: Deities of the Moon – Blessed by the Moon

These pages come from ‘Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore and Mystical Energies’ by Aurora Kane

May I also please submit an entry for:

:full_moon_with_face: Strength of the Full Moon - Lunar Witch

These pages come from ‘Living Lunarly: Moon Based Self-Care for Your Mind, Body and Soul’ by Kiki Ely

Seeing as September is my birth month I decided that I really wanted to try and utilize the strength of this month’s full moon to make a little magic. During the Moon Goddess meditation I wore my moonstone rings and my moonstone pendant and I preformed my meditation holding my moonstone sphere crystal. It brought back memories of when I first started practicing last year. I did a salt water purification ritual and I remember afterwards just crying and asking out loud for the Moon Goddess to accept me and help me. I tell you what I think it well and truly worked. Once you open up to that connection you feel her power all the time.


Weekly Witchy Challenge- Catch up:

Earth Friendly Witchcraft- Earth Witch

I’ve been working on making my yard more drought tolerant this year. I’m building a rock garden with better plants for my area. There has been this poor little cactus planted in the wrong bed for the almost 6 years I’ve lived here so I decided to dig it up and move it to a better home- My Rock Garden!
I have a few pictures for this challenge:
This is where it was being crowded out by succulents in the shaded wetter area.

The Cactus:

The Rock Garden:

For my second entry I chose Moon Magick- Moon Witch

I had to take an emergency trip back to Oklahoma this week, so Friday night before I left I sat down with a gorgeous Full Moon, blessed some jewelry and made some amulets with my jewelry. I charged everything with the moon and meditated on my trip for a while.
The next night when I came in for a landing, the moon was huge and red! It looked magnificent in the sky as it rose. It was an amazing sight and it gave me a real sense of calm.


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

My favorite thing about Catch-Up Challenges is seeing the sheer diversity of talents and skills on display in the coven- thank you so much to everyone who has joined in so far! :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, please know that you still have some time:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: September 13th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :clock5::sparkles:


Thanks! I find it quite intriguing.
My theory, which is still a work-in-process, is that maybe as we ‘pass on’ from what we consider to be regular matter (about 5% of the known Universe) in death, we transfer (if you will) into the Aether (AKA Pleroma, Dark Energy, Spirit Realm). During that process, we ‘fall into’ a Dark Matter state, which physicists say makes up roughly 15% of the known universe but we can’t regularly interact or sense it. If this is close to the actual thing, then a ‘spirit realm’ does indeed exist and can be sensed and communicated with by certain people or by doing certain activities.
So, maybe, regular matter equates to Body, Dark Matter equates to Mind, and Dark Energy equates to Spirit.
What I like about it is that, rather than forcing us to toss centuries, and even millennia, of knowledge attained by dedicated and educated people, it allows us to incorporate (pun intended lol) that information for, perhaps, a clearer picture of our existence.
Also, it provides something solid for me to attribute deities, spirits, guides, ancestors, etc., as Dark Matter is believed to be much older and more ubiquitous than regular matter.
Thanks again.
As you can tell, this is a subject I’m rather passionate about!
Have an awesome day!