🕚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

@Garnet great entry & seems like you knew exactly what to do foe your first entry!

I know I’ve missed… at least a few… :rofl: usually I’m much better at the challenges, but had a few bumps along the way.

I’ll have to go through at least the last 10 of them to see which ones I missed… I think there were at least 3… thereay be more… just call me Dory for right now :hugs:

I’m excited to explore some different ones though. I remember being sad I either missed the deadline or couldn’t get to them those weeks.

So, thinking cap is on while I go through & pick them for this week.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry increasing it to 3 is a great idea! Im sure the older through the newest members will have just as much fun & gai ed experience as those who have been able to keep up! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


120 Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch up
Challenge entry #2. Garnet
004 [Earth-Friendly] witchcraft Earth Witch

I decided to do something different.
Instead of what, where, when, who and why?
A few short lines would suffice…

This is what we need to remember…

Earth is our home, our provider, and our protector.

Without it, we would be thrown back to 2 atoms circling

each other forever, in an eternal loop without purpose.

Yes, the earth is responsible for our well-being,
But, we are responsible to do our part.

Plant your seed with love and water

Set it in late spring for your food to grow.

Bide you time, patience is the key,

Watch as your garden grows.

Then, late in summer or early fall,

Gather what the earth so freely offers

Harvest your garden and your will winter stores will grow

Watch the animals, they’ll know where to go.

Harvest your crops from corn to squash. Peas and carrots.

You reap what you sew and now you won’t starve.

The earth provides for her children if we care for Her, with love.

Blessed Be



120 [Weekly Witchy Challenge - catch up

Challenge Entry - Garnet

006. Witch Weekly Witchy Challenge - Kitchen Witchery – Kitchen Witch

#3. Challenge entry – Garnet

I decided I would make southern short ribs in an instant pot

In 48 years, I haven’t poisoned Rich yet but you never know…

Fingers crossed…


3 Tb. olive oil

• 1 yellow onion, diced

• 3 carrots, chopped

• 8 whole beef short ribs (I got a rack of ribs, cut in thirds)

• salt and pepper, to taste

• 1/4 C. all-purpose flour

• 1 C. dry red wine

• 2 1/2 C. of low-sodium beef broth

• (Beef bone broth, homemade is best)

• 2 Tablespoons tomato paste

• 2 sprigs of fresh thyme

• 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
instructions - oven
First turn the ribs over and slide a blunt knife under the membrane at one end of the rack, lift to loosen the membrane. Using paper town, hold onto the membrane, and peel it off the back of the ribs. With luck, it should come off in one piece.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

• In a large dutch oven or oven-safe pot with a lid, heat one tablespoon of oil over medium-high heat. Add onion and carrots and cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly. Remove veggies to a plate.

• Season the ribs with salt and pepper and coat on all sides with flour. Add 2 more tablespoons of oil to the pot and turn the heat to high. Add ribs and brown on all sides, about 45 seconds per side. Remove to a plate.

• Add the wine to deglaze the pan. Scrape the bottom of the pan to release any browned bites of flavor. Bring to a boil and cook for 2 minutes.

• Add beef broth, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Stir in tomato paste. Taste broth and add additional seasonings, if needed.

• Add ribs, veggies, and (whole) sprigs of thyme and rosemary to the pot.

• Cover with the lid and place into the oven. Cook at 350 degrees for 2 hours, then reduce heat to 325 degrees and cook for an additional 30 to 45 minutes. Ribs should be very tender, nearly falling off the bone.

• Remove the pan from the oven and allow rest for 20 min., with the lid on, before serving. Skim off any fat that has risen to the top of the liquid, before serving.

• Serve ribs over mashed potatoes with a spoonful of sauce from the pot.

• Store leftover short ribs in a sealed container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days depending on the freshness of your ingredients.

**Instant Pot: Turn the IP to the sauté setting. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the pot. Once hot add onion and carrots and cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly. Remove veggies to a plate. Season the ribs with salt and pepper and coat on all sides with flour. Add 2 more tablespoons of oil to the pot and turn the heat to high. Add ribs and brown on all sides, about 45 seconds per side. Remove to a plate. Add the wine to deglaze the pan. Scrape the bottom of the pan to release any browned bites of flavor. Cook for 2 minutes. Add beef broth, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Stir in tomato paste. Taste broth and add additional seasonings, if needed. Add ribs, veggies, and (whole) sprigs of thyme and rosemary to the pot. Cook on Manual/High pressure for 45 minutes. Allow the pressure to release for 15 minutes before removing the lid.

Now, wasn’t that a nice recipe?

But guess what? I followed it completely – NOT!

What I really did was: Bought the rack of ribs, striped the membrane, and cut them into thirds. Dumped 2 Tb. oil and a diced sweet onion into the instant pot to soften. Threw in ribs, 1 bottle of honey barbeque sauce(cheat much?), 1 C water, and 1/2 cup ketchup. Slow-cooked it for 3 hrs. Ta Da! Done.

And thank the Goddess, it was great.

And please, believe me, the fact that it turned out good was magick!

Blessed be



Challenge entry #1

So i have tried to get a better understanding of what each of my runes mean. I have a rune plate and runes to cast that a friend made me. I wrote out each rune meaning. And did research, which yall know i love, on each aswell.


Challenge Entry #1

Weekly Witchy Challenge: Handwritten Magick. I tried my hand at automatic writing: this was my first attempt.

I began with thinking about a question i wanted to receive guidance about. I was more fuzzy on from whom I wished to receive guidance, whether it was from my higher self, a spirit guide or ancestor. Honestly, I was not sure on which door I should knock,I just knew I did not want to channel a dark entity.

But I haven’t let inexperience and uncertainty hold me back from trying new things before so I jumped in with both feet, or hands, not knowing what to expect.

I knew I was to close my eyes, focus on my breath and try not to think what my hand was doing, to surrender it to whatever force would guide it. I was calm and mildly curious.

I was surprised just how automatic this felt very early on. Whatever i tapped into, whether it was my own subconscious or what i could feel my hand writing like mad and my head fell on chest. It did feel trance-like or dream-like.

I scribbled 3 pages of notebook paper, stopping because the energy became quiite intense…i was scribbling very fast and my heart rate increased. I haven’t had a seizure before but it occurred to me that i was approaching an altered state of some kind so i quit, since this is unknown territory for me.

I was able to discern some words i had no intention of writing “tomorrow,” also “son” and “father.” It is very dream-like and hard to pinpoint a meaning. I will set it aside and come back to it. Perhaps the meaning will come to me in dream.


Challenge Entry #1

I totally missed this challenge, I’ve been busy with crafts for this time of year! Made cute Halloween skirts for my daughter and I, and now I’m working on a dragon wings shawl for her. I have more clothes and gifts to make… I’m always crafting lol!

Anyway I don’t have an official entry since this is closed but it did get me thinking. One thing I’ve done for quite a while now is being aware of the day names. I follow the Norse pantheon, so each day I focus on the God or Goddess and what teachings they have. For example Wednesday is Odin’s day. I focus on learning, wisdom, and insight. Tuesday is Tyr’s day… I try to keep promises on that day, if I have any that I haven’t fulfilled. Friday is Freya’s or Frigga’s day. I focus on romance, the home and hearth, family, etc. Just some small examples. (I need to work more on it. I frequently just go through my days and don’t think much about them.)

I also always use a candle when I do prayers, spells, or rituals. Someday I hope to collect colored ones. For now I use white tea lights. I have a couple of crystals and herbs, and joining Spells8 has helped me be aware of things I can use to boost any workings I do.

Oh! I also frequently choose colors I wear to match the day and what I need. Cool colors for calming, warm for warmth or motivation. Black for protection. Pink for softness and love. I need to get back into that, I haven’t been as mindful about the colors I use.

My daughter and I also recently collected the 2023 Coloring Book of Shadows planners, so that we can both be more aware of the moon phases and astrological changes throughout the year. Being more in flow with things like that I think boosts everything we do. We as humans can get so out of flow with nature. I think the Universe responds in kind when we follow the flow the best that we can, and work in alignment in the things we do and say.

Anyway here’s the website with more information about the planners!

It is definitely my goal to work more with correspondences in EVERYTHING I do!


Oh my goodness, 120 already?! :astonished: It’s time to breakout my spreadsheet and figure out which challenges I missed :laughing:

A challenge limit increase, too?! Score!

You and me both!

This is a great entry for the Thrifty Witch challenge, Garnet! I love all of the suggestions you’ve made here for more thrifty tool options. I think my favorite would have to be an altar cloth. I didn’t buy my altar cloth but I have made one (or two…or three?) I prefer to make them myself because then they get a bit of my own energy added to them :blush:

Psshhhh you’ve been busy healing and recovering (yes, even weeks and weeks ago – all healing is valid!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m excited to see which challenges you missed and what you decide to share lol

You’ve got a standing ovation from me, Garnet! :clap: :clap: :clap: I’m always a fan of your writing and poetry. I think this really captures the essence of what it means to be eco-friendly and taking care of our Earth :earth_africa:

haha sometimes the fact that we can throw things together and they still turn out good is the magick itself :laughing: That’s my preferred method of cooking!

That rune plate and rune set are so pretty! :heart_eyes: Is it resin? That purple is just amazing :purple_heart:

I’ve never done automatic writing – it’s interesting though! Have you tried it again since? And were you able to discern the meanings of the words you had written down?

I’m gonna need pictures and a pattern :laughing: That sounds like a great project!


Three challenges? Yay! That puts me one step closer to getting all the badges that were given out before I joined the forum.

Since Thanksgiving is only a week away, now would be the perfect time to delve into some Kitchen Witchery! :cupcake:

Tonight is Hecate’s Night, so I think some Moon Magick :full_moon: is in order!

I have been doing some research on Ryujin, Japanese dragon god of the sea, and I’d like to work with him for the first time for the Dealing in the Divine :pray:t3: challenge.


@Garnet, I love the creative ideas you came up with for this one!! I am definitely going to use the little girls’ tea set idea! Brilliant! :heart: :hugs:


Here’s the pattern at Etsy, it’s different than any I’ve used before but super detailed! I finished the wings in Caron Simply Soft yarn, dark blue and sky blue. She’s worn it quite a bit already!


@Phoenix_Fire Hahaha I love your excitement (and song :dancer: :tada:)! It makes me really happy that you enjoy the challenges so much- I’ll look forward to hearing which one(s) you choose to jump into this week! :blush:

@Garnet You’ve got some brilliant ideas for thrifty witchery (along with the most important advice of all- having fun doesn’t cost any money! :partying_face:), a really heartwarming chant to the Earth (you always write so beautifully! :seedling: :heart:), and an absolutely mouth watering recipe for ribs- gosh, when was the last time I had ribs? It’s been too long- thank you for sharing the recipe and cooking tips, Garnet- I like your version! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much for sharing your entries!

@Siofra_Strega Hooray! I’m glad you think so- it just felt right with so many challenges out there to do. Hopefully increasing the limit will help new folks get any badges that catch their eye :grinning:

@Mistress_Of_Herbs The lovely Siofra helped move this here- just saying that this lovely entry is noted and will be counted towards the Catch-Up Challenge! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful runes and rune plate- I hope they have been serving you well in your rune work! :heart::relaxed:

@mary25 This awesome entry that missed the deadline was rehomed here by the wonderful Siofra- just noting it and acknowledging that it will be counted toward this Catch-Up Challenge :star2: Thanks again for sharing it, Mary! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Melora_Fae Thank you again for sharing this fun entry towards the Conditional Magick theme, Melissa! The lovely Siofra has rehomed it here- just making a note that it has been received and will be counted towards this Catch-Up Challenge :star2: Thanks again!

@Kasandra I think you’re pretty close to collecting all the badges, Kasandra- I’m cheering you on with the themes you take on this week! I hope you have fun with your magick- good luck and enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry

Moon Magick :full_moon:

Last night was a difficult night, because I had a huge fight with some of my family members. I might vent a bit in A Sacred Space post later.

But for Hecate’s night, I lit three black candles, left an offering of minced garlic on my altar, and asked the Lady of the Crossroads to bless all of the keys that I owned: car keys, jewelry box key, and key necklace.

Under the waning moon, I then did some shadow work. It was very difficult, but I learned that the accusations thrown at me were not true.
I was thinking of not doing any ritual for Hecate’s Night, but she never fails to bring me peace whenever I need it.


I’m bookmarking that – it’s gorgeous! Thank you :blush:

I’m glad you were able to do something even though you had a rough night with your family members :people_hugging: your offering and ritual to Hekate were successful :heart:


I don’t know how I missed this yesterday but I love catch ups!

And it’s already #120?!?!? That is crazy to think about!

Now to figure out which ones I want to tackle. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Challenge Entry-Trying something new

Ok, full disclosure, I am terrible at meditation. I kid you not, friends and I have been kicked out of yoga class twice for breaking the mood. It wasn’t on purpose what we did to get kicked out, I swear.
I’m terrible at meditation, folks have tried to teach me, it just doesn’t stick, because I sit still, and my brain Will. Not. Shut. Off. Never have a problem any other time, but I sit still and try to meditate and one of a few things happen. My to do list is first of mind and will not put itself aside. Something happens that breaks my focus, the phone rings, a thought wanders by, etc.
Based on everything I’ve learned here that meditation helps with spell work, I figured ok, let’s give this another shot. I tried the first mediation in the meditation course, and I made it at least a few minutes before the to do list wandered back in. Progress, I think.


That’s definitely progress! :clap: Congratulations!

One thing that I always remind myself of is that meditation isn’t about quieting the mind, necessarily. It’s more about acknowledging the thoughts that come into your mind, saying I see you, and then letting them go. :wind_chime: It gets easier with time!


Challenge Entry – Inviting Abundance

I hadn’t realized that I missed this challenge, so what better way to celebrate Thursdays then give everyone a sneak peak at my prosperity altar! It’s simple yet effective and hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

Every Thursday, I take a candle and place it on my golden plate. Usually I use a green chime candle but I’m all out so I used a tealight today. I dress the candle, the sigil painting, and the coins with my homemade prosperity oil. Depending on how I feel that day I will also anoint the coins and money in the green pouch (that I made) and shake the pouch toward my chest.

I don’t have a specific chant or incantation I say. I simply focus on inviting in abundance and prosperity, staying open to opportunities that would benefit our financial stability, and keeping our home the way we enjoy it.

Today is no different! I spent a few minutes in mindfulness today at my prosperity altar, lit the candle, and it will burn until it goes out (or until I have to leave).


Challenge Entry

Kitchen Witchery :cupcake:

Cauldron brownies!

I forgot to make them for Samhain, but finally did today! They don’t quite look like the picture on the kit, but they’re delicious! :yum:


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry - Witch Brews & Potion Brewer

I am so glad I saved my Challenges that I did not get in on time! Here is one that I missed. Witch Brews & Potions. I am not sure what Badges you are talking about that we want? This badge is "Potion Brewer" I would like that badge, Please and thank you. I will begin with, :drum: roll…Wordpad by copy and paste. Then I will do some touch ups…Done.



Weekly Witchy Challenge - Witch Brews & Potions Entry

Below is a list of my Intentions to choose a spell and a potion to achieve my final outcome for Grounding my Son and Banishing Demons:


  1. A Spell to assist in “Grounding” my son. He has changed his journey in life but he now knows this was the wrong path to take.
  2. A Potion to Banishing any Demon that may enter my space or my families space with the intent to harm.

The Spell I am using for my first intention is a Grounding Tea Spell. (hemanicnami.tumblr.com/namis-grounding-tea, 16 SEP 2016)

Nami’s Grounding Tea
⦁Black tea of your choice
⦁Cinnamon (powdered is the best)
⦁Peppermint or Rose petals (depending on which you have or prefer, i personally prefer rose petals)
⦁(optional) Milk or Cream

Heat your water to a temperature you enjoy drinking it at, I personally don’t get mine to the point of boiling due to sensitive teeth that don’t like heat. Pour it into your cup with the black tea and sugar placed into it. The Black tea is for energy as well as strong relations to the earth and grounding, the sugar is for more energy and attracting positive energies to yourself. Take one spoonful of rose petals/mint for divination and psychic power enhancement and put them into your tea (preferably into a tea holder or infuser of some kind). Finally add a tiny bit of milk (if you wish) and a half of spoonful of cinnamon to the top of the cup. The cinnamon is for power, energy and psychic powers and stir it clockwise (Nami, 9/16/2016)

I prefer to use tea versus coffee. It must be an intuition but I belief tea has a stronger spiritual connection over coffee.

Reading the Tea Leaves or Coffee Grounds
Reading tea leaves or coffee grounds has traditionally been practiced in many countries by the women in the family, typically at gatherings of family and friends (Fortune Telling Using Tea Leaves, Coffee Grounds., 2016)

⦁Tea leaf reading is also referred to as tasseomancy, tasseography or teomancy.
⦁Coffee reading is known as cafeomancy.
Tea Method
⦁First of all sit, down and enjoy your cup of tea. Remembering of course, that you need to make your tea the old-fashioned way using a teapot, so that you end up with a fair few tea leaves!
⦁You need a teacup with a wide mouth, sloping side of cups, and a plain, undecorated surface inside of cup.
⦁Do not strain the tea as you pour it. Many people believe you cannot read your own cup, however that is a personal preference. As with any form of divination, it is always difficult to read your own fortune objectively. (Powers, 2016)

Remember, this is a form of divination. is to sit down, enjoy the tea,
relax and gather your thoughts.

Before you even start the reading , there may already be
some early signs to interpret: (Powers, 2016)

⦁ Bubbles on the surface of your tea or coffee means that money is on its way.
⦁ If any tea leaves are floating on the surface, then visitors are imminent. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are.
⦁ If two teaspoons are accidently placed on a saucer, then you can expect news of twins soon.
⦁ If a teaspoon is placed upside down onto a saucer then you will hear news of the ill-health of a close relative.
⦁ Finish your tea leaving a small amount of liquid in the bottom of cup of the cup.
⦁ Holding the cup in your left hand, swirl the tea leaves round three times in a clockwise direction. Make sure that the remaining tea swirls around the whole of the cup.
⦁ Then, upend the cup on the saucer and let the liquid drain away.

Now you can examine the cup and the patterns of the tea leaves inside. As
a general first impression, just a scattering of leaves inside the cup
indicates a tidy mind and disciplined life. A lot of leaves indicates a rich,
full, busy life.

First take a quick look inside the cup to see if there are any
signs that jump out at you: (Powers, 2016)

⦁ Any distinct drops of tea or coffee that remain in the cup despite the swirling and emptying of the cup, represent tears.
⦁ A very large clump of tea leaves indicates trouble. Near the handle - trouble caused by your own making. Opposite the handle - the trouble is not your fault.
⦁ Tea-stalks indicate people. Long stalks indicate men. Shorter stalks indicate women. Pale or dark stalks indicate colouring. Slanted stalks indicate untrustworthy people.
⦁ Most tea leaf readers interpret the patterns that the dark tea leaves make against the light background of the cup. However, some also read the images formed in white (seen on the cup itself), with the dark clumps of tea leaves forming the background.
Reading the Leaves
⦁ The cup is held so that the handle points towards the questioner. The handle represents the questioner and his or her home, and the tea leaves are read in relation to the position of the handle.
⦁ The rim of the Cup represents recent events. Leaves lying closer to the bottom of the Cup indicate events that are more distant in time. The very bottom of the Cup represents misfortunes.
⦁ Leaves that lie to the right of the handle indicate the future, and leaves to the left of the handle indicate the past.
⦁ The further away the leaves lie from the handle, the further away the events are in either time or even physical distance. (Powers, 2016)
The hardest part of this Grounding Spell was getting my son to do it with me. His girlfriend is very much into this type of ritual including Astrology, Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, The Moon and etc…Over the last few years, nonchalontly, she has been teaching and/or reading “misc topics” which helped me. I told him I needed to use him for school paper…it worked! He told me he would do this with me once a month…this will be my quality time and alone time with my son.
Potions, for some reason, never enter my mind to make. I was watching Charmed today and Pheebe was making a vanquishing potion to get rid of Cole because he killed a innocent. This reminded me of my “Demons”
As per "The TravelWitch_Bry at Spells 8, What is a Potion?:
“A potion is a combination of ingredients and magickal intent. It can be something consumed, applied topically, added to a ritual bath, diffused into the air, or used as a spell enhancement. Potions come in as many forms and have as many properties as there are types of magick” (Bry, Spells8, 2022)
The second Intention is a Potion to vanquish any Demon that may enter my space or my families space with the intent to harm. This Potion is from the

I am learning a lot about making potions and this might not be the way for me to go. Making my own Potion requires a lot of experience, knowledge and patience, all which I do not have. I am hoping by the end of this Weekly Witchy Challenge, I will have some feedback in order to learn more about Potions and Demons.
Here is a Potion that I found on the website; www.livejournal.com, belthazor, March 14, 2006
Potion to Vanquish an Upper Level Demon


2 Cockles
3 Crickets
1 Pig’s Foot
Mandrake Root
Sprig of toadflax
Dash of Cardamom
Pinch of Carrot Seeds
Strip of Elm Bark

Mix the ingredients in a pot over fire with boiling water. In theory, this should work to vanquish an upper level demon. ( Since these ingrediants might be a little difficult to obtain, I decided to make my own Potion.
Remove Demons from Home
If you get notification that your, house is not safe for you then what will you do? We think you do not know but you can remove demons from home with our helping method. First we should find that our house is usually has bad environment or it has demonic environment. If your home have fleshy environment then your house affected from demonic powers. These types of home are not ordinary home because these are spiritual homes that keeping demons or evil inside the home.

If you want to remove demons from home, then please consult with spiritual prayers or discuss with our astrology specialist. (livejournal.com, belthazor, March 14, 2006). This surpised me, I did not put an astrology specialist together with vaqushing a Demon.
I accualty had someone remove a Demon from me! I was sitting in front of a sink doing dishes at my friends house when out of no where, this black object as big as me, fell out of my right side. It took my breathe away for maybe 2 minuets, I could not talk and when I gasped for air, my friend asked me what just happened? When I could finally speak, I told him. That’s when he told me he threw Blessed Holy Water on me because he knew I had a Demon inside me. From that experience, I decided to come up with a potion using Blessed Holy Water for this Challenge. I went to a Church and purchased a bottle but, you can make your own. Below is an article that shows how to do this: (Rice, Jacob, Sept.6, 2016)
How To Make (Relic) Holy Water
⦁ Get some water. It doesn’t matter what kind (tap, purified, Brita…it’s all good).
⦁ Put the water into a clean container (again, it doesn’t really matter what it is: flask, vase, mixing bowl, etc.)
⦁ Drop a pinch of kosher sea salt into it.
⦁ There are two options to finish the holy water:
⦁ Use a holy relic like rosary, a cross, St. Benedict’s coin, another symbol with Christ;
⦁ Recite Psalm 103.
There are other ways and options to obtain Holy Water, here are a few: (Rice, Jacob, Sept.6, 2016)
⦁ Saint Holy Water
This type of holy water is found in holy wells associated with famous Catholic saints. The most famous well is in Lourdes, France. This means you’d have to travel to a well to take the holy water. Not very practical.
⦁ Gregorian Holy Water
This is the traditional kind of holy water. It has ashes, salt and wine as well as the holy water. It’s generally used to consecrate altars, but it would work against demons.
*Please note: You could also run into a strong demon, and your relic holy water won’t help. You’d need to get something stronger, holy oil. (Rice, Jacob, Sept.6, 2016)

The symbols and meanings that follow below can be used as a general guide when doing your readings. However, you may find that certain symbols have a particular meaning for you alone and vary from the meanings given below. Feel free to follow your own instincts when doing readings. Basically, the rule of thumb is, if it works well, then stick with it. (Powers, 2016)
⦁ Abbey Freedom from worry.
⦁ Ace of Clubs A letter.
⦁ Ace of Diamonds A present.
⦁ Ace of Hearts Happiness.
⦁ Ace of Spades A large building.
⦁ Acorn Success At top of cup - Financial success. Middle of cup - Good health. Near bottom of cup - Improvement in health or finances.
⦁ Aircraft Sudden journey, not without risk. Possible diappointment. If broken indicates an accident.
⦁ Alligator Treachery, an accident.
⦁ Anchor Top of cup - success in business and romance. Middle of cup - prosperous voyage. Near bottom of cup - social success. Obsured - anticipate difficulties.
⦁ Angel Good news.
⦁ Ankle Instability.
⦁ Ant Success through perseverance.
⦁ Anvil Conscientious effort.
⦁ Apple Business achievement.
⦁ Arc Ill health, accidents.
⦁ Arch Journey abroad, a wedding.
⦁ Arrow Bad news.
⦁ Axe Difficulites and troubles that will be overcome.
⦁ Baby A series of small worries.
⦁ Bag A trap ahead. If open - you can escape; if closed - you will be trapped.
⦁ Bagpipes Disappointment.
⦁ Ball A person connected with sport, or variable fortunes in your life.
⦁ Balloon Short-term troubles.
⦁ Barrel A party.
⦁ Basin Trouble at home. If broken - serious trouble.
⦁ Basket If empty - money worries. If full - a present. If near the handle of cup - a baby. If near the top of cup - possessions. If full of flowers - social success. Surrounded by dots - unexpected money coming your way.
⦁ Bat False friends, a journey ending in disappointment.
⦁ Bath Disappointment.
⦁ Bayonet A minor accident, a spiteful remark.
⦁ Beans Poverty.
⦁ Bear Facing handle of cup - irrational decisions cause difficulties. Facing away from handle of cup - a journey.
⦁ Bed Inertia.
⦁ Bee Social success, good news. Near handle of cup - friends gathering. Swarm of bees - success with an audience.
⦁ Beehive Prosperity.
⦁ Beetle Scandal, a difficult undertaking.
⦁ Bell Unexpected news. Near top of cup - promotion. Near bottom of cup - sad news. Two bells - joy. Several bells - a wedding.
⦁ Bellows Plans will meet with setbacks.

*Please note that the rest of the list can be read here, otherwise, this Challenge would be 10 pages long: Fortune Telling Using Tea Leaves, Coffee Grounds.
There seem to be several ways, times, days, night, daytime and using colors, herbs, spices, material objects and much more when deciding to preform Magick.

Pin by Psychic Life Journey on Correspondences|Magick,Magick spells …
Magick is very new to me and I did not think about the difference between Spells and Potions and when I should you use a spell or use a potion. The answer to that, according to Kitty @ Otherwordlyoracle.com, here is a list of the best days and times to perform Magick:
Magical Days of the Week and Their Correspondences Magical Days of the Week: Correspondences & Daily Energy 2019, Kitty)
Every day is magical; therefore, you can harness the energy of a specific magical day of the week instead of waiting for a planet to move or the moon to cycle.

  1. Sunday Magick
    Sunday is named for…you guessed it…the Sun! So we can think of this weekday’s magick as everything related to the sun. Cast your spells and perform rituals on Sunday for the following intentions: growth, prosperity, strength, vitality, healing, opportunity, money and victory.
    Sunday’s magical correspondences:
    Magical Intentions: abundance, growth, enlightenment, strength, healing
    Crystals: citrine, sunstone, pyrite, gold, goldstone, carnelian, orange calcite, tiger’s eye, amber
    Herbs: sunflower, chamomile, calendula,
    marigold, bergamot, oak, rosemary, oregano
    Gods/Goddesses: Helios, Amaterasu, Sunna, Sulis, Ra, Bastet, Sekhmet, Freyr, Apollo, Belenos, Aurora
  2. Monday Magick
    We often dread Mondays, but Monday has a special kind of magick that might make you think differently. Monday is named after the Moon. Therefore, all magick related to the moon can also be performed on a Monday! No more waiting for the right moon cycle if you have an immediate need. Cast spells and perform rituals for the following intentions: love, healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotional balance, friendship, purification, fertility, shadow and spirit work.
    Monday’s Magical Correspondences:
    Magical Intentions: intuition, dreams, shadow work, psychic abilities, emotional balance, friendship
    Crystals/Metals: silver, moonstone, pearl, fluorite, amethyst, quartz, sapphire
    Herbs: moonflower, jasmine, gardenia, white rose
    Gods/Goddesses: Thoth, Selene, Diana, Artemis, Luna, Hecate, Phoebe, Kalfu
  3. Tuesday’s Magick
    Tuesday’s name isn’t as easy to figure out. Tuesday is named after the Norse god of lightning, justice, and war – Tyr. When Tuesday rolls around, my mom and I say, Happy Tyr’s Day! Being that Tyr was a powerful god with strength and virility, the magick you perform on Tuesday should include: justice/legal issues, protection, binding, banishing, reversal, courage, power, passion, self esteem and confidence, and more. Not surprisingly, Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars (also a god of war).
    Magical Intentions: legal matters, justice, protection, binding, banishing, reversal, courage, self confidence
    Crystals: carnelian, ruby, bloodstone, garnet, red jasper
    Herbs: dragon’s blood, nettle, thistle, thorns, wormwood, hawthorn, red flowers and plants associated with Mars
    Gods/Goddesses: Tyr, Mars, Apollo, Maeve, Bran, Ares, Valkyries, Sekhmet, Kali, The Morrigan, any war or justice deity
  4. Wednesday’s Magick
    Wednesday is also a day that acquired its name from an old Norse god – Odin. In the Germanic, in particular Saxon tribes, he was also called Woten or Wodin, hence Wednes-day or Woden’s day. Odin is the All-Father in the Norse pantheon and rules wisdom, mischief, poetry, quests and the runes (among many other things). Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules communication and more. So, if you cast on Wednesday, it should be for one of the following intentions: communication (verbal and written), technology, cars/transportation, wisdom, clarity, spiritual growth or enlightenment, travel, psychic abilities, courage, divination (particularly the runes), and power.
    Wednesday’s Magical Correspondences:
    Magical Intentions: divination, wisdom, knowledge, education, traveling, communication, spiritual enlightenment, courage, mischief
    Crystals: Agate, citrine, aventurine, sodalite, lapis, hematite, emerald
    Herbs: lavender, rosemary, fern, cherry, licorice, poppy, mugwort, plantain, apple, fennel, chervil
    Gods/Goddesses: Odin, Mercury, Hermes
    Thursday’s Magick
    Thursday is named for one of our favorite Marvel characters and originally the Norse god of thunder – Thor. Thursday’s magick focuses on the following intentions: protection, power, male fertility, strength, purification, consecration, storm energy, and forest magick. In addition Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of good luck, prosperity, health, career success, leadership, politics, legal matters, etc.
    Magical Intentions: storms, legal matters, military, protection, cleansing, consecration, good luck, prosperity, career success
    Crystals/Stones: amethyst, sapphire, turquoise, lepidolite, sugilite
    Herbs: cinnamon, beech, oak, thorns, garlic, hawthorn, leek and onion, thistle
    Gods/Goddesses: Thor, Juno, Jupiter
    Friday Magick
    Friday is a magical day of the week named for one of two goddesses: Freya or Frigg. Both are Norse goddesses and it’s debated whether Friday is named after one or the other. Some say they’re the same goddess, further complicating the matter. Freya and Frigg share similar qualities, which are good intentions for Friday magick: love, motherhood, marriage, emotions, female fertility, the household, passion, beauty, war and death. Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, Venus was also a goddess of love, passion, etc. When you think of Friday think the day of LOVE and passion.
    Friday Magic Correspondences:
    Magical Intentions: love, passion, sex, home and hearth, family, motherhood, female fertility, death, beauty
    Crystals/stones: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, moonstone, jade, peridot, emerald, ruby
    Herbs: red hibiscus, rose, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, blue lotus, violet, birch, sage, ivy
    Gods/Goddesses: Freya, Frigg, Venus, Aphrodite
    Saturday Magick
    Saturday is named after the planet and god Saturn. Therefore everything Saturn rules is appropriate for magick on Saturdays including self improvement and transformation, knowledge-seeking, time, evaluating one’s personal values, banishing negativity and bad habits, etc.
    Saturday Magic Correspondences:
    Magical Intentions: knowledge, values/morals, time, banishing, self transformation, psychic defense, meditation, locating lost items or people, self defense, liberation
    Crystals/stones: onyx, obsidian, smokey quartz, jet, pumice
    Herbs: myrrh, moss, thyme, basil, hemlock, nettle, peppermint, pomegranate, hyacinth, mallow, juniper
    Gods/Goddesses: Saturn, The Norns, Oshun, Yemaya, Set, Cronus (OtherworldlyOracle, Kitty, 2019).
    In conclusion, there are a huge number of spells out there and collecting them to put in the Book Of Shadows (BOS) is an excellent idea. It will keep you organized and be able to obtain quickly. Potions seems to be more personalized according to the sistuation. For example, Demonic.

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