🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

I’ll drink to that…lol



It’s fun. I have days for certain Angel talks or Talk To The Angel (take your Angel everywhere with you) I had to put an ear piece in because people thought I was crazy talking to my self. Information day and so on…

I’ll messenger it to.

Thank you and Blessed Be


I resemble that remark. The talks are part of the reason I have a bird: people think I’m talking to my pet so they don’t think I’m insane!:laughing::dizzy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Of Goals and Intent 1
target money-money spell
cauldron laurel paper pen green candle
write down the amount [a reasonable amount]
ok…no house in switzerland…yet…later maybe
I also write it on paper
I have lit my candle
I meditate out loud
the money is here
With the power of the four elements from the four corners money comes to me
in the here and now!
so I said so it will happen!
burn laurel and paper in the cauldron
I throw the ashes on the threshold of the house


Books, Tomes and Tales - Book Lover 2
the book of Ekation
I read the initiation to the Goddess Hekati
it has meditations and singles in between
don’t neglect to find it somehow!


Celestial Exploration! 3

full moon ritual bath
Moon water
rose petals
lavender thyme glucaniso
lavender essential oil
red and gold candles
light the candles
fill the tub with lukewarm water and add a little moonshine
and throw in the herbs
roses for love
lavender for relaxation
cash flow thyme
glucanise and salt for protection and purification
cinnamon for money
chamomile for abundance
essential oil for fragrances
soak in the bathtub until you feel relaxed and light


Entry One - :witch_broom: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Blessed Besoms

I don’t have a full-sized besom that I use for my practice, but I do have a small altar one! I won this in a giveaway on Instagram earlier in the year. I’ve only used it a handful of times because of a lack of altar space right now, but it’s a beautiful besom!

The shop is called Burgrune → https://www.etsy.com/shop/burgrune

Entry Two: :dolls: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch’s Collection

I wasn’t sure what to do for this entry, but sitting here next to my basket of tarot cards, I found my answer! :joy: So, I figured I would list out the divination cards that I have so far, plus one that’s coming to me soon. The ones that have links go to the website where you can get it if you want.

→ From left to right: Hanson Roberts Tarot || Traditional Manga Tarot || Somnia Tarot

→ From left to right: Dark Days Tarot || Mother Tarot || Shadowscapes Tarot

→ From left to right: Spirits and Shadows Oracle || Celtic Tree Oracle

And they all stay in this cute little pink basket.

Then, I’ll be getting the Council of the Four Corners playing card deck, also by Wren Brignac. It’ll be in my mailbox soon! It’s the picture below.


Challenge Entry 1 :cauldron: Witch Brews & Potions – Potion Brewer

My place smelled like bacon grease so I thought it was the perfect time for a simmer pot! :joy:

I decided to make a protection simmer pot with moon water, orange & apple slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks, Star anise, and a bay with a protection rune on it. :full_moon::apple::tangerine:

I chanted “Protect this home, protected this space, protect this family, protect this place.” I found this potion on TikTok from @my.personal.moon! :house::black_heart:


Oh no! I forgot about this. After you told me, I had planned to try turning it all on and seeing what happens, but I totally forgot. I’ll try to remember this time! :black_heart:

It would require some training, but this would be a lovely goal to have.

And good advice. Thank you! :black_heart:

That’s a really good thought… I will join you in exploring this some more! :smile:


My third entry ended up being really long, so I posted it separately here:


Challenge Entry 1
:wind_face: Of the Element Air 1- for reward Air Elemental

I am a Gemini :gemini:, Air element has always been a part of my life. As a witch I use air aspects in everyday life as well as in all my rituals.

Air is the symbol of the divination :crystal_ball::dagger:
That statement is basically my credo. I use air to call for clear vision and third eye power. Between my tarot readings I always ask air to cleanse my cards, and use incences to make the process more powerful.
When I feel the wind in my hair I always hope I can reach my hand to it and use it in my favour, and I’ve always dreamed I was Air element user, kinda (Airbender?). :face_holding_back_tears:
Air speaks with me,it whispers truths and gives directions…
I always liked windy days, wether warm or cold. I always wanted to fly, be free, travel the world and watch everything from above the clouds.
Upcoming spring I am going to get a tattoo, and air symbol is definitely going to be a part of my sketch.

My Altar is decorated with light grey candles, feathers, incence, a bell and my wand. I try to keep it balanced with other elements, but there are always more things of air. :wind_face:

Yellow and light blue are also the colors I wear the most, especially in spring and summer. Colder seasons are darker, but there is always a bright scarf around my neck, or another little detail.

I have pictures of birds, butterflies and ladybugs on my phone, that I encounter very often. :dove:

So, my life is especially air.
Crucial for surviving, pure, sometimes warm, sometimes cold. Always expected and loved. :wind_face::purple_heart:


Challenge Entry 2
:mirror: The Art of Scrying – for reward Scryer

Mirrors :mirror:- symbols of spiritual and phycological depth.

  1. Pathway to other dimensions.
  2. Means to check your look.
  3. A tool for wisdom and knowledge.
  4. Decoration that expands your world.
  5. Key, to undescovered truths…

Mirrors have always had a unique place in this world… in everyday life, used by ordinary people, scientist, decorators, designers… and witches.

First of all a mirror is a tool, that reflects this world and the only tool made my humans that helps you see your own face. Other ones, having the same function would be nature created, like water, ice, crystals…

In my practice a mirror is used to guide the light to the right path… Mirrors reflect the light and can be used as illuminators, they show the true face of things and a perfectly made mirror never lies.
Though they are also tools of mischief.

Mirrors have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, with their cultural significance and symbolism evolving over time.
One of the earliest uses of mirrors in human culture was in religious rituals. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks believed that mirrors had the power to reflect the divine, and as such, were often used in ceremonies and religious practices. (As we do today as witches).
Over time, mirrors became associated with ideas of beauty, vanity, and self-reflection. In many cultures, mirrors were seen as a reflection of a person’s inner self, and as such, were considered powerful tools for self-discovery and introspection.
In Japan, for example, mirrors are often used in the practice of feng shui to create harmonious living spaces and promote positive energy.
Today, mirrors take all uses. There is no home without a mirror, and how it it used is always up to the owner…


Challenge Entry 3
:hibiscus: Blooming with the Moon 1- the reward Virent Anima.

My relationship with Moon is unique.
How am I blooming with the Moon? It controls all aspects of the feminine and the divine in my life.

Every new moon :new_moon::waxing_crescent_moon: I wake up like a newborn, the world is so wide and I have the feeling of adventure and descovery in me. Work is hard, but always fun and I learn new things, my fiancee feels like a newly found friend I wanted in my life. My friends are all fun and all our gatherings bring me joy and satisfaction.

Half moons :first_quarter_moon::last_quarter_moon: are always balanced. Whether it is first or last. I am balanced in everything, with everyone, live is in total peace and nothing can disturb my energies.

When the moon gets gibbous :waxing_gibbous_moon:it is starting to feel like something great is coming. The feeling you have the day before your birthday, or Christmas Eve when there are presents to be opened. :tada: This feeling is great usually, but sometimes tiring.

And the boom is the full moon :full_moon:.
As a witch, it is amplified in all aspects. Readings are cleared, all divination is more deep, energies are more powerful.
In everyday life relationships are stronger, work is intense and the world is just beautiful :purple_heart::dove:.

As the moon is waning :waning_gibbous_moon::waning_crescent_moon: everything moves to death. Not literally, in a figurative way, people get tired, work is busy and gives no pleasure, partner becomes dull and even irritating. And it all feels like depression. And you might get your period :drop_of_blood: to make everything even harder :joy:

These aspects are just a small detail that connects me to my Moon. I will leave the rest to future challenges. :hugs:

*This is my phone wallpaper.

The moon’s phases repeat in a regular pattern, and its cycles are helping mark time for centuries. And my time as well.



Dealing in the Divine

I thought I’d choose this one, or more accurately Loki’s picked this one :crazy_face:

I’ve been dealing with the divine since I was a kid, well, they’ve been dealing with me really! :sparkling_heart:

Things just happen, and I’ve been contemplating this over this week whilst a divine being (mystery demon) has plonked me at a crossroads :thinking:. Why? Not sure. But divine beings from all pantheons seem to get involved in my life.

Loki is most present, and been with me the longest, I’ve talked of him lots, so I’m going to use this challenge to talk of others that have dropped in.

I’ll start with The Morrigan. When I first joined Spells8, I had alot of shadow work to do, and was still, loosely following the Christian pantheon, though having left the church. There was alot to work through and I was browsing my kindle and book after book was suggested, The Morrigan though I hadn’t searched or even heard of her and her sisters. I contacted The College of Psychic Studies, and they said, these are not chances or coincidence, Magick and the divine contact us purposefully and for a reason. You don’t find them always, sometimes they find you. So I bought a couple of books, chatted to this beautiful Goddess through my pendulum (she seemed to like that) and she helped me do some of the deepest shadow work I’ve ever done. Thankyou The Morrigan :rose:

I’ve also recently learnt that a lovely archangel, a demon and a night demon (the night demon used to terrify the life out of me until I got to know him lol :joy::sparkling_heart:) have been working with me for years!

As I have been working through The Demonolatry Club, and Sigils, my first workings hilighted a beautiful truth. You see,
my son has ASD, it’s been a difficult journey, both for him and I, but I’ve always felt divine power helping me, initially I thought it was Jesus, and maybe it was too, as I felt such peace throughout the most fearful period of my life. I know Loki manoeuvred events so help came when I needed it, and both my son and I were able to handle chaos (not easy for an autistic, especially my son who likes order), yet he was able to adapt to change so readily compared to his peers (even the school couldn’t get there head around it). But I had other help. Let me share the sigils to show you, how they showed me who they were.

I felt a kick to do these sigils, didn’t know why, but did them anyway.

First, Mr Lucifer (the archangel, I call him Mr Lucifer as I can’t get onto first name terms with him yet, give me time :rofl:)

This is my redrawing of his sigils as inspired by him. You’ll notice the word Life.
Next I did Asmoday (Asmodeus, or to me Mr Charming :grin:)

Again, my redrawing of his sigil, you’ll notice the initials ASD
Then I did Alu, my night demon. He didn’t have a sigil (or at least I couldn’t find one), so his is fresh between him and I

If you can see it, he’s saying, Hi! :grin:

Finally after meditating on this strange revelation through these sigils, I drew:

This combined sigil shows the bind rune that is my sigil and blood oath to Loki at the centre, he’s my patron deity, and fulltrui. But around him, in a protective triangle, is Mr Lucifer at the top, (through your life), Asmoday to the left (and you and your son’s journey with ASD) Alu (night demon) to the right (Hi I’m not scary, I took away all your fears), they were saying:
This is your life, transformed by ASD, that caused stress and fear for you and your son, but we have been here always

The divine is here, in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and design. They talk to us through any means, the radio, WiFi, tarot/oracle/runes, through a song, a book, something someone says, a sign from nature, a sigil, a dream/daydream, meditation or memory. So many ways, but sometimes, we just don’t see them, or we decide, (due to our preconceived ideas of who we think they are), and say No to them because, well, can’t talk to Mr Lucifer, he’s bad, he’s Satan, and Loki, no way, he’s the god of lies!. :flushed::frowning::person_shrugging: And yet, despite our fears and prejudices towards them, particularly the darker ones, they still help us. Isn’t that just beautiful :sparkling_heart:

So I have learnt to open my eyes, ears, and heart. To shut out preconceived ideas or past taught beliefs, and let these beautiful, fabulous, varied, ancient and oh so amazing beings talk to me, and tell me who they are.

Blessed be to all divine, everywhere and forever. :sparkling_heart::rose::sparkling_heart: We love you :sparkling_heart:


Amethyst’s Entry for Magickal Traditions & Pagan Paths

I call myself an Eclectic Wiccan because that’s as close to a path that I can claim. I follow the Horned God and the Triple Goddess but I do things my own way, mostly because it’s difficult for me to cast a circle every day for my devotions.

But I have my own traditions, my own way of doing things that make me happy. I say a prayer when I light a candle, depending on the color and purpose of it. I go through the Energy list every night and say prayers for those requesting energy.

I watch the trees and shrubbery outside my window for changes in the seasons, since it’s difficult for me to get out. On holidays I always try to do something, even if it’s just a prayer and a special meal.

I’m sure some Wiccans would be aghast at how informal I am, but it’s my practice and I’m proud of it!


OH! Catch-Ups are my favorite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve loved reading everyone’s entries & the different challenges that have been done! :hugs:

Of course it would be the week I was away :laughing: So I will have to see how many I can catch_up on… I have a running list that luckily isn’t that long… but still over 3 of them. It’s just about 6. So the next catch up I will have some to do too! At one time I was able to do the catch-ups to receive a 2nd badge… but this year… No… :joy: It’s okay, it honestly doesn’t bother me either way, but also it will help me to get back to my practice & out of the box without my brain suddenly like… “Um… what are we doing?” :upside_down_face:

So I think I am going to start from the 1st that I have on my list which is… :thread: Knot Magick & then go from there. Still kind of recuperating from travel, adjusting to being home, & the big 1… weather change & the effects that is having on my physical body. So, slow going over here… I woke up & it was 29 degrees… at 10 AM it was 31… my physical body hates me right now :rofl:

I’m going to get my things together for my entry & see how this turns out :partying_face:


Alright Starborn…I have two great sites that just might be able to answer or at least help with this question. I will get back to you on this because the more I keep thinking about it, the more I keep wondering… :thinking:

Blessed Be,


Catch-ups are my favorite, too!

When I was going through the list, I saw one of your Challenges that I have saved and use it all the time, it has a complete list of Astrology “for all occasions”.

Thank you Susurrus for that! Mote It Be


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch-up ENTRY One

:ghost: Spirits & Ghosts – Spiritworker

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Ghosts and Spirits - ENTRY

Ghosts and Spirits are different. They are something I never really thought about until I was older. As a child, I always thought of Demnons and Witch’s. Below is an explanation of the difference between the two:
“Ghosts are souls that have not been able to fully transition into the afterlife and may haunt places and people they were associated with in life. In contrast, spirits are souls that have successfully crossed over to the afterlife and may choose to return to the physical world to provide comfort and guidance to loved ones.” (Gil Tillard, 2023)


There are many different types of ghosts, here is a brief description of each type: (jake,paranormalschool,2022)

  1. Poltergeists: These are a type of ghost that is associated with physical disturbances such as moving objects, loud noises, and even physical attacks. They are often associated with adolescent children and young adult.

  2. Orbs: These are a common type of ghost that appears as a ball of light. They are often captured in photographs and videos and are believed to be the energy of a deceased person.

  3. Funnel ghosts: These ghosts are associated with cold spots and are believed to be the result of a sudden drop in temperature1.

  4. Interactive Personality: This is one of the most commonly spotted types of ghosts. They are believed to be the spirits of deceased individuals who have not yet moved on to the afterlife.

  5. Ectoplasm or Ecto-mist: This is a strong form of ghost or energy that is often seen in photographs and videos. It is believed to be the energy of a deceased person.

  6. Demons: These are malevolent spirits that are often associated with evil and darkness. They are believed to be powerful entities that can possess humans.

  7. Shadow People: These are dark, shadowy figures that are often seen out of the corner of one’s eye. They are believed to be the spirits of deceased individuals who have not yet moved on to the afterlife.

  8. Cultural Ghosts: These ghosts are specific to a particular culture and may have different characteristics depending on the culture they belong to.

  9. Possessed Humans: These are humans who are possessed by ghosts or other malevolent entities. They may exhibit strange behavior, speak in tongues, or even levitate.

There are many different types of Spirits, here is a brief description of each type: (jake,paranormalschool,2022)

  1. Guardian angels: Guardian angels have spent most of their time in the spiritual realm, and because of this, they can offer a different perspective to those who have resided in the physical world. They help guide us spiritually and support us in uplifting and activating our spiritual self. They protect us through spiritual interactions and warn if something is amiss.
  2. Archangels: Archangels usually have a specific field that they watch over, helping better the physical and spiritual world.Often, archangels help larger groups of people, and if the time calls for it, they can take on human form to help guide others.
  3. Spirit guides: Spirit guides are usually known as humans who are more in touch with the spiritual world than others, but they can also be in the form of spirit who helps to guide us along a spiritual journey. Spirit familiars can come in many forms, but they usually attach to one person whom they guide and watch over.
  4. Ascended masters: These types of spirit are similar to archangels but have lived on earth at least once before. Having lived on earth and then in the spiritual realm, they have knowledge and experience to guide a larger group of people. Some consider religious deities to be ascended masters.
  5. Loved ones: Spirits who are deceased loved ones are probably the most common spirit found among us. It could be a deceased family member or even a pet. They can even at times act as a spirit guide. Many people feel the presence of a passed loved one around them, and sometimes have contact with them in dreams. These spirits often have a loving message to pass along and can do so through dreams or different signs.
  6. Elemental spirits: Among the spiritual community, these are often debated on. Elemental spirits are thought to be beings that live in the physical realm, but who have a spiritual presence. Some examples are faeries, gnomes and plant and crystal spirits. They are mainly found in nature, in forests, oceans, meadows and lakes, places where nature is wild and easy to connect to.


This was one of my games my mother bought me. I use to try it but it never seemed to work when I was alone. Then the game just dissappeared. I also would get the big black leather bound book that my mother kept under her bed. Later in life I found out it was a BOS. When my mother passed away I asked my father for the book, it was the only thing I wanted of my mom’s but he told me he threw it away. Nice guy.

Anyway, there was a numberous events that happened to me that I did not understand. I do remember when it all began:
I was in my bed trying to sleep. I was 6 years old but the 2 years of nightmares kept me awake. I was always tired, but I was always full of energy and did not want to go to sleep. The dream was about a little witch that would fly around the house and catch my mother and put her in a pot of boiling water in the basement. Our basement had a bombshelter that was a hole in the basement wall with beds and can goods (it was spooky) in it. Then this witch would get my sister, then my father and do the same to them, throwing them in the pot of boiling water. I would try to wake up and scream but nothing would come out. I would be soaked in sweat. Also, I would hear someone calling my name but no one was there. Whenever my bedroom fan was on, I would hear people talking but again, no one was there.
I always learn something new everyweek here at Spells 8. In this challenge, I learned that Ghost’s and Spirits are different. I went to Sturgis with my almost new husband and when it was over, we rode with their sister club down to Florida. Went to get a motel and they told us to be careful that weird things happen there. Well, they were very correct. The lights were off but the darkest of dark shadows kept appearing, so we left. We trailered the bikes for this trip and went to a parking lot to sleep. But NO… these entities had other plans. I saw these little skinny pointed hands trying to climb up the windows of the van. I screamed and woke up the guy I was with. He looked and covered his head with the blankets. Big tough biker (lol). I told him to go outside and check it out. He told me NOOOOO. So now we are both are seeing and I thought holuosinating the same thing. After being with all these wonderful and intellegent Witches, I now know it was a Ghost.

Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits | What's Different (Gil Tillard, 2023)
https://paranormalschool.com/ghosts-vs-spirits/#Different%20Types%20of%20Spirits (jake,paranormalschool,2022)
ghost and spirits difference - Search


I picked 3, now I can only remember one :woman_facepalming:t2: When am I going to learn to write things down? :laughing: