🧭 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Celestial Exploration!

Very warm greetings to all! :raised_hands:

Thank you again to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge: Trying Something New! It is time for round two, and the theme for this challenge will be…

:star: :milky_way: Celestial Exploration! :first_quarter_moon::star:


:medal_sports: CHALLENGE TIME!:sparkles:

In order to successfully complete this challenge, there are two easy parts:

STEP 1: Exploring the Celestial Heavens :milky_way:

For those who are more advanced in their studies of the stars and heavens: Consider trying a new spell, ritual, or craft related to your favorite aspect of the celestial heavens! :sparkles:

Perhaps considering learning more about your natal chart :compass: , retrogrades of the planets :ringer_planet: , or delving deeper into your favorite topic of interest :open_book::comet:

For those currently unfamiliar with cosmic magick or astrology: now is a great time to learn a bit about this fascinating aspect of magickal practice! Learning about Moon Magic :first_quarter_moon_with_face: and looking into Moon Meditations may be a good place to get started.


If astrology (the study of the celestial bodies and their movements) is calling to you, perhaps you can get started by finding your Sun/Moon/Rising Zodiac Sign :sun_with_face: , connect with your Chinese Zodiac Animal :tiger2: , or learn about your Primal Zodiac (a combination of both!) :star2: . Those interested can learn more about different zodiacs and astrology in the post Astrology: East and West.

For celestial worshippers both new and experienced, the Full Moon is almost upon us!

The Full Buck/Thunder Moon will be visible in the skies on the night of Saturday, July 4th to Sunday, July 5th :full_moon:

The full moon is a time when the moon is at its most powerful- this is a great time to conduct rituals, do spellwork, charge your magickal tools, and more! :sparkles:

There are many possible ways to honor, celebrate, and/or worship a full moon. Here are few possibilities for you to look into:

Consider trying a Full Buck Moon ritual! :deer: The ritual page includes a lot of helpful information about the full moon, the complete details of the ritual and what you will need, printable journal pages, and even a wonderful coloring page :writing_hand::two_hearts:


Considering using the power of the full moon to charge your crystals and magickal tools :sparkles:


Or perhaps consider having a Full Moon Ritual Bath :bathtub::full_moon:

The full moon this weekend is extra special, as (for those in the US and some parts of Canada) it will be proceeded by a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse :waning_crescent_moon:.

There is a lot of excitement in the cosmos this week- now is a great time to channel the celestial powers into your practice! :sparkles:

STEP 2: Post about your experience!

If you learned about your zodiac, learned about the history of the full moon, or found an interesting fact- feel free to share your newfound knowledge! If you tried a ritual, spell, or project- how did it go, and would you recommend it? :handshake:

Whether you attempted something big or small, any experience is wonderful- so please share your findings in the comments! :books:

This challenge will conclude in 7 days- on Wednesday, July 8th.

When the challenge closes, all participants will receive a special shout-out and will be granted a small prize to reflect their efforts :star2::gift:

A warm reminder that the challenge is very open- you are encouraged to participate in a way that reflects your unique practice :+1: . There are no right or wrong answers so long as you practice respectfully, and there is no way to ‘lose’ the challenge if you participate!

The goal is to provide encouragement, the sharing of new ideas, and to help you to strengthen your practice :crystal_ball::open_book:. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone chooses to pursue this week! :sparkles:

May the stars illuminate your path forward, and may the celestial heavens shine brightly upon you!

Blessed Be :heart:



This is a fantastic idea for the weekly challenge. Due 7 days from now correct?


Awesome! Thanks for this challenge, Brianna!! Those are all great ideas!

I’m looking forward to this Full Moon! :full_moon: I hope we get good weather! :pray:


Ahhhh I’m so happy you think so, @janelle! :two_hearts: Yes, you’ve got it right- the challenge closes on Wednesday, July 8th! You are welcome to post about your experience at any time- up until that date. Once the challenge closes, it will still be possible to post but no additional prizes will be given (until the next challenge!).

Best of luck- I can’t wait to see your cosmic magick shine! :star_struck: :two_hearts:


You are very welcome, Francisco! :heart: I hope so too- although even if there is excellent weather, many areas in the USA may not be able to see the full moon due to the 4th of July fireworks! :fireworks::firecracker:

Even for those who cannot see the moon due to weather, holiday, or situational circumstances, it will still be up there in all its full glory-you can always visualize to connect with it, or you can channel the energy of the moon carried in the night air! :milky_way:

Best of luck to all- and happy full moon celebrations! :full_moon:


I will be trying to stay up long enough to sit outside and watch the eclipse. Can’t wait


Do you want us to post here, or start a new post? Whichever is easier for you.


This will be fun! I hope I can see the eclipse from where I live. I’ll be charging crystals and making some moon water during this full moon.


Oh, this will be fun! I just recently got a new bottle to use for my moon water and I plan on decorating it with some paint pens and making a meditative experience out of it. I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Hello everyone, this is my first post :slight_smile:
I will participate in this weekly challenge to initiate myself to this site!
Tomorrow evening, the 4th, I am initiating two of my closest friends to a witchy evening! Food, wine, music, tarot, and moon gazing is at the calendar! We hope to stay up long enough to witness the penumbral eclipse (it’s apex will by at midnight thirty for us). Meanwhile at home my crytals will charge and moon water will be infusing. I can’t wait!


Hello @Amethyst! Please post about your experience here, so I know you are offering it as part of the challenge :blush:

I can’t wait to see your magick at work! :sparkles:


You all had very good plans @Katt, @andrea_d, and @MeganB! :two_hearts: How did everything go? Were you all able to see the moon/eclipse, and charge your crystals and moon water? :full_moon::sparkles:


A very warm welcome to you, @laurie! :heart:

Thank you so much for participating in the challenge- I think this is a great way to get involved! :heart_eyes:

Ahhhh this sounds wonderful- How did everything go? Were you able to see the moon? :full_moon: Did the tarot readings reveal anything to you? :flower_playing_cards:

I hope you and your friends had a wonderful moon-gazing party and enjoyed the night! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I made moon water for the first time this month, and I looked up my zodiac information for the first time. I knew I was Aquarius but not everything else.

My sun sign is Aquarius, my moon sign is Virgo and my ascending sign is Libra. I was born in the Year of the Ox, and my primal zodiac sign is the Walrus.

I think I learned a bit about myself in reading the Walrus and Ox information so this was a nice challenge.


I was able to charge my bracelets for chakra unblocking :grinning:


Okay so, I’m not gonna lie - my plans fell through lol I ended up going to my sister’s house for July 4th celebrations and watched fireworks and drank too much :tropical_drink: I will still be decorating the glass bottle that I got, but it’ll have to wait to have moon water in it until next month :crescent_moon:


I found this book! It has lots of Astronomy experiments:

It also mentioned the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross so I made a post about the Southern Cross which as a South American is clearly one of my favorite constellations! :sparkles:


One thing I did - although prior to the challenge :laughing: - was looking up my Primal Zodiac, which I got to learn was a thing thanks to this post:

After learning that I was a Praying Mantis (Aries + Snake), naturally I sent the link to all my friends and made them check their primal zodiac too :joy: super interesting and lots of fun!

However, the main thing I have recently been working on in relation to celestial exploration is timing my practice better with the moon phases. While I have always done a Full Moon ritual, I’ve never before paid too much attention during which moon phase I did what kind of spell, etc. I especially appreciated the lesson on Moon Magic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :waning_gibbous_moon:


Blessed Be! How awesome, a quite a wonderful commemorative time! I caught this post late but I imagine you had a wonderful time!


I’m so glad you enjoyed your adventure deeper into your celestial identity, @Amethyst! :sparkles: I think the Walrus is a very cool (and powerful!) primal zodiac to have :star_struck:

Nicely done, @Katt! :prayer_beads::full_moon: You now have access to a lot of powerful moon energy to draw on- I’m excited to see the magick of your charged bracelets! :two_hearts:

Hahaha this sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate the full moon, @MeganB! :partying_face::full_moon: Full moons (especially the harvest moons come to mind) have historically been times for revelry and celebration. I hope you had a wonderful time with your sister and made many great memories! :grin:

Ooohhhh this looks like a very interesting book- nice find, @Francisco! :open_book::+1:. I really enjoyed your post on the Crux- thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! :sparkling_heart:

Hahaha perfect, ! :+1: The fun thing about the Primal Zodiac is that, because it combines both zodiacs, it feels more individual than either zodiac reading on its own- it makes it fun to compare with friends when everyone has a different animal! :laughing: What primal animals are your friends? Anything surprising, or spot on? :blush:

And that’s so exciting you’re delving deeper into moon magic! :first_quarter_moon::sparkles: Definitely let us know if you find a spell that goes nicely with a particular phase of the moon! :+1: