Astrology: East and West 🌌

Warm greetings to everyone! :sparkling_heart:

Astrology has been on my mind a lot recently (most likely fueled by @Abs53’s very interesting discussion about Retrogrades). There are so many different aspects of the celestial heavens to observe! :ringer_planet:

Looking at Sun Signs- the “Western” Zodiac
:aries: :taurus: :gemini: :cancer: :leo: :virgo: :libra: :scorpius: :sagittarius: :capricorn: :aquarius: :pisces:

One of the most common approaches to astrology is by observing Sun Signs :sun_with_face:. There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and @MeganB gives a very thorough explanation of each (and also how you can find which is your sign) in her post What’s Your Sun Sign? - The Zodaic :

When someone asks you, “what is your sign?” they are most likely referring to your sun sign- the reading of where your sign was in the heavens in relation to the sun at the time of your birth :sun_behind_small_cloud:.

However, you can also find your Moon Sign - which is the corresponding sign to where the moon was at the time of your birth. You can find your moon sign using an online Astrology calculator such as the Astrocal Moon Sign Calculator :first_quarter_moon_with_face:.

It is also possible to find your Rising/Ascendant Sign, which is the sign that rose on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Astrosofa has a Rising Sign Calculator if you would like to calculate your rising sign :star:.

If you are interested in these signs, @Francisco has a very informative post about the origins of the signs and their history! Feel free to check out Where Do Zodiac Symbols Come From.

Looking at Animal Signs- the “Eastern” Zodiac
:monkey: :dog2: :snake: :tiger2: :racehorse: :water_buffalo: :pig2: :ram: :mouse2: :rabbit2: :rooster: :dragon:

The Chinese Zodiac is another common zodiac that ties each yearly cycle to an animal from a Chinese legend. The set dates of each year do not align with the modern Gregorian calendar, as the Chinese Zodiac was created to coincide with the Lunar Calendar :full_moon: .

There is a very informative post by @Francisco about the Chinese New Year that covers a lot of helpful knowledge about the Chinese Zodiac.

In the Chinese Zodiac, years have both an Animal and one of five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

This Chinese Zodiac Calculator will tell you which animal you are associated with, as well as any lucky numbers, colors, flowers, and your horoscope for 2020 :red_gift_envelope:


Combining Astrology Types :handshake:

Did you know that you can combine your Zodiac Star Sign with your Chinese Zodiac Animal to get your Primal Astrology Sign?

By locating both of your zodiacs on the Primal Zodiac Sign List, you will find your Primal Zodiac.

For example:
As a Scorpio:scorpius: and a Rooster:rooster: = the corresponding primal sign is an Owl :owl:


If you chose to locate your Primal Animal, you will find a full horoscope that offers possible things to be aware of and advice for the future :star_struck:

What do you think about Astrology?

  • I prefer Zodiac Signs (sun/moon/rising)
  • I prefer the Chinese Zodiac
  • I’m interested in both- signs and animals!
  • I’m interested in another kind of Astrology
  • Astrology doesn’t interest me
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Did you find your Zodiac signs, animal and element, and/or primal animal? Is astrology a big part of your practice? Do you have another aspect of astrology you want to share?

Feel free to share your thoughts, advice, and experiences below! :blush:

May the stars always shine brightly on your path, and may the light of the celestial heavens guide you forward! :star2:

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


I have never heard of the Primal Zodiac before, that’s super interesting :astonished: thanks for sharing :two_hearts:
Apparently as an Aries and a Snake I’m a Praying Mantis. I swear I’m not as bad as the description of a Praying Mantis makes me sound, but the Career chapter was kinda spot on - I am indeed working in politics :laughing: :see_no_evil:


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The Primal Zodiac was something I came across the other day and I found it super interesting :star_struck:. As a student of cultural and global studies, I love it when interpretations of different things in different parts of the world come together to make something new! :world_map::two_hearts:

A praying mantis!!! Ahhh that’s a really cool one- and exciting that the horoscope was acurate about your career! :astonished::+1:

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Thanks for sharing this, @BryWisteria!! It’s the first time I heard of Primal Astrology, and I really like the idea of combining the two zodiacs, it’s very eclectic and that’s what makes it beautiful!

It turns out I’ve been a Unicorn all along! :unicorn: :laughing: but the description was spot on!


I thought that this was really cool and couldn’t wait to check out what I was. Thank you for sharing.

The result was Scorpio + Horse = Dragonfly. And it was so apropos as I love Dragonflies and am fascinated by them.

Unfortunately, I may have missed my calling because I do NOT do any of the following: Advertising, Sales, Athlete, Bartender/Pub keeper (hmmm…does being a participant count?), Technician, Criminologist, Doctor, Surgeon, Hypnotist, Investigator, Pathologist, Researcher, or Scientist. :rofl: Perhaps in my next life!


You’re a unicorn!!! :heart_eyes: :unicorn: Ahhh that’s perfect- you’re a truly magical and blessed creature :sparkles: :blush:

Cheers to another Scorpio! :scorpius::two_hearts: Ohhhh dragonfly- that’s another really good one! Wow, everyone is getting such interesting critters :star_struck:

Hahaha life is full of twists and turns- you may find yourself picking up a new skill or hobby in the future that perhaps will tie into one of these roles! :crystal_ball::grin: If the opportunity arises- go for it! It looks like your horoscope says you have a lot of possible talents in many different fields! :+1:


Thank you for all of the valuable information and links. I never knew anything about the moon signs and they describe me much better than my sun sign.


You are very welcome, @praecog29! :blush: Just like the celestial heavens have so many aspects and movements, so too can they be read and interpreted in many ways! I’m glad you found a connection with your moon sign :full_moon: :sparkles:

You may be interested in trying a moon meditation for your zodiac sign: Magic in the Moon: Zodiac Meditation. There’s a printable page if you are working on a Book of Shadows, and a unique meditation for each sign in the videos at the bottom of the page!

Best of luck and Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


I knew I was a Scorpio Sun Sign, I am also a Snake in the Chinese Zodiac and together that makes me an Anglerfish for my primal sign.

Anglerfish: Powerful, clever, and determined, those born under the sign of the Anglerfish are mysterious individuals who use their immense intellect to outwit others in the game of life. And to them, life is a game; a challenge to be won. Just like a professional poker player, they keep a straight face and keep others guessing about their next move. It can be very hard to know what an Anglerfish is thinking or feeling since they rarely ever talk about their inner fears or hesitations.

Like their animal namesake, Anglerfish harness much more power than meets the eye. The size or strength of their opponent matters little, especially since members of this sign are experts in manipulation and use their intelligence to outwit their opponents at every turn. Like the animal, those born under the sign of the Anglerfish like to use their cunning to draw others to them, rather than chasing after anyone or anything.

I can honestly say that I identify with each part of my zodiac whether it’s East, West, or Primal. I’m trying to learn about the different aspects of my zodiacs and my birth chart. I like this Primal sign, I never realized that it was even a thing!


An Angler fish!!! Wow- you’ve got a really cool Primal Zodiac, @Susurrus :blush: :two_hearts: And it sounds like you relate well with all of your signs. I guess that means you know yourself very well and are true to your inner nature! :sparkling_heart:


I’m trying to anyway, I’ve been reading a lot about my zodiacs and where they lie.


Apparently in Chinese astrology there’s not just year, but day, hour and month signs.
And then, branches: metal, wood, earth & fire…1 more that scapes me?
Am a year wood dragon, month metal horse, hour fire snake and day brown or earth rat.
I need some chamomile now!

Very interesting, but makes it more complicated for me.

My moon sign is stronger than my sun.


That’s so exciting @basil- good for you for delving into your Chinese astrology signs! It sounds like you have the blessing of several strong elements and animals :dragon_face: :horse: :snake: :mouse: :two_hearts:

Thanks for sharing! :blush:

The last is water! :droplet:

[Pic from Chinese Five Elements and Philosophy]


I am a number 7 and have a karma debt to pay.
I am one of those people that never had clear it’s purpose in life.
After all these years gathering information of eastern & western astrology, numerology, tarot…
Finally begin to feel a bit grounded.
How I am the way I am and why I behave the way I do.
Lucky those that now from day one how to walk a straight line.
Still, it’s been fun.
Being a lonewolf has it’s perks!