What's your Sun Sign? - The Zodiac ⭐

Astrology is a huge thing to learn - especially if you want to learn the sign for each planet in your natal chart. However, we can all start somewhere. The easiest place to start is with your sun sign. There are 12 signs, and your zodiac is based on where the sun was in the cosmos on the day you were born.

Each sun sign is considered to be who you are on the outside - how you portray yourself to the world. I’m going to give a basic rundown of each zodiac sun sign, their date ranges, some common traits, and some famous people in that zodiac. See if you relate to your sign - and see if the celebrity relates to theirs!

Aquarius * January 20 - February 18 *

With the symbol of the water carrier, those with their Sun in Aquarius have a strong and dominant personality. This sign seeks the truth - no matter where it comes from. They are perfectly capable of seeing both sides to a story - walking in the other person’s shoes, so to say. They can be naturally extroverted and make friends easily, but they tend to have high expectations of their friends. They seek out people who are like them - honest and intellectually inclined.

Common characteristics: humanitarianism, independence, originality, progressiveness, cooperation, brotherhood, diplomacy, altruism

Downside: argumentative, impractical, emotionally-detached, dictatorship, stubborn or closed-minded, rebellious

Celebrity Aquarians: Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles

Pisces * February 19 - March 20 *

The symbol for Pisces is the two fish - an appropriate representative for a sign that is very well connected to their emotions. Pisceans have a large emotional range and are capable of quickly adapting to their emotional environment. Pisces is a gentle, nurturing, and caring sign. They have a duality to them. On one hand, they are capable of being kind, sensitive, and understanding. On the other, they like to keep their emotions hidden and focus on their own inner journey.

Common characteristics: compassion, universality, intuitiveness, inspiration, renunciation, sacrifice

Downside: worry, psychic negativity, introspection, lack of confidence, secretiveness, seclusion, procrastination, sorrow

Celebrity Pisceans: Justin Beiber, Millie Bobbie Brown, Rihanna, George Washington

Aries * March 21 - April 19 *

The ram is a fitting representation of this sign! As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries like to be first at everything. They are natural-born, fearless leaders. They can jumpstart any idea within minutes and quickly get the ball rolling. Aries is full of dynamic energy and they have to constantly keep busy. They are also very charismatic and can easily attract others with their personalities.

Common characteristics: self-esteem, initiative, activity, pioneering, ambition, enterprise, courageous, energetic, impulsive, optimistic, egotistical, innovative, original, strong drive, leader, enthusiastic, extroverted, competitive, self-reliant, self-assured

Downside: egotistical, quick-tempered, aggressiveness, hatred of restraint, officiousness (minding other people’s business, meddling)

Celebrity Aries: Logan Paul, Emma Watson, Jace Norman, Lady Gaga

Taurus * April 20 - May 20

A practical and reliable sign, the bull seeks stability and security. Taurus are very faithful and patient, but they can also be extreme when they are angry. They have the stubbornness and determination of the bull that represents them, but they also have a kind heart, stable temperament, and constant devotion to those they love.

Common characteristics: affectionate, dependable, patient, stable, determination, endurance, thoroughness, conservative, harmony, possessions, practicality

Downside: obstinacy, stubbornness, argumentative, possessiveness, love of rich food, dull

Celebrity Taureans: JoJo Siwa, Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Adele

Gemini * May 21 - June 20*

The twins, Gemini are often very gifted and intellectually inclined. They try to gather as much information as they can and tend to be well-informed. They are quick-witted and smart, but they have a tendency to be slightly emotionally unstable. It is within their nature to go from one topic or idea to another in the blink of an eye, and a Gemini can be hard to keep track of.

Common characteristics: versatile, adaptable, nonconformist, inquisitive, curious, quick-witted, communication, networking, congenial, tactful, mentality, thinking, writing, speaking, literacy, speech, intellectual

Downside: changeable, fickle, indecision, superficiality, restless, nervousness

Celebrity Gemini: James Charles, Tom Holland, Donald Trump, Kanye West

Cancer * June 21 - July 22*

Cancer is very much like the crab that represents it. Cancers tend to have a home-loving nature and spend a lot of time hiding in their shell and finding that inner comfort. Their home is their fortress, and they are not as outgoing as some other signs. They tend to be shy, however, when around the right people, a Cancer can open up and let their personality shine. They tend to be strong-willed and like things done their own way.

Common characteristics: domesticity, sympathy, sensitiveness, artistry, tenacity, protectiveness, caring, nurturing, maternal

Downside: touchiness, timidity, clannishness, restlessness, indolence, overemotional, over-sentimental

Celebrity Cancers: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Shane Dawson, Post Malone

Leo * July 23 - August 22 *

The mighty lion represents this strong sign. A Leo is a creative and ambitious person with considerable talents to help them succeed. They love to be the center of attention and, with their enthusiasm and energy, they often are. Leos tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe due to their need to have the attention. They love to give without asking first because they always assume that what they have to offer is needed. They are a generous sign and a natural-born leader.

Common characteristics: affection, nobility, generosity, loyalty, dignity, leadership, radiant, vitality, authority, will, power

Downside: domination, arrogance, autocracy, cruelty, overbearing, vanity, ostentatious, false pride

Celebrity Leos: Shawn Mendes, Kylie Jenner, Barack Obama, Demi Lovato

Virgo * August 23 - September 22 *

The innocence of the virgin represents the Virgo due to their delicate and sensitive nature. However, Virgos also can be picky and critical of those around them. They tend to hide their emotions and suppress natural kindness, but deep down, they are warm and loving. When it comes to approaching situations, they tend to choose the more practical and logical approach, lending to their success. Although they may wear a facade of coldness, they are kind-hearted good people once you get to know them - if you can make it past their walls.

Common characteristics: discrimination, analytical, methodical-ness, service, helpful, studiousness, hygiene, purity, mentality

Downside: criticism, cynicism, fear of disease, perfectionism

Celebrity Virgos: Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Zendaya, Nick Jonas

Libra * September 23 - October 22*

The scales are a perfect representation of the Libra - a sign that flourishes when things are in balance. They are elegant and charming and know how to appreciate the various pleasures in life. They are naturally kind, even-tempered, and diplomatic. Due to their need for balance, a Libra can often seem indecisive. However, they are the ultimate people-pleaser because they hate conflict and will do what they can to keep everyone happy.

Common characteristics: balance, harmony, companionship, charm, social grace, justice, courtesy, hopefulness, artistic ability, attractiveness, fairness

Downside: always needing approbation, indecision, lack of poise, emotional fluctuation, can’t say no

Celebrity Libras: Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Eminem, Will Smith

Scorpio * October 23 - November 21 *

The scorpion represents one of the most outwardly intense signs in the zodiac. The intense emotional energy of a Scorpio makes them stand out among the crowd. Scorpios have sharp powers of self-defense and often lash out when they feel cornered. They experience deep passion and can often get carried away in their emotions. They are known for having a strong imagination and a keen sense of intuition.

Common Characteristics: regeneration, courage, desire, resourcefulness, cunning, secretive, austere, determined

Downside: discord, misuse of sex, passion, temper, willfulness, vindictive, resentful, jealousy, envy, possessiveness, troublesome, uncompromising

Celebrity Scorpios: Drake, Katy Perry, Jeffree Star, Kendall Jenner

Sagittarius * November 22 - December 21 *

Just like their mascot, the Centaur, the Sagitarrius may not always be sure what they’re aiming for. They are a noticeably restless sign with a deep love of exploration. They are perfectionists and enjoy expanding new dimensions of thought. The Sagittarius’ natural need for exploration always keeps them busy and they rarely give up.

Common characteristics: aspiration, love of freedom, expansion, exploration, idealism, luck, orthodox religion, philosophy, law, generosity, optimism, honesty

Downside: over-confidence, dogmatism, bluntness, exaggeration, fanaticism, antics, gambling

Celebrity Sagittarius: Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Jay-Z

Capricorn * December 22 - January 19 *

The Capricorn is a natural goal-setter. They tend to accomplish a lot once they set their minds to the task and work under definite guidelines. They love structure and can be quite stubborn and determined. They tend to be a bit pessimistic and even unhappy, especially if their structure or routine is messed with.

Common characteristics: ambition, conservatism, conscientiousness, organization, position, honors, justice, caution, economy, authority,

Downside: pride, suspicion, selfishness, resentfulness, pessimism, unforgiving, deceitfulness, justice without mercy

Celebrity Capricorn: Dove Cameron, LeBron James, Zayn Malik, Meghan Trainor

So, what’s your sign? Do you identify with it? Why or why not? I want to know!


Taurus here! I definitely fit the basic description. I love learning more about my sun sign and moon sign so thank you for sharing this so we can all become more knowledgeable about ourselves.


Great post! I agree with everything you wrote under my Sun sign (Aquarius). It can be scary how accurate these descriptions get! :open_mouth:

As an Aquarius, we’re getting close to my 30th birthday (Feb 8) so I’m going to start working on my solar return chart. A bit more info on that:

A Solar Return chart is a chart calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position (within 2 days of one’s birthday). This chart can be read much like a natal chart, except that it must be kept in mind that it is in effect only for the course of a year - From CafeAstrology


You’re welcome! Glad I could help you <3

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That’s interesting! I’ve never heard of a Solar Return chart. I’ll have to look it up closer to my birthday - but that’s not for a while lol

I am a Scorpio sun and I do identify with my sign quite a bit. I actually did an entire podcast episode where I went into the basics of astrology and broke down my own natal chart.

If you’re interested, you can find it here!


That’s not me at all… :rofl: :smirk: totally being sarcastic…LOL It’s creepy how accurate it is…


I get it too haha especially after having done my entire natal chart! Everything seems to make more sense once I delved into that!


Aquarius here…I did my chart the other day and it was kinda like the dark night of the soul! Yes I have some ornery things about me, I need to work on them for sure…but good things too! The above description hit the nail on the head for me.

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They love to be the center of attention and, with their enthusiasm and energy, they often are…,…100% to a T…I’m also a natural red head…fire lion sun…fierce Leo


Oh my gosh. I haven’t done a whole lot of work with zodiacs and astrology; I mostly work with my oils and herbs, but I would like to delve more into this. Can someone explain what a natal chart is and how I make mine or find it?

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A natal chart is a complete analysis of all astrological signs, planets, and houses for the time and place of your birth. There are a lot of free online calculators that can generate one for you. I’ve used the one at Cafe Astrology before, and it’s pretty popular. Here’s the link:



Wow, that was really easy. There is a lot of info, I will definitely have to read this over a couple of days.

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Follow up question: what do I do with my natal chart now that I have found it, What else is there to do with the zodiac? Also, what is the origin of this zodiac, cause I know there is like the Chinese Zodiac? Also, are there other types of zodiacs and does anybody on here work with them?

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Thank you so much Roxanne!


This is also me :joy:

I’m sun sign Virgo, Scorpio ascending and my Moon sign is Gemini.