🕑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Merry meet to all!

Thanks again to all those who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Spell Swap Meet :sparkler:

After swapping spells and sharing our favorite rituals around the coven, its time to put the new spells we’ve learned to the test! The challenge clock has come to stop and challenges of all shapes, sizes, and sorts are open once again!

The theme for this week is…

Spells8 Witchy Challenge Catch-Up

:spiral_calendar: :raised_hand: Challenge Catch-Up! :raised_back_of_hand: :timer_clock:

To celebrate the 70th Weekly Challenge something special is happening…

Was there a busy week where you missed a challenge? Did an interesting theme happen before you joined the forums? Maybe there was a topic you were hesitant to try but now feel ready for.

Well- now is your chance!

This week is Catch-Up Week where all previously closed challenges will be re-opened for a short time!

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Are you ready? It’s a blast from the past!

Here’s how to participate:

STEP 1: Choose a Previous Challenge :mag_right:

From earth-friendly magick, dreaming, gathering blessings, and more- there are 64 previous challenge themes to choose from (past Catch-Up challenges not included).

The previous challenges and the titles they granted are listed below. For details about each challenge including rules, guidelines and inspiration click the link to visit that challenge page.

Note that the threads for the old challenges will remain locked- please share your comments and entries here or in a new post!

:clock2: Catch-Up VI [this challenge!]
:sparkler: Spell Swap Meet – Coven Contributor
:angel: Working With Higher Powers - In manibus numinum
:candy: Trick-or-Treat! - Sweet 'n Spooky
:purse: Making Objects Magickal – Enchanter
:sparkles: A Magickal Blessing – Blessed One
:mag_right: Peering into Past Lives – Witch of the Ages
:books: History of Magick – History’s Heir
:shield: Powerful Protection – Powerful Protector
:dancer: The Magick of Music – Bard Witch
:clock1: Catch-Up V
:map: Magick on the Go – Wandering Witch
:handshake: One Witch to Another – Keeper of Knowledge
:salt: Salty Spellwork – Imperium salis
:cyclone: Reading Auras – Aura Reader
:black_cat: Cat Magick – Amicus felium
:yum: Wickedly Delicious – Connoisseur Witch
:bride_with_veil: Deities of the Moon – Blessed by the Moon
:rose: Beauty Magick – Pulchra magicae
:flower_playing_cards: A Touch of Tarot – Tarot Reader
:trophy: The Challenger [50th Challenge] – Challenge Champion
:dragon_face: Dragon Magick – Blessed by Dragons
:prayer_beads: A Healthy Dose of Crystals – Crystal Healer
:notes: Enchanting Chants – Chant Witch
:rainbow: The Many Colors of Magick – Colorful Witch
:timer_clock: Catch-Up IV
:milky_way: Astrology: Reading the Skies - Astrologer
:white_heart: Into the Light - Witch of Love and Light
:black_heart: From the Shadows - Shadow Survivor
:confetti_ball: Congrats to the Coven - Coven Celebrant
:place_of_worship: All About Altars - Reverent Witch
:toolbox: Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary - Apothecarist
:writing_hand: The Wizardry of Words - Word Witch
:paw_prints: Claws, Paws, Tails and Scales - Animalis magum
:full_moon_with_face: Strength of the Full Moon - Lunar Witch
:running_woman: Catch-Up III
:art: Magick in the Arts - Art Witch
:star: Star Magick - Shining Bright
:footprints: Your Magickal Roots - Peritus viatorem
:small_blue_diamond: Elemental Mastery - Master of All Elements
:mountain: Of the Element Earth - Earth Elemental
:fire: Of the Element Fire - Fire Elemental
:seedling: From Seed to Sprout - Ceiliúradh an tséasúir
:wind_face: Of the Element Air - Air Elemental
:ocean: Of the Element Water - Water Elemental
:alarm_clock: Catch Up II
:scroll: Of Goals and Intent - Finis patrator
:partying_face: Holiday Cheer - Merrily Magickal
:new_moon: Magick in the Dark - Tenebris Lucem
:yarn: Of Spells and String - Weavemaster
:bathtub: Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub - Bubbly Witch
:gem: Heed the Call of Crystals - Crystal Collector
:hocho: Creative Crafting - Creatively Crafty
:candle: Of Candles and Flame - Witch of the Flame
:skull: The Veil Between Worlds - Witch of the Veil
:spiral_calendar: Catch-Up I
:honeybee: The Spell-ing Bee - Spell Master
:crystal_ball: Foretelling the Future - Seer Apprentice
:alembic: Potion Making - Potion Master
:open_book: Books, Tomes, and Tales - Book Lover
:sparkling_heart: Giving Gratitude - Blessed and Grateful
:ear_of_rice: Inviting Abundance - Blessed by Abundance
:full_moon: Moon Magick - Moon Witch
:pray: Dealing in the Divine - Deific Witch
:cupcake: Kitchen Witchery - Kitchen Witch
:sleeping: Dream Magick - Oneiric Witch
:dove: Earth-Friendly Witchcraft - Earth Witch
:money_with_wings: The Thrifty Witch - Thrifty Witch
:compass: Celestial Exploration - Cosmic Witch
:star2: Trying Something New - Experimenter

[You can view the full list of challenge at any time by visiting Weekly Witchy Challenges :fire: A History ]

Picture from Pixabay

How many challenges can I do this week? :thinking:

If you are feeling particularly adventurous this week, you may decide to do up to two challenges to collect those titles.

This limit is just to save your challenge moderator from a potential ocean of badge-giving (:bowing_woman:) - but no worries! Another chance to join in on any additional missed challenges will come again soon :+1:

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Not sure which challenges you participated in? :ballot_box_with_check:

No worries! If you can’t remember if you completed a challenge, you can go to your Badges page to see a collection of all the titles you previously earned.

Here is how to check:

  1. Click on your avatar/picture icon at the top right-hand side of any page in the forum.

  2. Click on the person icon and select “Summary”.

  3. Next, click on “Badges”

Here you can see all the badges you have earned during your time exploring the forums!

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STEP 2: Share Your Entry to the Challenge :writing_hand:

Click here for notes about challenge inclusivity

All witches are welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a shout-out, you will have to share your experience with the forum.

After you have chosen an old challenge, completed your task, and are ready to share- please post your entry in one of two ways:

  • :green_circle: Here in the comments below

  • :green_circle: In a new thread in the forums. (If so, please add a hyperlink back to this post so that it can easily be found!)

:exclamation: IMPORTANT : please don’t forget to include the name of the chosen challenge and/or the badge you want somewhere in your post as well!

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, November 23rd at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)
( 2021-11-23T06:00:00Z )

For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

:gift_heart: :gift: :gift_heart:

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A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to your friendly Staff Team .

And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Clock gif from Clipart Library

The clock has stopped so the door of missed opportunities can open once again- spread your wings and don’t be afraid to delve into a previously unexplored of magick!

Blessed be! :clock2: :heart:


@BryWisteria thank you!!! So many amazing challenges to choose from :heart_eyes:


Oh yes!! I love time for catch up!! :partying_face: now I just need to figure out which one to do… :thinking:


Awesome I am looking forward to doing a few challenges I missed


Oh good a Catch-up! :grin:


Good morning again everyone! Yay a Catch Up! I have done my entry in the main forum

Born Under Waning Crescent Moon - Challenge Entry

I am doing the :compass: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Celestial Exploration! & then going forward any catch ups that I do will be a multiple of that badge! How exciting! :partying_face:

(I don’t know why collecting badges is a thing, but it’s fun for me. So many options if I ever decide to change mine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

I will have to go through the list again & see if there is another that I would like to revisit this week. I really enjoy these for learning new things & practicing what I already know. It’s been quite the journey since last July!


I’ve decided to do the Holiday Cheer and the Books, Tomes, and Tales challenges.

I wasn’t sure what to do for the Holiday Cheer, but then I thought of the Yule Cat. The tale was a reminder for me to be grateful for all the clothes my parents got me for Christmas. As a child, I would pretend to like them and then quickly move on to the presents from Santa, which were almost always toys. Now, as an adult, I welcome getting a new pair of jeans or socks. Because toys won’t keep you warm throughout the winter.

With this in mind, I’m thinking of blessing my wardrobe. So that during the holiday season, with all the pressure from retailers to buy, I won’t be greedy and always remember to be grateful for the things that I have and for the gifts others are able to give me.

For the Books, Tomes, and Tales, I’m looking on books about dragons. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan details how dragons could have existed in our world. It’s 352 pages, so it might take me awhile to read. Then again, it’s about dragons, so it might not take that long. :laughing:

There is also a book called Dracopedia by William O’Connor, which teaches readers about 85 dragons from around the world.


YAY!! Now to decide which one?


Dragon magic it is then!


Oakey Dokey Artichokey… I have decided on the two challenges that I would like to try. I am going to try Moon Magick - Moon Witch and The Veil Between Worlds - Witch of the Veil

I have made my decision based upon some cards that seem to keep popping up for me when I am practicing.

I am going to try two things that were shared by some of our amazing fellow coven members: The Mirror Gazing Technique that was shared by @Moonshadow and for the Full Moon Eclipse night, The Full Moon Release that was shared by @SilverBear.

I am going to try and communicate with my deceased Dad (He passed when I was 8) and/or my Granddad who practically raised me with my Nan when Dad died as mum had to go back to work. I could really do with their support and guidance to help me keep moving forward in my path of healing from my horrible narcissistic and toxic ex. I need to let go of all of the negativity that surrounds my ex. Give myself the best chance at a happy ending. So that’s the plan.


The Spell-ing Bee

My Cobalt Bell spell for healing

**There is no need for Phase of moon

Time doesn’t matter, neither morning or evening nor even at noon

Thou will be heard, with as much love as thou sends

Ask now thy boon for a person to mend.

Cast thou a circle of protection

Light ye a candle as white as new snow

With the power of all colors, to show.

My intent is to heal, one who is sick.

With Thy Devine will, that one, Thou shalt pick
I light ___ ___ incense and enjoy the smell

And with a pure heart, I cast this spell.

No wand is needed, only a Cobalt Bell.

Sweetly singing to the cosmos with its knell
To my beloved Mother I call.

And to God Consort, the Guardian of all

A greater love there has never been

In thy joy, bless _________, and help them mend.
No greater gift from Thou is life.

Blessed by Thou, though the world is in strife.

Grant us all peace as ________is made well

In utmost gratitude, I again ring my Cobalt Bell.
I put out my candle and let the incense burn down.

As this has been spoken and now written down

I bow to my Gods and kiss my Cobalt bell

So it will be with sickness to quell

As above, so below.

As I have spoken, So it shall be.

Garnet, Blessed by Dragons.
PS: My old English is rusty, any grammatical errors are strictly mine. :upside_down_face:

I inherited my Cobalt Bell from my husbands Aunt, *
**Josephine Beverly when she passed. *
Thanks Aunt Jo, we still miss you. :broken_heart:


Yay, this is so fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Is is SO fun. It reminds me of Girl Scouts (although I was only a Brownie).


So I chose Peering Into Past Lives as my first–

I took the Past Life Regression Test and my Lesson from my past life is to learn to be more grounded. I could definitely see this! Especially after taking an Enneagram test and learning my personality is a strong 6 ( The Loyalist).
I struggle a lot with making changes and also letting me be me. I focus a LOT on how others would perceive me. This is honestly a thing that runs very deep for me as it rules my life in many ways. I can barely stand being out in public because I always feel as though I’m being watched and being judged behind silent laughter. I don’t wear the things I like, because other people don’t wear them ( my favorite outfit is my black crop top with the sun and moon on it, and a pair of Alladin-style yoga pants. It looks great and it’s SO comfy) add in the sprinkles of perfectionism be it in my test scores (I beat myself up over any score less than 90%) or in my art (one layer of shading not working right? Better delete the whole DeviantArt account because it’s trash! – I’m not joking. I actually did this over the summer.)

This challenge has now piqued my interest into exploring my past lives further, to learn more about why I am the way I am :slight_smile: I enjoyed this one!

My next entry will be for the Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary!


@Velle great entry! Thank you for sharing with us.

I can relate & do more than a few of the same things that you do. (Also, a work in progress.) Over the last year & a few months, I have worked on some pretty difficult things & I am having some great results. I am very happy with myself overall! I’ve come a long way. :hugs: I think as time moves forward & you progress, things will start making more sense & understanding how to be authentically you will happen as you learn more & can work on things how you feel comfortable. :two_hearts:


I am soo excited about this one! And I’m so glad we get to do two! I will definitely be doing the crystal healer challenge and the tarot reader one!! Yay! Happy Wednesday, all! :heart: :sparkles: :purple_heart:


Yay! I only need the aura reader one and I’ll be good to go! Not to figure out how to do that. LOL!


@Garnet ~ Oh, I love this so much!! You rock! :grin: :heart: :sparkles:


The Aura Challenge was a good 1 too! I just had Cosmic Exploration to do & now I’ve done them all at least once! I agree it’s very exciting to complete them. :two_hearts:


Can you do that?